Laisser’S commencer à tout moment. You can click the circle for more info and real time deals number one most popular pebble time. Smart watch Music. The pebble time is a really well designed and affordable smart watch, although it is not specifically built for kids, the simplistic nature of the interface and durable build, make it a great option. It looks really cool too, and i know this is probably the most important thing for a teenager. This device features notification, Alertes, quick replies and voice chat notes using the built in microphone. It also includes pebble health, which is an activity and sleep tracker. It uses the pebble app store, which contains thousands more downloadable games, apps and watch faces for you to tinker with Music number two vtec kiddie zoom, SmartWatch, dx2 Music vtec understands that kids just want to have fun so its smartwatch aims to provide exactly that. While you wont find gps tracking or two way, communication functions, this affordable, smart watch is essentially a mini gaming device, packed with educational activities and interaction to keep little ones busy. From telling time to motion sensors for active games and ar augmented reality capabilities. Parents will appreciate the built in learning boost dual cameras. Let kids take video or craft the perfect selfie, which is sure to be a hit with the elementary school crowd. Music number three garmin vivofit junior 2 des gamins, aptitude, these themed, des gamins, fitness and activity. Tracker watches from garmin are sure to be a hit with the younger ones.

Each watch features a specific cartoon or movie and is decorated in a unique style, as well as including theme. Specific apps themes include disney princesses for the girls and spiderman and captain america for the boys, but there are loads. More garmin makes excellent fitness based smart watches, and this is no different. It aims to make fitness more fun for kids, with interactive movie themed Music activities. Number four fitbit ace activity tracker for kids, La musique, montres intelligentes, perform all sorts of functions, but some are designed to do one thing particularly well. It makes sense that fitbit has cornered the market on kids, aptitude, trackers modeled. On the same wildly, popular wearable devices for grown ups, the fitbit ace does all the same things that weve come to expect in fitness tracking, from counting steps to monitoring sleep patterns. It also tailors messages and uses competition to encourage kids, in addition to syncing up to family fitbit accounts and other ios and android devices shower proof and sturdy Music number five verizon lg gizmo pal 2 lg vc110. The lg gizmopal 2, is mainly a gps watch. That is great for checking the location of your kids. It works using a cellular connection provided by verizon. Cela signifie que, in order to make the product work correctly, you will have to get it from verizon with an active subscription plan. This wearable technology features real time. Gps tracking, along with geo fences, to bound kids movement whenever your child crosses the boundary, a notification will be sent to your mobile phone Music for more details.