The standard jet black rose, pink and champagne gray, which i think looks a lot like beige. Then it comes with bluetooth, calling all the health monitoring, sensors, sp2 sensor, heart rate sensor. Then we get a huge 1.69 inch display 60 sports modes and seven days battery life, all that priced at just 2, 499 wow. This seems like a cheapest bluetooth calling smartwatch. What do you think so write down in the comments, and let me know meanwhile, im very excited so lets quickly, unbox all of them and see how they look, how they perform. So you can decide if the color fit pulse buzz is worth your money or not. Lets begin Music, so here is the retail packaging of the noise color fit pulse buzz. We have three colors with us. Champagne, gray, jet black and rose pink well, have a closer look at the packaging. You can see the image of the watch right here towards the back. You can see some of its key features: 1.69 hdft display call functioning heart rate, blood oxygen, monitor, call and sms quick reply: 60 sports modes 7 day battery life, female health tracking ip68, waterproof rating heres, the qr code for the companion app its compatible with both ios. As well as android towards the bottom, you can see some of its manufacturing details and the mrp of 4999, but dont worry. You can get this for a lot less lets open it up well start with the black, because everyone loves black, so right on the top is the registration warranty card.

You have the noise stickers and you have the user manual in english. And finally, here is the watch itself. Wow its got this nice flat design. Really really nice well have a closer look at it in just a moment and finally, we have the pogo charging connector. Now this is magnetic so, as you bring it closer to the terminals, it aligns and attaches automatically now were opening up the pink one. We have the same paperwork, you have the rose, gold, pink watch and the same charging cable and goes without saying. We have the exact same contents in the last one as well, and there you go heres the watch, the charging, cable and some paperwork. All right lets have a closer look at it and well start with the rose pink well get rid of the sticker on the top, so we can have a better look at the watch wow. This looks really nice square dial and we have this. Nice rose gold. Finish with a flat design now this flat design reminds me of the caliber, looks really really premium. On the other side, you can see theres a single button with the noise logo in the center. You can also spot the noise branding here on the band nice. Soft, silicone, straps noise logo here at the bottom as well, comes with the buckle, strap, and i really like that this buckle is color coordinated with the frame the back is made of plastic.

You can see all the sensors in the center, the heart rate sensor, the espira sensor charging terminals below and if you look closely here, theres a speaker which is going to be helpful for phone calls. Similarly, theres also a microphone here, which also is going to be helpful for phone calls. Now these are soft silicon straps that can be changed with any third party bands. You can actually buy them from the noise website itself. There are silicon straps, the leather straps. There are nylon, straps, theres, so many other options, ill link them below in the description. You should definitely check it out. Its really easy to attach and remove very very nice now lets quickly have a look at the champagne gray, and you know i always thought when i saw the box that it looked like beige, but this actually looks like gray, really really nice soft, silicone, straps wow. The sides look so nice – this is silver matte silver. Finish looks very nice buckle design, and i like that, the buckle actually is black here, because it looks a little more dynamic, very nice. Silicon straps back is made of plastic exactly same very well built. Now, though, the frame here also is also polycarbonate, but still it looks really. Nice also is very, very light at the most loved black wow truly truly looks like dark knight, very nice, so it has this nice gray flat. Finish looks actually better than black, because that actually gives a very good look to it similar button on the side.

Nice traps, you can see the charging terminals. You can see the speaker very, very well, built really nice make your pick whats your favorite color write down in the comments, and let me know meanwhile lets quickly pair it. So you take your android or iphone, go to the play, store or the app store. Obviously, and you install noise fit apex app once the app is downloaded click open, then here come to devices select device click. I got it allow using take the watch press. The button on the side. Therell be a vibration, alert with the noise branding, click search again and you can see pulse buzz click and there you go youre, ready to use right away. Super simple setup: the color fit pulse. Bus comes in ip68 radar, so technically you should be able to wear it while you swim, but i wont recommend, as any kind of water damage wont, be covered under warranty. However, its safe to wear, while you shower at the gym or even in the rain, all right lets have a closer look at the display. So first thing you want to do is to press this button on the side to wake the display man. This is a really really gorgeous display. This is a 1.69 inch tft lcd display. We dont have the resolution, but it feels that its somewhere between 320 by 320 pixels, the interface, is really smooth. As you can see, you can see the daily activity moving further.

You have the heart rate, you have the stress levels, you have the breathe app. You have the music player and back to home page swipe from up to access notifications swipe from down to access, quick, toggles power, saving vibration alerts. Brightness. If you click on this, you can adjust. The brightness of the watch then do not disturb phone calling can be enabled and disabled from here. If you go into settings, you have call settings, you can choose the ringtone, you can choose the incoming call, you want it to ring. Only vibration ring and vibration or butte very, very helpful ive. Seen a lot of people. Ask me about this feature. Ringtone volume. Then you can adjust the vibration levels, wrist awake! You can toggle raise the risk to wake the display on and off screen off time. I suggest you keep it between 5 to 10 seconds, ive kept it to 30 seconds, because right now, im demoing the watch but 5 to 10 seconds is good enough. Do not disturb device info qr code, reboot power off and reset now, if you press and hold the display in the center, you can actually change. Some of the watch faces. Oh wow, this looks so nice, as you can see its a bright panel as well as the color, reproduction and blacks are very, very good, wow, really really nice. There are few more there you go if you like, analog watch faces. This is the one for you, and this just goes perfectly with the champagne.

Grey looks really really nice. Now, if you press this button on the side, you can access the noise health suite where you have the activity, sleep, tracking, spo2, heart rate and stress levels, then theres noise buzz. This is for phone calling well come back in just a second, then you have your workouts here sports records clock in clock. You have alarm stopwatch world clock timer. Then you have breathe app reminders, flashlight watch faces and settings and now well check out the phone calling. So well go to noise buzz here. You have recent calls. You have the dial pad ill, just go to the dial pad and randomly dial a number. The audio youre hearing right now is actually from the watch. Speaker see how clear it is here. You have an option to mute, it switch the call to the phone or even control the volume, or you can just end the call directly from here very very handy. You can also actually save and sync contacts, so you can make calls even quicker using this and then, when you receive incoming calls, you can actually see the callers name with an option to control the volume, reject the call or answer the call. Now, as i answer the call, i can actually talk using the watch itself, therell be too much echo right now. You can mute, it send the call to the phone or you can actually even control the volume from here and even end.

The call directly from here there you go very, very handy feature now my phone call experience with this watch was actually pretty good indoors. It was loud and very clear, however outdoors it might be not the best experience theres just too much of noise. Ambient sound mics and speakers might not be adequate, but still ill say for indoor use. You can use this for phone calls and itll work pretty well. So the colorful pulse buzz comes with 60 workout modes. If youre going to workouts youll, see running sport outdoor running walking treadmill. If you go back in cycling, outdoor cycling, indoor, cycling, bmx, theres, indoor sports, youll have aerobics, youll, have strength, training stretching then theres, snow sports, theres, ball games, theres dance, sports, combat sport and others its really nice to see that they have divided them into categories making. It a little easier to find what youre. Looking for the only thing i see, thats missing is water sports. So basically you still cant wear this in the pool, though this is ip68 certified its safe, but still not recommended all right lets check out. The health monitoring features so what well do is well go to the noise health suite and go to heart rate and well tap to measure, and there you go its about 67 69 beats per minute. Lets check out the spo2, make sure you wear the watch tightly. So that you can get accurate readings and there you go, we get 99 between 99 and 97.

Then theres also stress tracking, well tap that as well and there you go. Its 35 shows that im relaxed really good. Now, most of these health monitoring sensors provide accurate readings. However, i always say this uses just for reference and not for medical purposes. Lets have a quick look at the noise fit apex companion app right on the top. You can see the targets that are set 8. 000 steps the distance ive done. The calories have burned the steps taken, steps remaining heart rate, maximum minimum. Your sleep records your blood oxygen level records. If you come into devices you can see, watch faces here, you can see, we have a pretty huge collection of watch faces yes, and some really really good ones. Wow really really nice check that out lets just change sync and there you go check. That out looks pretty nice. Similarly, theres. Also an option for custom watch face where you can choose an image from the phone gallery to keep. As a watch face, address book for phone calls, theres heart rate, your blood oxygen level, settings call notifications. You can turn on call alerts, app notifications. You can choose from which apps you want notifications and from which apps you took sedentary reminders, alarm clock. You can set the alarm from here. Rest awake, do not disturb in settings. You have camera control, find watch unit systems screen on time can be changed from here as well from 5 seconds to 30 seconds time.

Format can be changed. If you like a 12 hour clock, you can change that as well. If you want 24 hours, you can change that from here. Very very nice. You can factory reset and firmware update, so everything is good, but i couldnt find an option to share data with strava or google fit. I think that is the only con of this app apart from that its pretty well easy to use and self sufficient noise claims. Seven days of battery life on this watch with typical use always remember. Battery life will vary depending on how you use the watch, especially in this case, because this watch comes with bluetooth, calling feature and that really drains the battery lot faster. So, to simply put it youll get two days max if youre going to use it frequently for phone calls and about four to five days with regular use. Now the color fit pulse buzz isnt perfect, but for 2499, its a steal, you get bluetooth phone calling feature. You get a big display, you get good, build quality 60 sports modes, ip68 rating 150 watch faces and the amazing new flat design its available in multiple colors and goes on sale tomorrow, 8th of june on amazon and the noise website. But remember the 2499 is only an introductory price very soon. This price will be 3 499, so grab it right away because its a really really good deal ill leave the links below in the description.

This one is definitely worth checking out.