It is the kiwitime iw8 smartwatch now lets open the box. Firstly, we see the menu and the wireless and the watch and the silicon strap Music now lets check the watch. This watch is 43.9 millimeter. This side it has two buttons. Both buttons are functional, and here is the microphone and at the back there is also no lock buttons at both end, and this watch is also using the wireless charging and there is a circle of the writing. It indicates that it is crs 8, but currently the upward series 8 is not released yet and this side it is also the upward series 7 design, with only one hole as the speaker. This watch has a 1.9 inch screen and the first three lets check the watch face. We can rotate this round button to change totally. It has 8 built in watch faces and it can also add extra watch face and can customize what faces through the app then lets check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. There are many functions such as bluetooth call, setting and repay, and the short video remove, control and also brightness and power off, and the screen lock and then from the left to right is the split screen. There are some commonly used applications and from the right to the left. We can add some extra components. Also, we can hold the screen and remove the component and then from the bottom. To the top is the message notification and we can press this run button to go to the main menu and also we can rotate.

This run pattern to zoom in and zoom out, and it will rebound back to the original size and when to mount it will go to the function. This watch is also very smooth and we can double click. This run button to change the menu style totally. It has five built in menu styles and we can check the functions. The message exercise. It has many spot mode and core sleep, monitor, pedometer, music, heart rate, spo2, blood pressure and weather, and the bridge training motion, trajectory calendar and my qr code. Calculator countdown and stopwatch find the phone taken picture, siri and alarm clock, then the setting it has the consistent always on display display time and we can set never the always on display maximum time is 20 minutes and the gesture brightness nfc and key definition. We can customize the function of the double click enter the long press of the function and then the do not disturb vibration, Music and password. This will also support the password and then the language we can check the language inside and the date and time we can set the date and time directory in the watch and the connect mobile phone reset, reboot power off and about and finally the menu style. It has five menu styles, you can change freely by yourself. Also, we can long press the power button. Then we can slide the screen to power off and for sos core. Above all, this watch is also the apple g7 design and with a 1.

9 inch high quality screen, and the screen is very clear so above its oil details.