This is Orbit Sport from Cross Beats. It is a smartwatch whose cost is around Rs.4400. You may have a question about why I have purchased this. We get a calling option in this which no other company is providing within Rs.5000, So I thought to purchase and booked it in pre order Within one day time it was delivered to my address. Let us first unbox it and see what all thing we get inside this Inside this black box, one more orange box is there in which you can see details of Orbit Sport and backside. Some key features detail is provided which we will discuss further. So first let’s unbox this and see what we get inside. It is written, quotHello NamastequotGreetings. It is an Indian brand, so that’s the reason they have used the word quotNamaste Greetingsquot. It is very cool. We get a setup guide Here. It is written on top quotFor the World around Youquot. They have planned to make it look different. You can see the smartwatch logo also inside one more box. You get Well too many boxes. We got charging is of magnet, so you can charge it from this. We get a user manual for details of the device, So first we will see the watch. There are two types of Orbit watch, one is sports and another is regular. I have purchased a sports variant. Sports variant look is little different from regular, because its belt curve is a little different buttons here are built differently.

The frame is fully metal, but it doesn’t feel like a metal. It looks different. The best thing is we get an inbuilt mic and speaker, which means you can receive calls. The rubber quality is also good, but I cannot assure you that there won’t be a rashes issue other than that the rubber quality is good and look wise. Also, it is nice. There are many scratches at the sensor part, which does not give a good impression on the users, so they must look into this issue. It provides an IP68 rating, which means it is waterproof and you can use it while swimming Let’s. First on this device, the device is on and no setup is required. It directly got on the interface has also started. There is no difficulty in starting this device Here. The interface is similar to iPhone it’s, weird, but also fine as something new they have tried. Here. You won’t get iPhone type feel, but overall it is ok. You also get Amazfit watch experience with this Everything you get here and under Rs.5000. We can get all this So let’s talk about the features of this smartwatch. On the top. We get the notification option. We can enable DND mode. You can enhance the brightness here where you can increase or decrease the brightness, but in sunlight it is not properly visible. This you will have to keep in mind. Normally you can see, but in sunlight you may face an issue other than this.

We get a calling feature which we will discuss further. We get flashlight option and messages option. That means the msgs you receive are visible here, but you cannot reply to it. Next. You can see at the bottom of the background, steps and heart rate options. Here you can see your details and weather details and the last option here is the calling option for calling we have to pair Bluetooth. If you want to know the speaker quality, then listen to this Well, you can call and receive calls in this. I have shown you how to call, but if you want you can also receive calls here. The speaker quality is awesome. Under 5k, we don’t get such features, which they have tried to provide us. Here. We get a music option that can be connected through Bluetooth. If you swipe right, we get find phone option. Shutter option is there means you can capture an image. We get the oxygen level counting option. This is a good feature here. Sleep time is 15secs. After that it gets automatically off. Stopwatch option is available, sports mode is available where you get Basketball, Cycling, Climb, Yoga, Walk, Run Football, Badminton, Skip and Swim for other sports activities. We don’t get access. You can swim with this smartwatch underwater. Without fear, breath option is available and the watch faces option where five watch faces are already there in it and you can directly access it. If you check their app, we get many watch faces.

So, whichever you like it, you can select and apply. It is very easy steps Other than this. We get reset power off OR code and about option here, which is not more useful. They have kept the font size very big, so if it could be in small font size, it would be better If you swipe left, then you get to see iPhone like interface, where we get many apps and from here you can access each and every tab, but Searching here is difficult: you will have to remember the icon, So this you may feel a little annoying, but you will get used to it. Well, its charging flex is very nice, so it is easy to connect it, and this is the animation we get to see while charging you may feel it outdated, but you will get used to it When you twist your wrist, the device gets on, but we don’t Get the Always on Display option here. This smartwatch is waterproof, so, as I said before, you can use it while swimming it will be in working condition, underwater also some device. We need to wipe it first, then only it works, but this can be used without wiping. My hand is thick, but still it is looking nice and the watch is also looking very nice. So if your wrist is thin or normal, then it would look much better. In this we get two variant Orbit and Orbit Sport. Only 500 difference is there in both.

So, whichever you like, you can purchase that If we talk about the battery backup, the company claims 20days backup, but it will work 8 9days max, not more because the battery has reduced a lot in regular usage. The best part is we get a calling option under 5k And this is very awesome. If you want it, then I have provided the link in the description you can directly purchase it from there. Please comment below your views on this. Video Also subscribe to our channel. So hope you guys liked the video.