My name is rob and it’s a pleasure to be here. This episode is going to be awesome because i’ve invited a special friend of mine called twinkle to join me in unboxing the latest huawei band product. Now this is called the huawei band. 6.. Hang on a second. What is it called the band 6 when the previous generation was the huawei band 4.? I guess that’s, because other brands are launched 6th generation of smartband so who always think they cannot lose right. Yeah, then, why not huawei launches the band called band 100. wow amazing? So now, we’re gon na get started with the unboxing of this brand new band director. Could you pass me the box wow wait. What isn’t this a mistake! This is the huawei watch fit yeah. I think we’re gon na have to re record cut. This episode is to review the latest band from huawei and we’re lucky enough today to actually have four different colors available for consumers. That includes the graphite black, the amber sunrise, the sakura pink and forest green. So let’s unbox them right now: Music, yeah girl likes to unbox in this way so twinkle which of these four colors is your favorite. Well, they look great, but it would be better if there is white wow now i’m going to show you each of color one by one Music, which color do you like. You can type it in the comments and let us know so now, it’s time to pick our favorite colors and try the huawei band 6 on for the first time: okay, Music.

So the first thing that i notice and i’m not sure if you guys are noticing it as well, that the display on the huawei band 6 is actually noticeably larger than the previous generation huawei band 4.. According to huawei, the huawei band 6’s display is larger than its predecessor by 148, and the screen to body ratio increased by 64. As you can see, the huawei band 6 has a huge upgrade when it comes to the display screen size compared to the huawei band. 4., i think that’s, probably one of the major reasons why huawei has chosen to skip the fifth version of the band series and just go directly to number six because of such a huge upgrade. You’Re probably wondering why would huawei want to output a band with such a large display, and i think the reason here is with a larger display. You can read more content and also interactive experience is going to be much better than previous generation products. So what do you think twinkle? Well, i think, having a base cream on the wrist is definitely a plus. The tiny screen on smart bench used to trouble me a lot. Megan is hard to read, but now this smart band comes with a full wheel display while being lightweight. I think a lot of women won’t prefer gadgets are the way to oversize. The huawei fit is light, but maybe it’s a little too big. For me, the smart band i’m wearing right now is just well.

Maybe, ladies, do like more compact technology be used in this way. What just light away detective corner using his stun gun wristwatch in the animation. You know he always aimed the rich watch at kagovo murray to put him to sleep. I get it now, but the band 6 is nothing like the stun gun wristwatch that conan has yet. It is the first huawei smart band to support a side button enabling a more convenient control experience in today’s market. Most of the smart bands available integrate the power button into the actual smart panel due to the limited size of a smart band. The distance between the smart button and its screen is usually very close to each other, resulting in a higher chance of miss touch. The huawei band 6 thus adopts the side button into the design. You can access its main menu simply by pressing the button, which is a lot more convenient than having to press the virtual button. Hey i find the design of huawei vs is highly resembled to the smartphone what’s more on its display. You can easily swipe up and down left and right for operation as, if i’m, using a smartphone touchscreen, hey rob how about the battery life of band 6, like i always forget to charge my digital product and sometimes it’s really annoying to go out and find the Battery instead, band 6 is actually really good for people like you that are scared of not having battery life on their digital products.

The band 6 actually comes with up to 14 days worth of typical usage, which is double the amount of battery versus the huawei band. 4., in addition, the product actually supports induction charging and you can charge it for five minutes and get up to two days worth of typical usage. Wow i’m gon na buy it to my mom, my dad my brother, my nephew, my sister, okay, okay, okay, this product has got great battery life; okay, so they’re gon na love it, but not only that. It also has amazing health functions and supports spo2 monitoring. Wait! A second other smartband come with the rough oxygen checking don’t. They, the latest xiaomi benze, seem to have this feature as well. Yes, you’re right, however, the huawei band 6 actually has heart rate monitoring and 24 7 spo2 monitoring as well, which not only keeps an eye on your health status, but also automatically generates an alarm when your spo2 level is low and using the huawei health app once You’Ve connected that to your huawei band 6 you’ll be able to actively monitor your health condition and proactively make changes to have a more healthier lifestyle. Well, this feature is quite important for young users. It serves as a health manager for them around the club. Yes, the huawei band 6 is not only the first huawei product to support sp02 all day 24 7 monitoring, but also provides a full range of health monitoring services such as heart rate, monitoring, sleep monitoring, stress, monitoring and cycle monitoring as well.

You can think of it as being a full health monitoring solution. I usually like to run so what about the ssi version of huawei band 6? Well, you are in luck. The huawei band 6 actually has comprehensive health functions to support all forms of exercise. This is part of huawei’s total wear solution. The huawei band 6 has 96 sports modes. This comprises of 11 professional sports modes and 85 free sports modes covering all daily sporting scenarios. It even has a new jump mode monitoring mode, allowing you to monitor the number of jumps when you’re jump, roping, jumping rope movement data such as the number of consecutive jumps can also be provided. Music now, let’s take a look at our data. We can find the detail record in the activity or workout history. It has the basic data, including the distance time average pace running past and calorie consumption, okay, so it’s time to say goodbye to the advances bye bye.