Both of them are my favorite Apple watch, Ultra replica. So far before we start a subscribe to, this channel will be highly appreciated. So lets start the video first of all inside the box of both of them. We get the ocean Stripes wireless charger and user manual. Both of the smart watches are advertised to come in 49 mm size and the size also looks quite similar and, as shown in the product description, both of the smartphones can fit. The Apple watch Ultra case both of the smart portions have the additional holes just like the Apple watch. Ultra and all of the holes are open. The microphone hole on the h11 ultra is a bit bigger than the ts8 plus Ultra. Both of the smart watches. Have the wireless charging and health sensors at the back, the h11 ultra also has a separate temperature sensor mounted outside and both of the smart forces have the strap, locks and screws at the back. So if you guys can see this, the h11 ultra also has the GPS antenna design. It doesnt have the GPS, but the GPS antenna design on the sides of the Smartwatch, while the ts8 plus Ultra doesnt, have it both of the smart forces are advertised to be ip6 8 level waterproof, but on both of the smart forces description, there is no mention. If they can be used while taking bath or swimming so I wouldnt recommend it most of these tiny smart forces have written that their ip68 level waterproof for washing hands and in rainy days the chip included in ts8 plus Ultra is rl8762 DT and in h11 Ultra It is rtk 8763e, both of the SmartWatches come with 128 MB of memory as advertised.

So according to the product description, the ts8 plus Ultra comes with 2.2 inches display with 454 into 454 resolution, and the h11 ultra comes with 1.91 inches display 425 into 518 resolution. Here is a comparison of the bezel size on both of the smart watches, which is a bit thinner on the TSH plus Ultra. The action button on both of them cannot be customized, but you can customize the double click function on the ground key, for example. If I select heart rate suitable clicking, the crown key will open the pulse rate Checker. Let me show you all of the word faces in both of them. Both of these smart watches have themed both faces, which can change colors when you tap on them and both of the smart footage also have interactive watch faces by which you can access the applications which are shown on the watch face both of the smart footage come With too many styles, one is the honeycomb menu style and the other is the list view. The icons on the h11 ultra are more similar to the Apple watch OS and on the h11 ultra. The transitioning of the icons into smaller size is also similar to The Watch OS, while it is just a little different on the ts8 plus Ultra. Both of these smartphones have the option that, if you scroll all the way down, it will animate the icons and, if you scroll all the way up, it will open the application which is in the middle.

Both of these smartphones have the full calendar option. The TSH plus Ultra also has a cool new feature of compass, which is not available in the h11 ultra smart Port, both of the smart watches, sport, NFC and as far as Ive checked, the ts8 plus Ultra have the short video control, while the h11 ultra doesnt Have it the ts8 plus Ultra uses the Rd fit application and the h11 ultra uses the QI fit applications and using these applications. Both of these smart photos can receive notifications from all of the applications on your smartphone. Es8 plus Ultra only comes with one screen of dial, which is this analog clock and it can stay on forever. H11 Ultra comes with two screen of tiles, one with the analog clock and one with the digital clock. It can stay on for a maximum of one minute. The ts8 plus Ultra doesnt have the tap to wake technology and you will have to use the key to wake. The device h11 Ultra does have the tab to vect technology, but it only works for a few seconds after the screen goes off and after about 5 Seconds, it will stop working. The maximum screen on time on the ts8 plus Ultra Smartwatch is 60 seconds, while the h11 ultra has the always on display option and the display can stay on Forever Until the battery dies. So let me show you the languages supported by both of them. Foreign Music Music comes with heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen level and temperature Checker, while the h11 ultra comes with heart rate, blood, oxygen level and temperature Checker, it doesnt have the blood pressure Checker, the S8 plus Ultra also has the proximity sensor, which detects.

If you are wearing a smartwatch or not, while the h11 ultra doesnt have it Ive already uploaded the comparison of both of these SmartWatches with oxymeter, you can subscribe to my shorts channel to check them out. Both of the smart forces can add the launch directly in the Smartwatch without having to use the watch application both of the smart footage. Dont have the option to set separate ringtones for messages, goals and alarms both of the smartworries have a speaker and a microphone, and both of them can be used for Bluetooth. Calling you can make calls directly from the smartphones and also receive calls directly on it, and the speaker and the microphone on the smart Forge can be used to talk to the next person directly from the smartphone, and once you have connected Bluetooth colon. You can also use Siri on the Smartboard, and this is how a notification arrives on both of the smart watches. It shows the full screen prompt and both of the smart watches still dont have the banner notification option. The dsh plus Ultra comes with 330 mm of battery and can give you 5 to 7 Days on normal usage and 15 days on standby as advertised. On the other hand, H7 Ultra is advertised to have 450 muh of battery and can give you 7 Days on normal usage and 15 days on standby as advertised, while both of the smart forces have a great battery life and Ive been using it for about an Hour to record this, video, both of the smart watches, have dropped only four to five percent of battery, while recording this video lets check out the full brightness and the full brightness level is quite high on both of them, and both of these smart forces will have A really crisp and visible display in the daylight – and here is the lowest brightness comparison, which is lower only h11 Ultra and now its my favorite part to compare the smoothness of both of the smart watches.

First of all lets try it in the honeycomb menu Style. Foreign looks a little bit more. Smoother lets try scrolling, so scrolling is surely smoother on the h11 ultra on a ts8 plus Ultra. It only Scrolls to a step while, depending on the speed of your finger, the h11 ultra Scrolls all the way down and up, and it is really smooth now lets just the touch response that doesnt make it hurt Music, Music s Music. I really prefer the touch response on the ts8 plus Ultra, so Guys. These were all of the comparisons that I could think of. Both of them are great smart watches. But if you ask me, I would prefer the ts8 plus Ultra over the h11 ultra smartphone. It has thinner bezels, hence a bigger display. Also has the proximity sensor and as for as Ive tested, it surely has working pulse rate sensors and, most probably the blood oxygen level. Checker also has real sensors. It also have the compass option, which is also really cool. It also has the short video control. If you use stick talk a lot, and it also has the always on display or the screen of dial, which makes more sense to me instead of having an always on display for the watch face so other than the digital clock screen of dial and always on Display for the watch face, the ts8 plus Samsung almost has all of the features that the h11 ultra has, but h11 Ultra misses a lot of features that the ts8 plus Ultra has.

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