AMOLED Display

Yes, you heard it right. After a long time, we have a Zord Smartwatch. It comes with many missing features: it has an AMOLED display, it replicates the style of watch 10 and we also get motion sensing games in it. So in this video were going to be checking out everything in this smartw, but before we start if youre new here, a subscribe to the channel will be highly appreciated. So lets get right into it and find out everything in the Zai ZD Ultra 2, so heres the B it mentions that it comes with an amulet display.

Gesture Control

We have this smart eyland option here raise hand to answer the phone which is gesture control. Then we have blood sugar monitoring and 159 sport modes lets go ahead and open the box inside it. First of all, we get the user manual to get you started with the Smartwatch. Then we have the usba wireless charger. We get two silicone straps inside it here. We have the ocean straps, and here we have the sport strap, which used to come with the DT SmartWatches and in the end we get the ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch, and here is the first first look on the Smartwatch.

Motion Sensor Games

It comes in 49 mm size and if you use the Apple watch Ultra case on it, then it perfectly fits it. If you look at the right side, the Crown Key the side key, the additional holes and even the microphone is on the same location as the Apple watch Ultra.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Design and Build

When examining the Zordai ZD Ultra 2, one cannot help but notice the striking resemblance to the Apple watch Ultra in terms of design. The button and additional holes on the left side mirror those of the Apple watch Ultra, although the speaker placement seems slightly askew. Despite this minor discrepancy, the overall fit of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is quite snug, especially when using an Apple watch Ultra screen protector.

The metallic frame of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication, reminiscent of its Apple counterpart. What sets it apart, however, is the absence of a GPS antenna lining on the body. The knob key on the side is discreet and lacks the audible click sound, offering a smooth scrolling experience for changing watch faces or accessing various functions.

Functionality and User Interface

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 boasts a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The scroll function on the knob key allows users to effortlessly switch between different watch faces and activate the display with a simple turn. Additionally, a double-click of the knob key provides quick access to the menu, streamlining the user experience.

On the side of the Smartwatch, the side key serves as a gateway to the control center, enabling users to power off the device and access other functions with a press and hold action. While the side key does not offer a double-click feature, the presence of a microphone and an action key on the left side enhances the overall functionality of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2.

Performance and Features

One of the standout features of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is its seamless integration of gesture control and motion sensor games. The action key on the left side allows users to effortlessly access the sport modes, adding a new dimension to the Smartwatch experience. By customizing the function of the S key settings in the menu, users can personalize their interaction with the device and tailor it to their specific needs.

In terms of performance, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 delivers a responsive and smooth operation, thanks to its advanced technology and innovative design. Whether you are tracking your fitness goals, receiving notifications, or exploring the various features and functionalities of the Smartwatch, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 offers a dynamic and engaging user experience that will elevate your daily routine.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Design and Build Quality

You won’t miss the action key on the Zordai ZD Ultra 2. The back side reveals wireless charging and health sensors, while the real strap locks provide convenience for adjusting the straps. The straps are secure and compatible with all Apple Watch Ultra straps. The overall look of the Smartwatch on the wrist is sleek and stylish. What are your thoughts on its design?

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Performance and Chip

Powered by the rtk 8763 ZD chip, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 delivers decent performance. The battery life is exceptional, offering extended usage without frequent charging. However, some users may find the chip’s performance lacking in certain areas. For instance, there is a noticeable delay when changing watch face themes, which may be a downside for some users.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Water Resistance and Connectivity

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 boasts an IP68 double waterproof rating, making it suitable for everyday use. While it can withstand splashes and light moisture, it is advisable not to submerge the Smartwatch directly in water. With Bluetooth version 5.0, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 ensures seamless connectivity for syncing data and notifications.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Display

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 features a vibrant AMOLED display, providing sharp and crisp visuals. The 2-inch screen offers ample space for interacting with apps and notifications. The gesture control and motion sensor games enhance the user experience, adding a touch of interactivity to the Smartwatch. Whether you’re navigating menus or playing games, the display on the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 delivers a visually immersive experience.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Full Review

02 in amulet display and Ive confirmed in the darkness that it comes with a true amulet display, as it doesnt emit light in the dark. The screen resolution is set to be 368 into 448.

Display and Design

Here is a look at the basil size. The Basils are almost even from all of the sides. One thing that Ive noticed is that this watch face should have a black background, but it does not have a pure black background, but the screen of tile does come with a pure black background.

Languages Supported

Lets take a look at all of the languages supported by it. These were all of the languages supported by it.

Built-in Watch Faces

Now lets take a look at all of the built-in watch faces. These were all of the built-in watch faces. If you press and hold on the watch faces, we do not have the lock watch face option. So, even if you use the Crown Key accidentally, it will change the watch face. It is quite disappointing to see this, because almost all of the watches now have the lock watch face option. The watch faces are interactive and you can access the applications shown on them and the watch faces are also themed.

Time Format

If you talk about the watch faces with a pointer clock, then they have a ticking seconds hand and if you talk about the digital watch faces and if you go to settings and scroll down and go to time here, then it supports both 12h hour and 24 hours.

Design and User Interface

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch features a sleek design and user-friendly interface. The clock format allows users to set the date and time directly on the Smartwatch. The theme of the Smartwatch replicates the style of Apple watch OS, with access to the control center from the side key. However, the control center and widgets page have their own unique look and feel, not exactly like watchOS. The menu is similar to watch OS 10, but still not identical.


On the home screen, notifications are easily accessible, along with a quick access screen for the voice assistant. The quick access applications are available from right to left, and the interactive widgets on the widgets page display live data and allow access to applications. The maximum brightness level is impressive and the display can stay on indefinitely with the keepy bright option.


The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch offers a range of features, including AMOLED display for vibrant colors and sharp images. Gesture control allows for intuitive navigation and motion sensor games add a fun element to the Smartwatch experience. The voice assistant provides hands-free functionality, making tasks easier and more efficient.


In terms of performance, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch delivers smooth operation and responsiveness. The battery life is commendable, with the display staying on until the battery dies. The Smartwatch is suitable for everyday use, whether for work, fitness, or leisure activities.

Display and Features

One unique feature of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is its AMOLED display, which provides vibrant colors and crisp images. The smartwatch has two screen options for dials, one with a traditional pointer clock and the other with a digital clock. Additionally, the watch offers a cube right option that allows the display to stay on indefinitely, though this feature only applies to the screen of tiles.

Gesture Control

When it comes to controlling the Zordai ZD Ultra 2, users have several gesture options at their disposal. The watch offers a tap to wake feature, allowing users to simply tap the display to activate it. Additionally, there is an option to raise the wrist and automatically turn on the display. However, the watch lacks a Palm gesture to turn off the display, which may be a drawback for some users.

Sound and Vibration

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 allows users to customize sound and vibration settings to suit their preferences. Users can mute the smartwatch, adjust vibration intensity, and choose different tones for phone messages and alarms. The vibration intensity is considered adequate, providing a noticeable alert without being overly intrusive.

Security and Menu Styles

In terms of security, users can add a passcode to their Zordai ZD Ultra 2 for added protection. The smartwatch also offers two menu styles: a honeycomb style and a cellular style. Unlike some other watches, the Crown Key cannot be used to navigate through the menus, which may take some getting used to for users who prefer this feature.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Interface

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 smartwatch showcases a unique interface, resembling a watch style but with its own distinct icons. While it does not feature an app opening transition, there is a subtle transition effect when using the swipe gesture to navigate back. Users can easily scroll through the list view to access various functions and features.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Watch Application

The watch application on the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is powered by the Z application. Within the application, users will find the device tab which offers a range of customization options. The ‘my watch face’ feature allows users to select from a variety of pre-installed watch faces or browse the dial Market for more options.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Customization

One of the standout features of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is its extensive customization options. Users can choose from a wide selection of watch faces available in the dial Market, all of which can be accessed for free. Additionally, users can personalize their watch face by using their own pictures from the gallery and selecting a clock style to display on the screen.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Notifications

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 smartwatch offers convenient notification features, including incoming call, SMS, and app notifications. Users can also enable notifications for other applications not listed in the settings, ensuring they stay connected and informed throughout the day.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Motion Sensor Games

In addition to its advanced features, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 comes equipped with motion sensor games that add an element of fun and entertainment to the user experience. By leveraging the motion sensor technology, users can enjoy interactive and engaging games directly on their smartwatch. This innovative feature sets the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 apart from other smartwatches on the market, offering a unique gaming experience on a wearable device.


The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch includes most of the main applications on your smartphone. It wakes up the display when you receive a new notification, but keeps the display dim. The interactive banner prompt for new notifications allows for easy access to all notifications. However, it is worth noting that for longer notifications, the Smartwatch only shows the content of the notification and not the name of the sender. Scrolling is supported, but emojis are not. The red alert for unread notifications is a helpful feature that ensures you never miss an important message.


The Smartwatch offers various reminder methods to keep you on track. You can choose to receive reminders through vibration, screen lighting up, or both options. The find watch feature is especially useful, as it allows the Smartwatch to ring and vibrate so you can easily locate it. Additionally, the find phone option enables your smartphone to ring and vibrate to help you find it quickly. The my QR code feature allows you to add any type of QR code to the Smartwatch, making it easy to access payment pages or social profiles with a simple scan.

Sync Contacts and Use as Bluetooth Shutter Button

You have the option to sync your favorite contacts and add up to 2000 commonly used contacts in the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch. Additionally, you can use the Smartwatch as a Bluetooth shutter button to click pictures directly. The Smartwatch features a 10-second timer for taking photos, and you can easily change the timer settings to 3 seconds, 5 seconds, or 10 seconds.

Set Alarms and Use NFC Tag

You can conveniently add alarms either from the watch application or directly from the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch itself. The alarm feature rings and vibrates, ensuring you don’t miss any important notifications. However, please note that this Smartwatch does not offer a snooze option for alarms. Furthermore, the Smartwatch can be used as an NFC tag, allowing you to perform various shortcuts using the device. While it does not support NFC access cards for unlocking doors or NFC payments, the NFC tag feature provides added convenience.

Gesture Control and Heart Rate Monitoring

One of the standout features of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch is its gesture control option. By simply raising your hand, you can answer calls, turn off alarms, or close reminders without having to touch the device. Moreover, the Smartwatch comes equipped with automatic heart rate monitoring, providing you with real-time data on your heart rate levels.

Firmware Updates and Connectivity

Before the latest firmware update, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch was running on version Following the update, the firmware was upgraded to version 79, showcasing the Smartwatch’s commitment to regular updates and enhanced performance. Additionally, users have the option to connect the Smartwatch with Apple Health, allowing for seamless integration with your health tracking data.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Unit Settings

We have the unit settings option here, so you can also push weather updates to the Smartwatch and you can also choose the unit from here.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Profile Settings

Then we have the goal settings here, so lets set a profile picture and see if it can sync it here so Im setting this as the profile picture is saved successfully. But if you go to personal information, it does not show the profile picture, but it does sync the other data.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Exercise Features

Then we have the exercise tab, which has many sport modes here and in the end, we have the health tab here, which show shows all of your health data.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Bluetooth and Calling

Now let’s talk about Bluetooth and calling. Just like every other latest model, Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is using the same connection for Bluetooth calling as well as for the watch application.

All you need to do is access the control center, tap on BT and make sure call Audio is enabled. Call Audio is for calling and for voice assistant, while media audio is for streaming the sound of smartphone on the Smartwatch and for controlling the media playing on the device using Bluetooth.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Calling Features

With Bluetooth calling, you can access the dialer tab, go to telephone dial, and you can call directly from here. However, the call will fail since it does not have a SIM card inside it. It can receive calls directly on it, and if you tap here, you’ll see the calling screen.

It is showing the WhatsApp call here, but unfortunately, it is not showing the name of the caller.

Volume Control and Call Functions

If you accept the call, it has the option to adjust the volume level and to hang up the call from here. You cannot mute the call from here or transfer the call to the smartphone and back to the Smartwatch from here using Bluetooth. Calling, you can also access the voice assistant hows the weather. Today, daytime temperatures will hover around 22 with overnight lows around eight and the volume Level is quite loud, but it is not too clear. However, it is good enough to be heard properly.

Music Control

Now let’s talk about the music control. Currently, I have the media audio turned on, and if I play this sound, then it will be played on the smartphone. You can use the controllers here to play the next song or previous song, although I don’t think it can be used to control the media volume. Now let’s turn off media audio and try it again. This time the sound is being played on the smartphone, but I’m not able to control media playback on the device, which means you cannot control media playback on the device without using Bluetooth.

GPS Trajectory and Exercise Mode

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 also has the GPS trajectory option, by which you can go to exercise mode and go on an outdoor run. You can save the path of your outdoor run. The Smartwatch does not have a GPS inside; it will be using the GPS of the smartphone for that.

Advanced Features

Now it’s time to talk about the rest of the features. The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 comes with an AMOLED display, gesture control, motion sensor games, and much more. The AMOLED display provides vibrant colors and sharp contrast for an immersive viewing experience. The gesture control allows you to navigate through menus and apps with simple hand gestures, making it easier to use the Smartwatch on the go. The motion sensor games add a fun and interactive element to the device, giving you a new way to engage with your Smartwatch.

Overall, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is a feature-packed Smartwatch with a range of advanced functions and capabilities that make it a versatile and convenient accessory for everyday use. Whether you’re looking for enhanced call control, music playback options, GPS tracking, or interactive gaming features, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 has something to offer for everyone.

Sport Modes

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 offers a variety of sport modes for users to choose from. By tapping on the sport mode option, you can access a range of sports and activities. In addition, you have the option to set targets for time, calories, distance, and steps to help you track and achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness Data Tracking

Once you start a sport mode, the smartwatch begins to track and store all of your fitness data. This data includes information such as steps taken, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and even an ECG reading. The device provides comprehensive data to help you monitor and improve your overall health and fitness.

Pedometer Accuracy

Testing out the pedometer function, I took a few steps in a room while holding the smartwatch. To my surprise, the pedometer accurately counted the steps I took, with only a minor discrepancy from my manual count. This level of accuracy is impressive and indicates that the pedometer function works effectively.

Health Monitoring

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 features a range of health monitoring capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level tracking, blood pressure measurement, and ECG checking. However, it is important to note that these functions may require specific positioning or conditions to ensure accurate readings. For example, the device may prompt you to adjust its placement to obtain reliable data.

Sensors and Health Features

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 comes equipped with a variety of sensors that enhance its functionality. The proximity sensor and wear detection feature ensure accurate tracking and monitoring of your health activities. With a sleep tracker and weight detection capability, you can rest assured that your sleep patterns are being accurately recorded.

Compass and Altitude Tracking

One of the standout features of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is the compass application, which provides precise navigation assistance. Before using the compass, calibration is required for optimal performance. The device also displays air pressure and altitude information, making it a handy tool for outdoor activities.

Voice Assistant and Chat GPT

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is equipped with a voice assistant called Chat GPT, which can be activated by tapping on the designated button. This feature allows users to easily interact with the device and access information through voice commands. Whether it’s setting reminders or getting weather updates, the voice assistant is there to assist you.

Breath Training and Timer Functionality

For users looking to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 offers a breath training application. With guided breathing exercises, you can relax and unwind whenever you need a moment of calm. Additionally, the device includes a timer function for various activities, although the lack of vibration alerts when the timer ends is a notable drawback.

Calculator Application

When it comes to productivity, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 doesn’t disappoint with its calculator application. The basic functionalities of multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition are seamlessly integrated, allowing users to perform calculations with ease. Whether you’re balancing your budget or solving math problems, the calculator application has got you covered.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Gesture Control

If you try to use a percentage function with multiplication, then it works. Absolutely fine, but if you use it with the addition function, then it probably won’t work fine. After that we have police, whistle or siren. You can tap here to start the sound to tell anyone around you that you are in an emergency situation.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Motion Sensor Games

Then we have stopwatch and you can tap here to start the stopwatch, although I’m not seeing any button to add Labs here and you can end it from here; let’s see if you can use the stopwatch in the background. No, you cannot and you will stop the stopwatch. Only then you can go back when you come back. It will reset the stopwatch to zero.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Lady Assistant Application

Then we have lady assistant application for the females. You can set up your profile in the Zord application. Here we have time Z on application. You can tap here to add the times. For example, here is China, and it is showing the correct time as currently it is 7:58 or 19:58 in Pakistan, and China is 3 hours ahead of Pakistan that’s why it is showing 22:58 or 10:58 p.m. here.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Ki Direction Application

Then we have Ki Direction, an application for the Muslim followers. To use this application, you might need to calibrate the compass first if you’re using it for the first time. I would recommend you to open this zai application once so after the synchronization is done. It will start to show the Ki Direction and, according to my R, the direction shown here is absolutely correct.

Religious Time Features

Then we have the religious time, so you can add the alarms and notifications for the prayer. Timings here is the alarm for fuder, then for D, Ass M and Isa prayer. You can tap here to set the times manually and you can tap here to turn on the alarms for the prayer years so being a Muslim. I really appreciate this feature in the smartw.

Motion Sensor Games

Then we have sensor games here so to play these games in this Z. Application go to experience. The metaverse then lets play a game Im going to go with basketball Master, then open the application. Here again, then heres how you can play these games just look at this. It looks quite enjoyable. What do you think about it? Let me know in the comment section below after that we have Fitness St here, and for that you can play these Fitness games.

Built-in Games

Then we also get built in games in the Smartwatch. We have puzzle and vam all.

Drainage Application

In the end, we have the drainage application and by enabling it, the Smartwatch will start to vibrate in different patterns so that it can push the water vapers out of the holes of the smart for, and these are all of, the applications in the zai ZD.

Battery Life

Ultra 2 and now its time to talk about the battery life as advertised. It comes with a battery capacity of 280 Mah hours, which can be charged using the magnetic charger provided inside the box and according to the advertised values.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Battery Life

It can give you 5 days on daily modes, 15 days on Stand By, and 10 hours on sport modes. There’s no way to exactly know the battery percentage as it falls in intervals of 20. Previously, it was showing 60 and now it’s directly showing 40 overall. The battery timing is quite good on the screen of tile. I was going to record this video on Thursday, forgot to turn off the Smartwatch and put it in the box. On that day it was at 60, and when I got it out of the box today it was still at 20. So, it can easily give you 4 to 5 days of battery life, even with a screen of dial enabled due to the true AMOLED display and low brightness.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Design

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is a good Smartwatch with a very good body material that fits the Apple watch Ultra case. Despite lacking a GPS antenna design on the body, it replicates the style of watchos 10. The theme, however, is not exactly like the watch. The Smartwatch also has motion sensing games, which is a good technology that makes it stand out.

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Features

One of the key features of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is the true AMOLED display that enhances the clarity and visibility of the screen. The low brightness of the screen helps in conserving battery and ensuring a longer battery life. The motion sensor games add a fun element to the Smartwatch, making it more interactive and engaging for users.

AMOLED Display

The Zordai ZD Ultra 2 comes equipped with an impressive AMOLED display which provides vibrant colors and deep blacks, making it a pleasure to use in any lighting conditions. The clarity and sharpness of the display ensure that you can easily read notifications and messages at a glance.

Gesture Control

One of the standout features of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is its gesture control functionality. By simply waving your hand over the screen, you can navigate through menus and apps with ease. This intuitive control system adds a futuristic touch to the smartwatch experience.

Motion Sensor Games

Another unique feature of the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is its motion sensor games. These interactive games make use of the smartwatch’s sensors to provide a fun and engaging gaming experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick challenge or a more immersive gaming session, the ZD Ultra 2 has you covered.

Proximity Sensor

In addition to gesture control and motion sensor games, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 also boasts a proximity sensor. This sensor helps to detect when the smartwatch is being worn and adjust settings accordingly. The added convenience and efficiency of this feature make the ZD Ultra 2 a standout choice in the smartwatch market.

Overall, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Smartwatch impresses with its notification and reminder features. While there are some limitations, such as the lack of sender names for longer notifications and the absence of emoji support, the Smartwatch offers a range of useful functionalities. From interactive notifications to customizable reminders, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 is a versatile and convenient accessory for staying connected and organized on the go.

Overall, the Zordai ZD Ultra 2 offers a compelling package of features that make it a standout smartwatch option. From its impressive AMOLED display to its innovative gesture control and motion sensor games, the ZD Ultra 2 delivers on both style and functionality. While there may be room for improvement in terms of UI smoothness, the overall smartwatch is a solid choice for tech enthusiasts looking for a unique and feature-rich wearable.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Zordai ZD Ultra 2, be sure to check out the link in the description box below. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Zordai ZD Ultra 2 Full Review | AMOLED, Gesture Control, Motion Sensor Games & More!

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