Toleda T2 AMOLED 390x390Screen IP65Waterproof Bluetooth5 Health Fitness Smartwatch: Unbox & 1st Look

Toleda T2 AMOLED 390x390Screen IP65 Waterproof Bluetooth 5 Health Fitness Smartwatch: Quick Overview

TINWOO T20W 5ATM Waterproof Always On Screen Qi Charging Fitness Sports Smartwatch: Unbox & 1st Look

Oh and it does some uh what they call holistic programs for body balancing for bioenergetic harmony. Anyway, i got to try it out. I got ta tell you what it was like. I know it has nothing to do with this video but i'm, letting you know at the very end. I'Ll give you […]

TINWOO T20W 5ATM Waterproof Always On Screen Qi Charging Fitness Sports Smartwatch: Quick Overview

I tell you, can stop her composition In just haven't, worked on the picture on the watch and suites and Loves You can continue. Astora'S settlement live wall. Paper boat. Show your instincts heart rate of reading. You take, the woman want to learn and stapled matcha kagune Tokyo. They cross or late, and that […]

LEMFO SG2 IP68 Waterproof “Always On” Display Wireless Charging Health Bracelet: Quick Overview

Currently in the always on mode. When you tap it, you can light it back up. Everything is working beautifully. We have a swipe down with a lot of brightness control on this one qr code battery level notifications come in from this side. Here'S your step count last night's sleep time all of the […]

Install App to get “Always On” Watch Display + Notifications & Phone Calls on ANY Android Smartwatch

com. Recently we put up a video that showed you how you could take any basic standard. Android SmartWatch phone thing like this cos pet prime and turn it into an always on display. Well, that was great, except with these display on which was meant for low power usage. It blocked receiving any notifications, […]

Add “Always On” Digital Watch Display to ANY Android Smartwatch: Demo GENESIS and PRIME (AWATCH GT)

com and today in 10 minutes or less I'm gon na show you how to take just about any Android SmartWatch and put a really simple black and white digital always on screen on Your watch you're ready to go 80 percent of you – are gon na get what you need in two minutes. […]

ZEBLAZE THOR 5 PRO Face Unlock Removable Bands AlwaysOn Display Smartwatch: 20191213 Firmware Update


com and today, we're gon na answer that burning question for you one way or the other, should you buy the kos pet prime or the Thor 5 row. Both of them are awesome, watches and I get asked all the time which one is the best Android SmartWatch it's down to these two folks, […]

ZEBLAZE THOR 5 4G Android 7.1.1 Dual Processor Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

Yes, we do. This is the original shipping box of a prototype manufactured delivered from Z, blaze I'm, so excited I'm cutting through the plastic. Here we go here. We go the official Thor 5. Oh, yes, all right, let's let's rip under this, so we can dissect it a little bit more now. I'Ve […]

ZEBLAZE THOR 5 4G Android 7.1.1 Dual Processor Smartwatch: One Minute Review

A variety of watch faces all of the typical stuff we see in Android 7.1.1, with slightly different layout. For those of you familiar with all of this, your overall clean up options, music player and weather once you're on Wi Fi and connected to the Internet, to bring it in. You have your notifications […]