Noise has just launched some new models today, its their all new color, fit pro 4 series. Weve got two models: color fit pro 4 and the pro 4 max in the house, and this is what well be unboxing and checking out in this video and ill. Also give you like a detailed comparison between both the model so make sure to watch this. Video till the end for now lets keep the pro 4 max edition smartwatch aside and get started with the color fit pro 4 comes in this sort of box packaging color fit pro 4 is available in lots of color variants. We have the rose pink edition today. Girls are gon na really like this color anyways lets get started with the unboxing. Let me just state this outer packaging and give you a closer look at the box and guys packaging comes like this. Youve got the noise branding on the front picture of the product. As well and talking about the main highlights and features color fit, pro 4 comes with a lot of upgrades over the previous gen. It comes with a new 1.72 inch touchscreen that too they are calling it. As the true view edition screen has bluetooth calling on board theres a special digital crown, also and lots of health related features outer cover, slides out like this and on the inside youve got a couple of stuff theres an accessory box over here, which includes some paperwork, Make sure to read that and keeping that aside there, you go our brand new smartwatch, the color fit pro 4 in rose pink edition and its also available in seven other different colors as well.

A quite appealing right, well just come back to this in a moment and lastly, in the package you get a magnetic pogo pin cable for charging, and that is it now. Let me give you a closer look at this smartwatch and talk about the design, build quality and all the other stuff. Okay watch looks quite beautiful, guys. Initial impressions lovely looking watch love the color as well, so on the front side now this watch comes with a new trueview display, guys 1.72 inch. Tft lcd display with by 400 resolution and main highlight, is this one actually has like a digital crown on board. Using this, you can control a lot of things on the smartwatch and best part. Is both. These models have bluetooth, calling theres a mic and speaker on board, and you can directly talk to any person through the smartwatch. At the back side, youve got some charging contacts and youve got your regular hr sensors and these sort of stuff build quality is also nice. Entire body is made of like a polycarbonate material and its also ip68 rated water resistant quality of the straps also feel good. They feel soft and durable. Noise always makes like good quality straps guys. No complaints over here and good thing is theyre. Also replaceable well get back to the smartwatch in a moment now. Lets move on and unbox the pro 4 max weve got two different colors of the pro 4 max guys and totally theyre available in like four or five different colors.

Today in the house, we have the navy gold edition comes in this sort of box packaging. Pretty similar box packaging is just like the pro 4 but main highlight on this particular one. Is it comes with alexa voice assistant on board? You can literally ask any question, and since it has like a speaker right, it even responds back through the smartwatch and also has a bigger display than the pro 4. here. You are getting 1.8 inch tft lcd and also has something like ai runner. Ambient noise detection is also available and this sort of stuff, apart from these rest of the specs, look pretty similar and there you go guys. The color fit pro 4 max in the hand and okay initial impressions watch is definitely slightly larger than the pro4 and love the color guys. Look at this color beautiful right and, as usual, you get your magnetic pogo pin cable for charging, and that is it. These are all the stuff we got in the package, pro 4 and pro 4 max side by side. And what do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below now. Both these smart watches look pretty similar, but with slight subtle changes here and there in the design and, as you can see, pro 4 max is also slightly larger than the pro 4 because of the bigger display. Both of these have like bluetooth. Calling both of these have like mics and speakers on board, but one major difference is pro 4 has digital crown pro 4 max doesnt have digital crown, but max has like built in alexa, and the pro 4 doesnt have alexa voice assistant.

So these are some of the changes ill. Tell you in depth about the comparison and details in a moment, and that is it our initial look at these smart watches guys what ill do is ill quickly set them up, use them for some time and then ill. Be back to continue the video and share my experience with these models and wait. A second i forgot to show you. Noise has also sent us a special strap over here, guys accessory for the smartwatches. As ive told you, the straps on the smartwatches are replaceable and noise makes some customizable straps as well like for this one is a metallic strap guys in grayish black sort of color, so you can replace this with the existing silicon one and you know customize it As per your taste, pretty good looking strap all right, guys im back to continue. The video ive been using these smart watches for the last couple of days and now ill be sharing like my complete experience and feedback on both these models and will be going in depth and talking about different aspects, guys so make sure to watch this. Video till the end as it can be quite crucial to help you decide which one is the best for you. First, let me tell you the main differences between both these models, so noise colorful pro 4, comes with a 1.72 inch tft lcd trueview display, and it has a resolution of 356 by 400 and has 60 hertz refresh rate.

On the other hand, color fit pro 4 max comes with a slightly bigger display, guys. It comes with a 1.8 inch tft lcd trueview display and has a resolution of 240 by 285, and the refresh rate on this particular model is only 40 hertz. Now i didnt actually understand why did the pro 4 have like a better 60 hertz display, and here youre only getting like 40 hertz? I totally didnt understand the logic behind this thing, but anyways. This is what it is, and one more major difference over here is the color fit pro 4 has a digital crown on it guys, and using that crown you can completely control. You can navigate through the menu you can adjust the volume you can easily switch between watch faces and its actually fun interacting with it. Unfortunately, that digital crown is not available on the pro 4 max, and you know i really wish the max edition also came with like a digital crown, considering that its like an expensive model than the pro 4. moving on. If you talk about the ip rating, both of these watches have ip68 rating, both of these offer seven day battery life and one more major difference that the brand has done to keep the max. You know a step ahead than this. One is the pro 4 max comes with alexa voice assistant built in guys, and that is not available on the pro4, and the final difference i found is the pro 4 max.

Has noise detection guys ambient noise detection and tells you how much db of noise is present in the current room or ambient that youre sitting in that is also not there on the pro4 so thats it? These were like the major differences between the pro 4 and the pro 4 max now lets get started with our review. First lets talk about the display quality on both these models display quality on both these smart watches is pretty good. They come with a tft lcd panel and it was having good amount of detail. Everything was easily readable, guys either itd be text or any sort of content on the watch. Not an issue at all. Colors are also decently. Good contrast levels are also fine, but one major difference. What i found was in the brightness, especially in outdoor situations. The pro 4 max has 500 nits of brightness and had no issues viewing the content on the screen. Even in bright outdoor situations watch was like quite bright guys, but, on the other hand, its little brother, the pro 4 had slightly less brightness guys. Based on my experience, i think its only around like 350 minutes and brightness was a bit less in indoor conditions. It was fine, no issues, but if you go and use it in like bright outdoor situations or under sunlight now there i was having a bit of difficulty viewing the screen. So this is something youll have to keep in mind.

So what ill do is ill? Give you like a closer look at these smartwatches and ill show you the whole ui built in apps and features and then well talk about all the other stuff, so both of these smartwatches have like same ui and operating system guys and there you go. This is how the home screen on it looks like so, as you can see, it comes with this default watch face and by default on board you get around like five watch faces installed guys and not just this. You can download even more cloud based watch faces using noise fit app and it supports almost like 150 plus cloud based watch faces guys and all of them are like pretty attractive. But one thing i do have to mention is at a time you can only save around like five to six watch faces only and if you want to download more youll have to delete the existing ones, then only you will be able to make some space and Download extra anyway swiping down on the home screen, gives you the notification panel. Here you can check out all your recently saved messages or call missed, call notifications. Now, by swiping up on the home screen, you can quickly access the status panel here it gives you some quick, essential informations, like you know, watch battery life, current date weather and also has some quick setting toggles guys, you can directly adjust the brightness race to wake Feature is there and you know dnd mode and these sort of stuff now by swiping, left on the home screen or right on the home screen.

You can quickly access the widgets present on this watch. So let me quickly show them to you one by one. Swiping left will give you like the current today fitness activity levels, which shows you how many steps youve taken distance travel, calories burnt and these sort of stuff again for a detailed analysis or maybe like a weekly or monthly summary. You can check out in the noise fit compatible app moving on, youve got the hr monitoring, sensor, stress level measurement and then youve got some workout activity shortcuts and lastly, on the pro 4 max youve got the alexa voice assistant shortcut just by pressing over here. Alexa will be toggled and you can basically ask any sort of question guys, and you know the watch will respond back using internet again. For this you will have to install the app and you know, log in wire amazon details and enable elixir skill. That is how you can actually access. This whole thing: thats it. These are the widgets on the home screen. Now suppose, if you want to access the complete list of apps and features, you can easily do that by pressing this crown on the watch, just press that and it will give you like complete list of menu and built in apps and features so starting off. You got the noise health app, which is nothing, but your current daily fitness activity levels ive already shown you that noise buzz. Is your bluetooth calling mode guys by clicking on that you can access the complete call related things.

For example, you can access your favorite contact list. Your recent contact list theres also a built in keypad available and once after pairing with your phone, you can just dial in any number from the watch itself and place a call and talk to that person through the watch. Only guys, because both these smart watches have like microphone and speaker on board and support bluetooth, calling ill tell you about bluetooth, calling experience. Also in a moment now, moving on youve got the alexa voice. Assistant, workouts app is also there, and both these models support. Like 100 plus port activity tracking, which include walking running cycling, so many sport activities are there guys and whenever you toggle, these activities watch will start tracking variety of things, like your hr monitoring, number of steps taken, distance travel, calories burnt and these sort of stuff. Now, if you want gps related data, for you know geo location, these sort of data right for that youll need to use your smartphones app, also guys, because there is no built in gps right. So youll have to carry your phone also with you for geo location data. So keep that in mind. Moving on youve got some breathing exercises and in the clock function now youve got all your clock. Related stuff like stopwatch is a timer world. Clock is also available. Then youve got the weather app, which shows you complete, weekly weather forecast. Music control is also there to completely control the music that is being played on your phone and, lastly, youve got the settings and in the settings youve got some simple stuff like you can adjust the display.

Brightness screen timeout raised to wake function. Dnd mode watch faces ringtone volume, and the watch also has like a couple of built in ringtones like whenever you get a call right. You can even change the ringtone on this thing and completely customize. It pretty awesome features now talking about the ui, smoothness and overall navigation and experience. Both of these smartwatches were fine, but i have to be honest. Pro 4 has 60hz display right, so that felt a bit more fluidic and much more smoother operating experience compared to the pro 4 max, because max edition only has like 40hz display coming to health and fitness category. Both of these models have like plenty of health related features. Youve got your 24×7 hr monitoring. Is there blood oxygen, spo2 available, stress level, monitoring, breathing exercises built in sleep monitoring is also available and all of these functions and sensors were working well and giving accurate results. Almost 95 percent of the time no issues over here. Let me show you how you receive call and message notifications again for this guys. Youll definitely need to install the compatible app on your phone pair, the watch with your phone and enable some permissions. Then only you will be able to receive either messages or missed, call notifications again. Both these models have different apps guys for the pro 4 youll need to install noise fit app and for the pro 4 max youll need to install noise, fit assist app.

So keep that in mind, and once you do that youll be able to get all of these, and this is how you receive message. Notifications on the smartwatch and good thing is. The watch also has like some quick sms replies available and using this you can give like a quick response to the other person without the need to type anything. So this is actually quite handy and now coming to the important part of this watch. Bluetooth calling feature both of these models have like on board mic and speaker, so you can directly place calls like directly type in the number or access your contacts through the smartwatch and place calls without the need to take out your smartphone from your pocket guys. That is the best part and bluetooth calling was working well microphone. Quality was nice. Other person was able to clearly hear and understand what i was speaking and speaker was also pretty good and loud. Actually, i had no issues understanding the other person through the built in speaker on this smartwatch. Let me quickly place some call and show you how the speaker on this thing sounds like now. Here i felt the brand could have done something since it has like built in mic and speaker right brand could have added a feature like voice. Recording voice. Recording on smart watches could be like super useful. These days. Hardware is there. They just need to implement these sort of apps in you know software and that could greatly add like benefits and advantages to smartwatch.

Maybe noise could you know, take my suggestion and do that in future were almost coming to an end. So lets talk about the battery life battery life on these smartwatches was decently good. So if youre, a moderate sort of user who uses these smartwatches with like 60 brightness – and you know a bit of physical activities – and you know rarely – you use bluetooth calling. Then you can easily expect around like six to seven days of battery life, but if youre like a heavy user, you use this bluetooth calling feature a lot or maybe youre pairing your smart watch with your phone and constantly getting updates on your smart watch. Then you can only expect around like three or maybe, like you know three and a half days of battery life, so thats it that was our video on noise is brand new color fit pro 4 and pro 4 max share your thoughts like what do you think About the smartwatches in the comment section down below and let me know which one you will be going for and talking about the price guys so noise is actually having like a special launcher price offer color fit pro 4 will be available for only 3499 for a Limited time and after that it will go on sale for ‘9 rupees, and the pro 4 max will be available for only 3 999 rupees right now and later it will change to 4 499 rupees links will be in the description box below you can check it Out there so thats it for today.