This comes in a price bracket of 3000 rupees guys I am KAIF from NOIS TECH and in this video I will be sharing my experience with this watch. The box of TALK2 was slim and long, whereas the box of this is small and thick on the front. You can see the branding, there are KEY HIGHLIGHTS mentioned on the sides and back in the box. The first thing you get is the watch also a charging cable, a user manual, a warranty card and some subscription cards. This metal looks good with all the metallic finishing. I have this watch in black color, which looks nice. It has two buttons on the side. The first one is used to display wake and sleep, whereas the other one is used for calling menu. The upper button is a rotating crown and it a makes some noise as well and it vibrates on the menu. It looks great it feels like I am using an APPLE watch, it weights about 51g, it has 22mm straps and the quality of the strap, I think, is amazing. As you can see, FIREBOLT has already put a guard on the display, its very nice of them generally brands do not put display guards. The DISPLAY is of nice quality with 360×360 resolution. The display size is 1.32inchs. The display is very sharp, and I also liked the touch response of it and the colors are amazing. There are no issues with it guys this red color shines out, just as the red subscribe button below.

You have to turn it grey. and tell us in the comment section which one do you like better TALK2 or TALK PRO. The brightness levels of this watch are also very good. There are no problems outdoors or indoor. The raise to wake could have been faster is not much of a problem, but sometimes you think that it is a bit slow. Fireboltt has given the calling functionality. There are mic and speaker settings, you can add your favorite contacts using DA FIT app or else DAIL in from here and make calls talking about the sensors. You do not get a dedicated RED light sensor. Spo2 sensor is not reliable, but you can trust the heart rate sensor when I compared it with a pulse oximeter, just 1 2 beats were fluctuating, otherwise there was no problem just like TALK2. This too comes with a smooth, UI, its smooth overall say from top to bottom or sideways. If I tap on the menu, you can see how smoothly it moves alarm stopwatch, timer and countdown are some of its functionality. It also has two games. If you are a fan of flappy bird, then is a win win for you. You get over 60 SPORTS MODES here and you also get a voice. Assistance feature with this, just as TALK2 want to know about the voice. Assistance feature then take a look at the TALK2 video you get 7 watch faces with the watch. If you want to add more, then you can use the DAFIT app.

and you can also get custom watch faces. All the notification comes on time. I, like the vibrations levels, if I talk about the battery life, its quite decent with 1.5 2 days with calling, if using without calling, you can get 3 days of battery life with 24hrs heart rate monitoring and raise to wake on. If I talk about which one to buy the TALK2 comes at a price tag of 2500 rupee and TALKPRO for 3000, if you like, a bigger watch on your hand, then buy TALKPRO, and if you want a smaller size, then TALK2. Both of these are the same. Except for size and display quality, if you want to buy, please check out the links in the description box. That is it for this. Video LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE.