First of all, i hope everyone is doing good and thank you for being here today. I got a smart watch that we’re gon na review. Not just any smart watch, this is a fitness smart watch. Actually before i did this review, i actually went out and i used this watch and this watch kind of got me impressing. So i wanted to do a review on it right away, that’s how much i liked it. This watch cost around 30 dollars. If you decide that you want to buy this watch after this review, you can pick it up from amazon or wish this watch it’s got. So many features that are actual 200 watch that you’re gon na buy. That has all those features and you paying only thirty dollars. You have the same features receive messages you can um receive a phone calls reminder you got your help. I took it to the gym. Honestly, i wanted to do water test on this thing, so i went to the jacuzzi i went to the steam room, then i went swimming and by the time i was done. My swimmer, i came on my honestly. This watch gon na have water in there for the price. Honestly, no water got inside the watch, so just to prove you guys that this watch is actually water and dust resistance. Let’S go look at that Music. What we’re gon na do today we’re gon na unbox. This we’re gon na go through all the settings, but before we do that guys, don’t forget to smash that subscribe button.

Make sure you press the bell at the bottom. So every time i make a new video, you get a reminder. So let’s start this video. So this watch comes, i think, in three colors. You can get it. I think in green purple, black or some other color i’m, not really sure it shows you in the back um. You can hook it up to android devices and you can hook it up to apple devices and it’s very easy to connect, and this is how you charge it. I just want to show you guys after how – and this is an extra bag. The bands cost around like six dollars. If you uh, wanted to have extra band for this watch i’m going to show you guys the band. This is a black color band and they’re so easy to connect. You don’t have to go through all those hassles and stuff to connect them that’s, a black band. You guys can see very light. Very let’s open this i’m going to show you guys this one came in purple that’s the manual book that i’m going to show you guys after we’re going to go through all of it. So you guys know how to set it up and stuff like that. So this one is a purple color. Let me show you guys that’s the purple band that’s, the purple band, so you can switch them if you’re uh don’t, like purple or any other color, you can put them black.

Honestly, i like black color, so i don’t want to walk around the gym with purple, color and that’s. The watch very light honestly, like you, can’t, even feel it that’s how light this thing is, and i was going to tell you guys how you charge this very easy. You grab this back piece. You grab this uh plug. You just stick it in like this that’s. It and you stick it into the wall that’s, how it charges very easy, and let me show you guys that’s how easy it is put it in put it in so boom, so easy, and if you want to have two different colors, i guess you can go Like this, have them in two different colors. You can have them like that very easy to connect just boom boom. Stick it in to set up this watch. Obviously you need to get an app to get the app. You have to go to the play, store and download this app right there once you, your download phone that’s, what i did and i’m going to show you guys in a minute how to do all that now, let’s go look at it closer and uh go through All the settings so let’s go check it out so for main features that this uh watch comes with for main page you’re gon na have your uh time date and uh it’s gon na tell you the week and you’re gon na get your steps.

Your sleep, your blood oxygen, your ecg running mode, hdr, bp, fine cell phone. So if you lose your cell phone and you want to find it, you can find it with this watch and you can turn it off and you’re going to set up the phone. So if you have an apple phone or uh, you have an android phone you’re going to go to the app store like play, store or apple store, you’re going to download the app is called uh more pro when you get the app you’re gon na set it Up you’re gon na put your information inside then, when you’ve done all that, then it brings you to this page. Then you’re gon na pair your phone into the watch very easy. So right now it’s paired. If you guys can see it’s flashing, then you go to settings and you set it up first, the way you want to have it controlled. So it’s your device, your global settings, your unit settings, your temps. You can go here, any color that you, like, very cool. App languages, you can put it the language that you want. It’S got lots of languages guys. Then you got uh connections and third party. Then you got about us and log out now you’re in the actual setting. So you got your health, your steps, your sleep, your heart rate, so you can control all these, your blood pressure and your hrv, your uh oxygen level, your ecg, your weight, everything, so you can control everything that you want in this little app.

Now i want to go running or swimming or uh. I want to go for a jogging say i want to go running. I go to running press that then you press start you’ll count down for you, so once it goes to zero, go then you’re gon na start running and now you can uh track yourself where you ran how far you ran, and it tells you everything in this Little act, if you want to exit out of there, you press the back button. You press yes same thing with the bicycle say i want to go bicycle writing and i want to track myself there. You go same thing. You can uh gps yourself, see how far your uh bicycle and etc very easy app to use. Anybody’S watch it’s got a really strong vibration inside. So if you get a message or uh, you miss the call, it will start vibrating and you can actually feel it and for your front you’re going to have a display you’re going to have your time your clock, your date press. It again get your running mode. Press it again, you’re gon na get your uh heart rate. Gon na get your bp press it again. You’Re gon na get your sleep press that again, you’re gon na get your oxygen. This little um fitness watch. Let me put it on, so you guys can see it on you see. I have it on honestly. It is so light.

I can’t even feel it that i have it on it’s, a really good handy to have around you can always uh see how much oxygen you got how’s your heart rate. It could track your health and you get your messages on there from your phone and, if you miss a call, you get a call reminder all these features come in very expensive watches and you have it in a 30 dollar watch honestly, my opinion about this watch For the price i did use it, i am gon na recommend it because i really like it it’s very light to carry you’re, not gon na, even feel it that’s in your arm very easy to charge very easy to use very easy to connect to bluetooth easy To use the app everything is easy on it and touchscreen on this. It is not like those cheap touch screens that uh you buy. Those cheap, smart watches that you have to press the screen like hard for it to work this one. It just goes so light on it and it goes to a next page the next place. This is one of the features that i really like about this watch. I did use this uh watch at the gym and uh i’m gon na show. You guys me at the gym using this one Music, so yeah that’s pretty much it for today’s video, guys don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and i’m going to catch.ZN4GNHM6Tmg

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