Fitpolo Smartwatch Unboxing

Sent me this watch for video, and the great thing is that Ive got a fit fit. Vers of three battery is toast on. It need to replace it anyway, its couple years old, so very excited about this. Now this will do pretty much everything the Fitbit would do uh, but it but more almost more like an Apple Watch capability. So youve got all the all the fitness stuff with your steps and your heart rate and your oxygen levels and your sleep mode, and your stress you have all of that.

Fitpolo Smartwatch Features

Youve got the kind of the Apple watch, capabilities of like um of answering your phone, making calls text messaging, and things like that so really excited to get into this uh first thing Ive got to do, though, is Ive got to unbox it and charge it up. Now, before I charge it comes with a manual got your USB connector for charging it and heres the watch itself.

Fitpolo Smartwatch Size Comparison

It actually looks like the bands um may even work with Fitbit Id have to look at that, but I think my Fitbit bands just the way that it kind of hooks in there it looks very similar. Now the size of this is 1.8 inches, and if we do it like this, it is, you can see its a good bit uh of size difference between the Fitbit, okay. So the first thing I didnt really have to charge it that long, because it was already just out of the box about 95 charged but uh.

Fitpolo Smartwatch vs. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitpolo Smartwatch is definitely a step up in terms of features and capabilities compared to my old Fitbit Versa 3. Fitpolo offers more of an Apple Watch-like experience with additional functionalities such as answering calls, text messaging, and more. The size difference is also noticeable, with the Fitpolo Smartwatch coming in at 1.8 inches, showing a substantial difference in size compared to the Fitbit Versa 3. Overall, the Fitpolo Smartwatch seems to offer a more advanced and versatile smartwatch experience than the Fitbit Versa 3.

Setting Up Fitpolo Smartwatch

This is the default screen there’s over a hundred or so that you can choose from within the app. So the first thing you want to do, uh I did it while, while it was charging, although it didn’t, really need charging um. One thing that I did is just with your phone: you scan the uh there’s a QR code and the uh instruction manual, and you just scan that and it takes you to the App Store you download, the app you just say: okay, okay, okay and approve Everything and you just kind of go through the instructions on the app it walks you through it super easy and it just pairs pretty much automatically uh between your phone via Bluetooth, Bluetooth and and the watch so super easy to set up now.

Navigation on Fitpolo Smartwatch

You’ve got this uh button on the right. This is kind of your main button, and then you can also swipe up and swipe uh left and right, or up and down so that’s kind of how you navigate this will kind of power it on. If it’s in sleep mode and again the default screen it’s got the time it’s got the percentage of the charge, it’s got your date and day it’s got the number of steps which is huge for me, that’s one thing I look at and then it’s got like Your heart rate number of calories you’ve burned, and this might be your oxygen level over there I’m not real positive yet because uh just received this um and then I click get again.

Differences Between Fitpolo Smartwatch and Fitbit Versa 3

When comparing the Fitpolo Smartwatch to the Fitbit Versa 3, there are some noticeable differences. The Fitpolo Smartwatch offers a wide selection of watch faces and is relatively easy to set up. The navigation on the Fitpolo Smartwatch is intuitive and seamless, allowing for easy access to important metrics such as steps, heart rate, and calories burned.

Fitpolo Smartwatch Review

This is your menu activity phone Alexa, it’s really cool that you have the um Alexa, you’ve got workout records, heart rate, blood oxygen; sleep stress, your clock, weather, music, camera control; okay, your settings, you’ve got a phone finder, so just a lot of cool stuff there.

Functionality Comparison

I click it again. I go back to my main menu again. You can change this lot of cool uh designs for the layout of your watch. Again, you just do that through your app and it’ll pair it to your watch um and then again you can go up and down right there for different menus, no text notifications.

Notification and Communication Features

So again, if it’s paired to your phone, again, you can disable it if you want to, but you can receive phone calls, you can make phone calls, you can uh text receive text and uh actually text from your phone. You want to do that. My left and right menus got your activity like your heart rate, blood oxygen.

Health Monitoring Capabilities

All that jazz you’ve got different exercise modes outdoor run, walk, for example, the monitor sleep again. You can just go through that. You can play music uh again, some other menu options there and that’s it just that’s it in a nutshell super easy to use super easy to install.

Design and Comfort

I didn’t have to the nice thing I didn’t have to charge. It really is already charged out of the box. Um, the band is comfortable and it fit again its lightweight bigger screen.

Comparison with Fitbit Versa 3

When comparing the Fitpolo Smartwatch with the Fitbit Versa 3, one can see that the Fitpolo offers a wide range of features similar to the Fitbit, including health monitoring capabilities, notification and communication features, as well as sleek design and comfort.

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