Do a review of this patreon smartwatch, so peter has recently launched this smartwatch and i have already uploaded a video of this piton smartwatch on its unboxing and how to connect and its first look at its overview. So in case, if you didn’t watch that video it means i have given the link in the icon and in the description you can watch that it afterwards now in this video i’m, going to show you about this smartwatch review with its pros and cons. So i have actually using this smartwatch for the past one week so, based on my usage, i am going to share its pros and cons, and actually this smartwatch is priced for rupees thousand three hundred price segment. So at this price segment it is one of the best smartwatch in my point of view, so it is always worthy only so, even if it is having a more cons like that also. So it is one of the considerable smartwatch to buy at this price segment. Well now, let’s move on to the video, so, firstly, let’s talk about its process, so the first pro of this smartwatch is its design and wearing. It has very good looking on bearing so on wearing this smartwatch in your hand, so it just gives a very good visual, so it is almost similar to the apple watch. So, as you compare with the apple watch in the apple watch, at the left side, there will be a two speaker, but in this fit on watch you will get only single speaker and at the right side there is almost a similar buttons like a scrollable round Buttons and a microphone and then your turn on screen awaken off button.

So it is almost look like a apple watch and on bearings, also it’s, so good so, and this smartwatch is having a so large screen to body ratio screen so on bearing it will be. Very, very good, then this smartwatch is actually comes with the ips lcd panel, but on the viewing and the direct sunlight or in the outer worlds. Also so it is also looks good, so you can able to view the contents clearly and in the indoor like in the inside the room you can do able to view all the contents clearly, so that display is actually very good, so it is comes with the Ips lcd display only, but it has a very large screen to body ratio and the colors is also too good, but in the sunlight. The contents is not that much more brighter, but it’s possible to view the contents and the time you can and you can able to view the time and you can able to use all the option uh in this smartwatch. Then this smartwatch is having your rise to wake up feature, so by simply rising this smartwatch, the display is actually awakened. So you can easily able to manage these settings in the fifth pro application by going to the fit pro application and in the brightness control by just enabling that so the rise to wake up feature you can easily able to enable that so the rise to wake Up feature is one of the best feature so in case, if you are going somewhere by just rising the smartwatch, you can able to affect the display, and you can view the time and notifications, and this smartwatch is having a option of setting your own face.

As a watch faces like it has a more watch faces, but in the home screen, but just swiping from the left or right, you can able to switch over to the other watch faces and even though you can also set your own face as a watch faces. So for that, in that fit pro application by just going to the dial settings and there more watch faces has been listed so in the multiple watch faces by tapping any of the template of watch faces and that just click on the option of change tile and After change clicking on the change that it actually goes to the your gallery, so from that you can able to set your own unique watch face and that watch which is actually synchronous to this smartwatch. So you can able to set your own face as a watch faces in this pit on smartwatcher. Then this smartwatch is having a feature of speaking calls right from the smartwatch itself and you can be able to add a contact as a frequent contact in the vitro application and you can able to access the phone book application in this smartwatch. And you can also speak the calls directly from the smartwatch itself, so it has an inbuilt speaker and microphone too so using that you can able to speak calls and dial calls right from the smartwatch itself. So that is one of the best feature at this price segment. App then in terms of call quality also, so it has a not that much of very good call quality but is having some decent call quality.

So, while speaking calls with the opposite one, you can easily able to convey the message and the opposition is also clearly able to understand your voices. But the clarity is not that much good. So that is the thing, but you can be able to convey the message by speaking calls via this smart watcher. Then the next pro is using this uh patron smartwatch. You can also use this smartwatch as a bluetooth speaker, so it will be act like a bluetooth. Speaker – and i have also here some of the audio through this smartwatch and this smartwatch is uh actually having a bluetooth, audio device name so it’s a device name is actually build audio and it will be directly pad with your uh device settings so once it is Actually packed with it directly and after that, once you’ve played any youtube music or some other music in your smartphone, then that audio will be actually played into smart watcher. So you can have smartphone speaker as well. Then these smartwatches also comes with some of the basic fitness related activities like using this smartwatch. You can able to track heart rate sp 2, and even you can also monitor the blood pressure and likewise using this smartwatch, you can able to measure some of the fitness related active, like you can measure how much strips you have actually taken, and it has some Of the sports mode also, it has a running sit up, jumping jack, batman, volleyball bike rating and some of the fitness related tracks.

Also, you can able to make it then this smartwatch is also comes with the all notifications features, so you can able to view all your smartphone notification in the smartwatch itself, so it has a supportable apps like whatsapp twitter messages and calls reminding and telegram and facebook. So, like that, all the application notification will be, you can able to manage right from the smartwatch itself. So to enable that. So you can easily enable that using that fitpro application by going through the fitpro application and that go to the option set and then go to the option, message push and in the message push option. There is a multiple app supported. Apps has been listed so sms remind which ad remain facebook, twitter line and whatsapp instagram. So in case, if you want any of this application, notification means just to enable that push notification, and once you enable then in case that application having some of the notifications, you can get the reminder in the smartwatch itself, then. Finally, in terms of pros, so this smartwatch is uh as a best in the battery consumption too, so it is comes with a 150 image of battery around so on battery consumption. So it is almost good only so in the battery consumption. For in case, if you are a moderate user means like if you are just seeing uh or what’s the time and just speak, the calls for some time and like that, if you are using means, it will be, gives for uh more than three days to up To one week of usage time and in case, if you are a most advanced user like i have actually tested the bluetooth speaker, i actually played five songs continuously and i hear the five songs continuously through this smartwatch.

So, by hearing the five continuous songs it actually reduces from hundred percentage of charge to uh fifty percentage of charge, so the five songs means it totally around the 30 minutes of a music playback, so 50 percentage of charge is drastically reduced. So in case, if you are a user of so much of things using the smartwatch itself like that means, the battery consumption will not work that much now let’s move on to it’s a con section, and i have listed a total of 10 cons of this smartwatch. So, even though, if this smartwatch is having more 10 cons or more more cons like that also so, as i already said, the price segment is one of the best pros. So for this price segment it is definitely what the smart watcher well. Firstly, let’s start with the first con. The first con is uh. It is having an auto screen offer. The screen will be offered automatically after after this certain seconds, and there is no option to set how much time the screen need to be awake like that. There is no screen on time options in the fitpro application, or in the smartwatch like that, so the screen will be always goes off during working in the smartwatch like that, and that makes users sometimes feels a bad experience, and this smartwatch is not having a touch To awake but just tapping the display, the screen will not affect so. You have to manually press this side button to update the screen.

Then this smartwatch is not having a total format timing. So there is a more watch faces and some of the watch faces is actually showing your toddler format, but some of the watch faces actually showing only 24 hour of format and in the smartwatch in the set under settings option that so that is your time and Date, adjustment option, so you can able to change the time, but there is no option to set the total level format or 24 hour format like that option. So in the smartwatch also, there is no option and there is no option in the fit pro application too, and this makes sometimes a bad experience like so some of the watch faces is only supported with the told over format. Timing, for example. If i like, one watch faces means so that watch faces is actually having a 24 hour format. Only so if i need to want to view the download format means i have to switch to the other watch faces but that’s what, but that watch, which is i’m not like, like that small issues users will face on the real time usages then the next con. I have actually faced is that so this smartwatch is actually having an option called the dual motor. If you actually enable the dual mode means so by enabling the doorman, then this smartwatch will actually act like a bluetooth speaker and that time the smartwatch is actually directly packed with your smartphone.

So via bluetooth and in case once you’re turned off the door mode means and during that time, actually disconnected from the smartphone. So once you turned off the dual mode feature, so during the dual mode feature enabled time only you can able to get the all the call, notification and sms notification and other notifications. So in case, if you want to receive some of the calls notification – or you in case, if you want to speak, calls right from the smartwatch or you in case, you want to hear some of the musics in the smartwatch means you need to enable the dual Mode option so by enabling the dual mode option only you can able to do all these things, so this smartwatch is not directly integrated with the application, so it is directly connecting through the bluetooth. So you always need to enable the bluetooth option in your smartphone. So that is the one thing, and that is not a major issue, but the next thing is that so, for example, so if you are actually pairing your bluetooth earbuds like that means so that time, so you have to uh pad the bluetooth earbuds with your smartphone And simultaneously, you will also pack this smartwatch too so in case, if you are actually hearing songs like that means, so during that time the songs will actually place only in the smartwatch. Only so at that time you can’t be able to hear the songs in the earbuds, so that is actually issues and you can also disable the dual mode feature so by disabling the door mode feature.

So you can able to hear the audio in your ear button, but in case, if you are actually turned on the bluetooth like that means, when any calls actually received means. So if call received means this smartwatch is actually automatically pad with your smartphone. So then that time you will get the call notification like you will get a reminder of the incoming call. Then, once you attend the call you can’t able to speak the calls right from the ear button, so you have to use this smartwatch only to speak calls. So that is the one of the issue so whenever in normally in other smartwatch, once you attend the calls right from the smartphone screens, then you can speak the calls through the your earbud or your phone like that, but this smartwatch is actually restricting to speak. Calls only in the smartwatch only, but you can also change the device in the call option settings by just tapping in the call settings ui and then you can select whether a smartwatch or a phone or a earbud like that. But that is one more work. The user need to do whenever they’re receiving your calls. Okay, this smartwatch is actually integrated directly with the application means so like that issue will you’ll not face and anyways. This is not that much of a major issue, but in case, if you are always paired with the bluetooth means so whenever you are receiving a call means, so you definitely want to speak also right from the smartwatch only or else whenever you are attend.

The calls. After that, in the call setting you have to change the device from the smart watch well audio to your phone speaker or your audio device connected. So whenever you are receiving a calls, it’s mandatory to speak, the calls right from the smartwatch only so during. If you are using multiple devices via bluetooth connection means that time you will face some of the issues. Then the next con is. This smartwatch is not ultimately fulfill the fitness users. Likewise, in case, if you are a dedicated fitness person like that means, you want to track all the things accurately like. That means all the strep monitoring, heart rate, monitoring, sp, auto blood pressure and then in case, if you are swimming like that means you want to uh, you want to track how much calories it burn and what the heart rate at that time so like that, you Want the more advanced features in the fitness related means. This smartwatch is not fulfilled that much, so it is a basic smartwatch with a basic fitness of letter functions and actually on testing. So this smartwatch is so without bearing it is actually showing the heart rate value spot value like that, so it does the value it’s actually giving it’s, not that much accurate, and then this smartwatch is not having a uh water or sweat resistant. So in case, if you want to track a swimming activity like that means, so you can’t be able to do that.

So this not having a water resistant and in case you are doing more workouts and most fittings are coming like that means, and in case there might be a water spread in the smart watch like that means there might be a chance of physical damage in the Smart watcher, then this smartwatch will not also accurately monitor the sleep tracking, so the sleep tracking will actually activate after you sleep for uh more than four hours. Only so you have in case. If you want to monitor the sleep means you have to just wear this smartwatch and you have to sleep for four hours faster and after four hours of sleeping only then only these smartwatches will actually track the sleep recorder. So most of the smartwatch will not having like that, and then this smartwatch will actually track the sleep recording after the 10 pm only so that is not a good thing, so, even if you are sleeping in a daytime or in a nighttime. So at any time, if your sleep, the smartwatch need to be track, your sleep record, but this smartwatch will not do like that. So it has a some of the standards like so after 10 p.m. Only it actually start the sleep record and like that, once you’re started sleeping when, after four hours of sleeping only, it will actually record the sleep recording. So in case, if you are a fitness related person – and you are more dedicatedly – wanted, your more accurate details of your fitness related means, so this smartwatch will not fulfill like that.

Then. The next thing i want to share is this: smartwatch is actually having a notifications option so in case, if you are actually receiving a whatsapp tutorial notification, like that mean that notification can be remembered in the smartwatch itself, but you can able to view only one notification At a time, so that is the thing, so you can easily able to manage a notification by just swiping from the top in the home screen so by just swiping from the top. So here is the message: notification, and here you can able to view only one message at a time, for example, if you are actually setted whatsapp and twitter and normal sms enabled, like that mean in case at a time, you will get all the three notification means. So it is actually so if, for example, firstly, you will get a whatsapp notification means the whatsapp messages will actually appeared, and after that, if twitter messages will comes means, then that whatsapp message is actually replaced with that twitter message, so it actually shows only one message At a time, and the previous message is actually replaced with the new one and similarly, you can’t able to dismiss that message. For example, i have actually received this twitter message. For example, i received these twitter messages so before two days, but still i can’t able to dismiss this messages. I, like i can’t able to swipe to clear the message like that, so the message is still is here only in case someone actually view your smartphone pins.

So anyone can easily view your past messages, so in case, if your brand is actually comes with the option like uh supporting of two to three sms, at least in the messaging option, and the dismissing of the recent sms in the messages application like that means. So that will be a great thing then next, finally, this smartwatch is actually unique in terms of charging, so it is having a charging dock like something unique. So most of the charging dock is actually comes with like a circle in ship, and you have to just replace the smartwatch in that charging dock, then that smartwatch is actually starts charging easily, but this uh smartwatch is actually comes with something different in terms of charging Talk as you seen here, this charging dock is something different, so it has a pin and a clip like support, so you have to correctly insert this smartwatch into this pin. So, while charging you have to actually keep this smartwatch at the constant location only because on the slight disturbance that might be a chance of a disconnection of a charger, so you have to keep this smartwatch at a separate location at the constant location. Only then only the charge will happens continuously and in case any small disturbance actually happens means the charging will actually stop, sir. So that is because the charging dock is not that much good still it’s charging good only, but you have to take some more care on for charging.

This smart watcher well guys that’s all about this video now these are all my pros and cons of this patreon smartwatch and it’s full review. Now what are guys thoughts on this patreon smartwatch? Let me know in the comment section below and in case, if you are user already using this speedrun smartwatch means tell me your experience in the comment section below and that’s all about this video guys.