um. I mean the way the game started off for the first, like four minutes it looked like it might go under outside of that. That game was cruising to over and uh easily covered that all right, then we have dodgers and under, and i tell you guys um. There is no such thing, as you know, a hundred percent guarantee in sports there’s, no such thing as 100, except in this series. I have been 100 wrong on everything in this series so far everything um we had. We had a crazy baseball season. I mean you guys know that we had a really really good baseball season and the playoffs have not been as friendly to us. But again i mean playoffs different systems. Um, you know different, looks different money, distribution, different everything really um and the playoffs historically have always been just that much better. They always have because – and i think a lot of it has to do with you know. The public has fewer games to bet on and it’s much easier to understand the you know the vibe of where the public’s putting their money – and you know where vegas wants you to bet and for whatever reason this year, it’s been much more difficult, um here’s the Thing yesterday guys it looked like it looked like we, you know we had a good shot dodgers up, one, nothing cruising along a game, one one, one: okay, so no worries you know, we’re gon na hit or under hopefully dodgers can get it.

But then again, elena has a five run: inning off kershaw well, part of it was off kershaw and uh yeah. That was the end of that. So it it has been disappointing. It’S been a disappointing series. The good news is, i don’t have anything on them today. On either on either team um or the total for that game, i’m, just laying off that game, all together, um yeah, so again guys here’s the thing okay and please don’t, take this the wrong way. Okay, do not take this the wrong way. Okay, i love winning. I always i want to win every single day, um it doesn’t matter how long you do this. It really doesn’t it doesn’t matter how long you do this. You could have literally thousands of losing days in your career and it doesn’t make it any easier um. I tell you guys, you know at the end of the day, what do i do? You know i put on i put on one song when i won and one song when i lose and after that the day is over and we put it behind us and we move on okay and i think it’s so important in in sports betting, that you Have to be able to do that, and you know you can literally lose eight nine ten days in a row. I mean that’s rare, but it it can happen and if that happens, guys – and you do not have some kind of mechanism to you know – allow you to to get past that then you are going to lose 100 and and why i preface this by saying don’t, Take this the wrong way, guys is because we’ve had we’ve had a ridiculous run over the last 300 games: okay, hitting 57 percent over the last 300 games.

My goal – and you guys know this. My goal is 54 to 56: okay we’re hitting 57 percent over 300 games. Um, we packed quite a few dogs into there as well um up well over 30 units. So i mean you know: hey if you’re, if you’re betting, three units or um three percent per play, you’ve more than doubled your account in just a couple months right, i mean five unit betters or five percent better as you’re way up there, but anyways guys what I wanted to say, and why i preface this by saying, do not take this. The wrong way is in the grand scheme of things. Okay, in the grand scheme of things in the whole big picture, large let’s, look at this big picture: okay, um, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing to go through this little bit of a losing streak; okay, one it gives us. You know that regression to the mean, but two guys this is gon na help. You answer that question. We have a lot of new viewers, a lot of people who are watching this. You know they just started. You know a month ago, or they just started a few weeks ago. They haven’t experienced that little bit of a losing streak, it’s. What i always tell you guys inevitably will come long term guys we will win but short term, if you cannot make it through these. If you cannot make it through these, you will never make it as a sports bettor bottom line.

Okay, you will lose 100 of the years that you play. If you cannot make it through this practicing bankroll management. So now guys you know we and again, you know when i say lou, this is like a mini mini mini, losing streak; okay, many very many, very small, compared to um the potential losing streaks that you have in sports betting. But you know it it’s. I guess a consolation prize that we can look at this and we can say: okay, how good are we at sports bettors anyone’s, a good sports bettor when they’re winning easy right? I mean you know you’re the best sports bear in the world when you’re winning, but how good are you when you’re losing and right now guys we’ve had some days where we’ve had some losers right? So how good are you when you’re losing and you have to answer that like yesterday guys, you know we’ve lost a few days in a row before that? You know we had another disappointment yesterday, um in that baseball game where it looked like, we were good, and then i mean how many of you guys, you know scrambled afterwards to play some live bets or or, like i mean and that’s the kind of stuff i’m Talking about guys where you know you have to look at every single day as a different battle in the war. Okay, you look at every single day as a different battle in the war, and i want to use this analogy for you guys, because i think it’s a really good analogy that when you’re fighting a war, guys it’s important to conserve your troops, okay, if you’re losing A battle: okay, a little small little battle.

What is the point of sending your entire army there with the risk of having them be annihilated? We’Re gon na live to fight another day, we’re gon na hold on to our troops and we’re gon na strategically place them in battles that we know we can win. Okay, and if you go out there and you’re overwhelmed in a position, are you going to make that mistake as a general to send more good troops? Okay, we’re looking for patents, not custards, all right? That is what we want here guys we want you to strategically distribute your troops, and this is. This is no different guys when i play poker. Okay, when i play poker back in the day and i played a lot of poker um – i always looked at poker as war. Okay, it is war, and every chip i have is just another resource or another soldier, another tank or another plane or whatever that i could send into battle. Okay and if i lost guys, i wasn’t getting it back and at the end of the day guys i never looked at the money. Okay, i never looked at money. I mean sure i looked at money when i cashed out, and that was great, but i always looked at it as a game me versus them, and sports betting is no different guys and when you send your troops, your bankroll into these battles, where you do not Have an advantage because you’ve just been you’ve just lost a lost, a small little battle, it doesn’t really matter in the whole war, you’ve lost that small little battle and you send a whole bunch of other troops.

And now you lose the war and that’s, not what we want guys. Okay, so i hope that’s a good enough analogy. Um. I hope you understand what i’m saying guys that you know going through a losing streak, especially for new bettors it’s, not necessarily a bad thing. Guys we have to, we have to take positives out of it. Yes, we want to win. No, we don’t want to lose, but this allows us to look at ourselves objectively and say: are we good sports bettors? Are we practicing the bankroll management? The bender always tells us about okay, or are we only doing that really when we’re winning and when we’re losing? Are we chasing so ask yourself honestly guys and – and i know i know for a fact that a lot of you guys have stuck to your bankroll management perfectly. Okay, absolutely perfect! I know that for a fact, because, again guys um, i used to get when i started this, i used to get people like you know sending me things saying like oh yeah, you know like i hit this like 18 per leg. Thank you. Thank you and you know cool now. You know what now i get people sending me it’s like bender it’s, like i just want to let you know you know, we’ve had a couple losing days um back in the day, i would have blown up my account. I have not deviated from bankroll management, and that makes me so happy and so proud, and it keeps me doing this every single day, because that is what i love, because that is what i love to see so again guys we’re going to get out of this.

We are going to win long term, there’s no question about that, but it all depends on what you do in the short term and if you do not have any troops left in reserve. When we go on the big offensive, you’re not going to win the war. All right so anyways guys let’s get rocking and rolling here, um here’s. What i have today, okay, so i have three plays for you guys, including two different two unit plays now. One of those two unit plays is a soccer play and it’s going tomorrow, so um yeah. That being said, that those yeah two unit soccer play going tomorrow, um and another two unit play guys in college football. They have a baseball play for you as well: okay, um master class. I have three additional plays for you, guys um, and i also you know what i’m just realizing, because i wrote it down. Sorry, i actually have four plays for you guys because there’s another one going tomorrow as well, so i have four free picks for you guys. Two of them are going tomorrow. Two are going tonight, then master class um. I have three additional plays for you, guys, uh. All in college football, okay, so a couple totals and a side playing college football for master class, all right guys so let’s get into this first off guys, i’m, going to start with tomorrow’s plays. The reason i give them out today is because we are looking at um early games early games, obviously going in england, so this is going to be uh.

There’S two plays guys there’s going to be an english premier league. The first play guys is a two unit play okay it’s, a two unit play: we are going arsenal and manchester city so arsenal manchester city going under three and a half minus 144. Okay, two unit play guys arsenal manchester city under three and a half minus 144.. All right um, the second play in that game guys – and this is just uh. This is just a one unit play here: okay, it’s, not a t and a play is a one unit play um same game guys we are going to take arsenal plus one and a half minus 153, so arsenal plus one and a half minus 153 in that Game all right, um moving on guys. I said that i have another tea and a play for you guys, and we do this one in college football all right, so we have byu in houston, um. We are going to do a two unit play on houston, plus five. Okay, we are going to take houston plus five in this game for two units. We have lots of steam and lots of reverse line moves, and when i say lots i mean lots. We have lots not to mention you guys. I i like houston in this game. I like them earlier on. This is a game where i i waited patiently, because again, this line has gotten a little bit better um it’s.

What i talked about you know in yesterday’s, video, where you know we find value, but to me i i did mention to you guys that you, when you find out you take it and there was value early on, but this is a game that i waited. I waited for that line to come in because i knew byu was gon na get enough public money that there’s, probably gon na move that line and that’s what it did here’s what we have guys: okay, we’ve lots of steam lots of reverse line moves. We have a very nice money distribution. Thank you to the public we’re. Not only do we have more money than we do bets, but we’re betting with vegas. If houston covers, we win or if houston cover vegas wins and if he’s recovering, we win so we’re betting with vegas in this game guys – and we like that. Okay, we got nice money, distribution, very nice money, distribution, lots of steam lots, reverse line moves guys. I, like houston, plus five that’s, why we’re going two units on that game all right, so um yeah last play guys baseball, like i said, we’re not going anywhere near the dodgers atlanta today and it’s, not because we’re shell, shocked and all honest together, there’s, not a Play on there as far as i’m concerned, i didn’t see much value, um, houston, tampa bay, guys we are going to go under eight okay, we’re going under eight houston, tampa bay, um, yeah and so that’s, pretty much it for the picks.

Today. Guys uh, like i said, master class um, we do have uh yeah. We have a couple couple plays in the uh, the smu tulane game and i have a total play in the byu houston game and uh yeah that’s it all right guys. So, thank you very much um. You know. I hope we get. It turned around here. We’Re all done learning you know from the losing here, but again guys, it’s, just so important and it’s. Why i continue to talk about it day in and day out and if you, as long as you’re, watching this channel okay, i’m gon na bore you with the same bankroll management speech that i always do guys, but it it’s so important that i will tell you If you follow bankroll management, if you follow bankroll management, there’s a good chance, you’re gon na be in that you know two to three percent of people that can really win long term at sports betting, but even more certain than that. If you don’t follow bankrupt management, you will 100 not 99.9. You will 100 lose long term at sports betting it’s, a certainty all right, so let’s win guys. Let’S turn it around today. Follow the bankroll management, really appreciate.