What got me in love with it is its built in gps. However, it does trade off some features, so let me share all the details, along with my experience, watch this full review, so you can decide if you should buy this or not we’ll start with a quick, unboxing and then move on further. But before we begin subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also follow me on my social media handles for more tech info. This is your friend texing let’s get started. So here is the retail packaging of the redmi watch. You can see this is an ivory color. You have the redmi branding here towards the back. Are some manufacturing details and the mrp, which is 5999 all right, let’s unbox it right on the top. You can see the watch there you go, then you have a user manual which is in english and a charging dock for the watch. So here is the watch and it has this amazing ivory color. Of course, choice of color is very subjective, but i’m. Absolutely loving. This, however, on the flip side, this is a lighter color and it could get stained and dirty more easily, but thankfully it comes with 5 18 water resistancy rating, so you can wash it under water, but washing machine number enough swimmingly. You can wear it swimming pool. Private pool so let’s have a closer look at it, so we get a square dial with the plastic build and it has this matte finish feels very sturdy.

There is a single button on the side, flat metal button and a little above the center it’s nice. It won’t get stuck in any cloth or thread. The straps are made of good quality tpu and are really soft to touch it. Has this buckle design and provides a very good grip, and since this watch weighs just 35 grams, it’s extremely light can barely notice you’re wearing anything ideal for those looking for a watch with sleep tracking see, every smart watch nowadays comes with sleep tracking, but the problem We face is that they’re heavy bulky and not very comfortable, but this one has an extremely soft strap and weighs light enough to be worn while sleeping moving to the back. So you can see the redmi branding the center part houses. The heart rate sensor and below are the charging terminals. The charger is actually like a charging dock it’s not magnetic the watch, simply clips in and starts to charge when kept sideways. It’S, like a bedside clock, it’s, a really smart idea and the best part is chances of you losing this charger is far lesser. Now, if you’ve noticed this watch, doesn’t have an sp2 sensor. Is that a con? Well, yes, you can say, but my way of looking at it is no it’s, because spo2 sensor or blood oxygen monitor on any smart watch, isn’t very accurate and certainly not reliable, so it’s really not a huge deal. Then these traps can be removed and swapped in different colors, but you can’t buy any local third party bands because, unlike hook mechanism, that we see on other smartwatches, we have to press this button and the strap is released.

You push it in. You hear a click. Sound and it locks in simple moving to the display, so it has a 1.4 inch tft lcd display with a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels. That means we get 325 pixels per inch, which is simply amazing. The display is crisp and the detail in the images is superb. The color reproduction is surprisingly vivid for an lcd display very colorful. The other good thing is that it gets really bright to see outdoors during the day and that’s thanks to 350 nits of peak brightness. The display brightness can also be set as per your preference, and there is also an auto brightness mode, which i highly recommend you turn on. So it adjusts the brightness of the display as per the lighting conditions, and this will actually save on your battery. The bezels on the sides are quite slim, but noticeably thicker on the top and bottom it’s not a deal breaker in any way. Considering its price, the race there is to wake. The display was the best i’ve seen in the longest time on any smart watch. Snappy super quick and very responsive. In fact, the gyro is so good that it turns off the display. The moment you turn the wrist other way works flawlessly. The redmi watch comes with bluetooth version 5.1, which means better connectivity and more battery efficient. It pairs using the xiaomi wear app, which is available for both the play store for android and the app store for iphone.

The pairing process is simple and it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. The watch comes with a heart rate sensor and provides you 24×7 heart rate tracking. There is also a breathe app to relax and de stress yourself, Music there’s, also an alarm app available, so you can set the alarms directly from the watch. Same goes for timer and stopwatch it’s, truly handy when you don’t want to reach out for your phone now coming to my favorite feature of the redmi watch built in gps and gloners. Now both are satellites and tell you your exact position and belong to different countries. They basically help you map your outdoor, runs, cycling and hikes more accurately. I had no problems getting a quick fix on my location on the redmi watch also tested for a short run, and it showed me the distance time, calories burnt heart rate everything you need right on your wrist after you complete your run. It displays a detailed summary of the workout, the workout, also syncs, with the xiaomi wear app where you can see everything, including the map more in detail, Music. In my limited experience, the readings were quite accurate. The watch also comes with 11 workout modes, running walking, treadmill outdoor running outdoor, cycling, freestyle tracking trail, running cricket, open water, swimming and pool swimming. The watch can receive call alerts with vibration and you can see the caller’s name, but you only have an option to reject the incoming call, no way to silence the ringer at least not when it’s paired with an iphone.

Similarly, you receive app notifications. You can see the sender’s name and also read the part of the message. So let’s have a quick look at the interface swipe from the top to access your notifications, you can see the list of all the messages missed, calls everything right here, swipe right and you access the music player now this is actually the music that’s playing on your Phone, you can control the volume previous track next track pause play. Everything here are the calories burnt, the weather, sleep, tracking heart rate and the home page, and if you swipe right, it’s the same list, the other way around press the button to go back to the home page swipe up to access, quick toggles. You have the torch, raise the wrist to wake the display lock display. Then you have do not disturb wake display for a couple of minutes and settings press this button on the side to go back to the home page press the button again to access the apps. You have the workouts in workouts, you can see all the workouts here is the activity. Then you have the stats, then you have heart rate, then you have sleep tracking. Then you have the breathe app. Then you have the compass. Yes, that’s. The compass here is the air pressure here’s, the music player again swipe up. You have the alarms, you have the stopwatch. You have the timer, you have the weather, you have the notifications, you have the fine phone torch again help app and settings in settings.

You have watch faces, brightness levels, auto adjust, do not disturb further down. You have auto, lock, vibration, password system, settings bluetooth and about now that was really smooth, no lag or stutter and, above all, very easy to use. The redmi watch comes with support for over 200 watch faces yup. You heard me right 200.. You can download from the companion app and the fun part is that they’re divided into categories new painting activity, digital analog, mechanical sci, fi, cartoon and even festival. The list is really long and you can see the hardware gone into making these watch faces. Some of them look really amazing and the best part is all of these are free. The xiaomi wear app has come a long way, but still needs work when it comes to control. It shows you, the activity, your steps, calories, burned, heart rate, sleep tracking in workouts. It shows you all your workouts in profile. It shows you the battery. The current watch face app notifications and updates. There are a lot of limitations right now and definitely could be better. So let’s talk about the battery, it comes with the 230 mah battery and redmi claims. It will last for 10 days well in three days of my use with notification and little use of gps. The battery was drained about 20. However, it would be hard to put a finger on the exact number of the battery, because all of us use our phones and watches very differently.

But i can safely say that you’ll get five to six days with medium to heavy use and probably, if you’re a light user, you might even pull through a week. It takes about two hours to fully charge from zero to hundred percent. All right final thoughts. Well, it’s, exactly what most of us are looking for when you want a budget, smart watch. Yes, it does lack sp2 sensor, but trust me having one that is not reliable is a lot better than not having one a colorful crisp lcd display, though i would have loved to see an amoled panel. A nice square design it’s got a build quality which is really nice, it’s got built in gps and it works flawlessly. 5 atm water, resistancy rating tons of watch faces, go crazy, downloading it’s going to be available in three color cases: black blue and ivory. With the same straps as well as a lovely olive, green, strap make your pick. Sadly, we don’t have the price. While making this video, you can check out the price the buying details, along with the purchase links in the description i can easily say this is one of the best budget. Smart watches of the year i’m, loving it i’m sure you will too. I hope this video was helpful if there are any questions mention it down in the comments and i’ll be happy to answer them.