Video of DIZO WATCH D, vs NOISE, COLOR FIT CALIBER. Both watches come under a similar price bracket. Dizo watch will launch at 2000 rupees at later rise, 3000 rupees and the price of the NOISE watch fluctuates between 2000 2800 rupees guys. I am KAIF from NOIS TECH and in this video we will see which watch you should buy. If you like our comparison, videos and want us to make more such videos, please tell us in the comment section below we will try to make more.. The main difference between these watches is the design. Both these watches have rectangular designs, but DIZO watch is made of metal, whereas noise watch is made with plastic.. The DIZO watch has a bit rounded edges, whereas noise is angular. I liked the strap quality of DIZO more than the noise, as it is plain with branding on the strap and loop respectively. Noise caliber would suit better on females. But if you like, a bigger watch with premium built then go for DIZO. Dizo watch comes with 1.8 inches of display and 1.7 inches in noise. Both the display has TFT, but definitely a difference in size can be seen. The DIZO watch comes with a curved display which looks nice, whereas the noise watch has a flat design. The DIZO watch has almost like 3D curve. Noise watch weighs around 37 38g because its made with plastic and DIZO being a metal watch weighs about 57g talking about the design.

Dizo has an edge over the noise, as it has a water rating of 5ATM, whereas noise gives you only IP68, so definitely DIZO would be better for swimming and other activities. Both the watches are similar in terms of RAISE TO WAKE. Sometimes DIZO is faster, and sometimes NOISE. is not like one particular watch is faster, that the other, the display of DIZO, is a bit brighter than NOISE. Also, the display CHIN is bigger in noise as compared to DIZO. One thing I noticed in NOISE is that the display color is a bit darker, which looks good, but definitely DIZO is ahead in terms of design and display. You get a responsive watch face in DIZO. As you click on it. It would show some kind of data. Every time which you dont see in NOISE, whereas in NOISE you get to see some animated watch face, that is not to be seen in DIZO now lets talk about SENSORS. Here you are getting REAL sensors in both the SPO2 heart rate and sleep tracking. All work. Well, you dont get any fake reading on table or air. One thing I noticed is that you get an extra temperature sensor in NOISE, which you dont, get in. Dizo. Noise has compromised in design and display, but tried to make it up by giving an extra sensor. The UI is very smooth in both the watches I didnt feel any lag while using you get about 60 SPORTS MODE in NOISE, whereas DIZO gives you 110 MODES.

There is a difference in these two, but the 60 modes are more than enough. You get an extra feature of quick reply for android in NOISE watch. Basically, if your watch is connected to any android phone, then you can give a one tap reply to calls and texts. I liked this feature and no other brand gives you this feature talking about. The battery both these watches are very good. Dizo watch D gives you about four days of battery life with all the sensors on the NOISE caliber watch gives you about 5 days of battery life with the sensors. You get better battery life in NOISE caliber if in case you are getting both these watches at the same price, then I would say you should go for DIZO watch D as it has a metal finishing with a big bright display with NOISE. You are getting a nice battery and an extra feature of a quick reply, but it is not worth spending extra money for the same price. Get DIZO DIZO will cost about 3500 rupees in future, and you get to see noise caliber for less than 2500 rupees. I think spending more than 3000 for NOISE caliber is not worth it. It is more likely a 2000 rupees price bracket watch. If you are willing to spend 3000, then I would suggest that go for BOAT WAVE CONNECT instead of DIZO its a very nice budget watch. I have already made a video please tune into it as well.

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