Looking smartwatch from fipo behind this simple design, you still get all the standard. Smartwatch features such as call and messaging alerts, heart rate, blood pressures, sleep tracking sports activity, monitor built in. If your fans are getting one, please check the link in the description down below well without further ado lets get started with the packaging and unboxing in terms of the packaging. This watch came inside this simple retail box that has a picture of the product and some key features printed as a quick reference. As far as the unboxing concern, you will get a smartwatch magnetic charging, cable and last printed user guide when it comes to the design and the build quality. Like i mentioned earlier, this has very minimal design with a square shaped display. It is very light in weight and comfortable to wear for long time without making uncomfortable moving on to the watch case. It is about 44.5 by 34.2. Millimeters and thickness is about 9.9 millimeters. On the right side. You can find a push button that will help to power on off and work as a multifunctional button, the magnetic charging connector and the optical heart rate sensors, located on the back of the watch face. Furthermore, you get removable silicon finish. What strap, with this smartwatch Music in terms of the technical specification you get 1.69 inches to 40 by 280 resolution touch control square shape, display touch response is very decent and smooth. When scrolling and swiping between functions.

You get adjustable screen brightness with this watch and can read easily in any lighting condition. Having said that, in terms of the screen navigation, when you swipe from top to bottom, will bring you the battery level settings and quick access menu under the settings, you can get the qr code for the smart, app adjust the screen, timeout and change the language you Get nearly 23 different languages to choose from. Furthermore, you can add or remove things you want in this page. Swipe bottom to up will bring you the messaging notifications swipe right to left, allow you to enable and check your status count, break heart rate and music control with the music control. You will be able to play, pause and jump or go back to the next track. Just by simply tapping the screen, this feature supports apple music, on the iphone Music and last swipe left to right will show you the weather date and some more quick access options in terms of the menu appearance. This watch has multiple ui interfaces. You get list grid, cellular and other styles and you can switch the menu style according to your preference, when you press and hold the screen for about 2 3 seconds, it will allow you to change the watch face you get. A few default watch faces pre loaded with these and well have a look: how to get more with the smart app it supports both ios and android devices with bluetooth 5.

0. When it comes to battery life, you get about 5 7 days with normal use and up to 30 days of standby time, with single charge, thanks to the inbuilt 200 milliamp polymer battery. This watch has ip67 waterproof rating, but i would not recommend to submit this in any condition. It will be okay with survive in voter splashes. In my opinion, for setting up the watch, all you need is simply download the vfit smart app, which is available in both ios and android app stores. You can simply scan the qr code to get this done after, following the on screen instruction for setting up the wifi tab, you can easily bind the smartwatch with your smartphone. Moving on to the watch faces, you can choose a few different styles that came by default or you can download additional watch faces through the smart app. You can find simple designs, analog or digital designs through the download section Music. The only downside i was found it takes a little bit of time when it comes to downloading and transferring the watch face. You can choose from reasonable selection of amazing mod faces from the download section. Furthermore, you can be assigned your own picture with the custom color text as a watch face using the smart app simply choose the background. You want with the font and the color then select the position. You want the time to be displayed with the app you can enable both incoming calls and messages to be sync with the smartwatch.

You can easily keep an eye on all the incoming calls and messages, and also you can choose which app you want to send. The notification, through the app in terms of receiving phone calls, you wont, be able to answer through the smartwatch. Instead, you can decline via the watch face again. Moving on to the receiving messages you can see and read few lines through the watch face. So, thanks to this push notification, you wont miss any important calls or messages. Even if you do not have your phone in your hand. Moving on to the next option, you can set an alarm with the chosen date with this smartwatch also with the app you can enable send it to a reminder, call notification, drinking reminder, enable phone contact to display, assign an emergency contact and add a digital wallet. Also, you can enable turn risk detection within a given time means you can enable it shows the watch face when youre resting up the risk. Again, you can enable the automatic heart rate detection, and this will affect your device battery life. In addition to the heart rate sensor, this watch can track your blood oxygen and blood pressure and track your sleep. All those details will be saved in the smart app and you can track your daily activities too. Having says that, moving with workout and fitness, this watch comes with multiple sports mode. It can provide a wealth of data records and generate analysis report after the exercise help continuously improve the exercise plan enable you to understand your exercise status and improve your workout Music.

Also, you do get a stopwatch whether at find my phone option by default, like all other smart watches in the market, within the next option, you can use this watch as a remote camera shutter to take a picture, you can simply shake the watch or tap the Screen so this is pretty much all about this fifo smartwatch, considering its price, we can call it a budget smartwatch, but, more importantly, when it comes to the design and the build quality, it is well worth trying.