What Ive got here is seven smart, watches all under 3000 rupees, so theres the diesel watch d, sharp the noise color fit Ultra Buzz. The real me watch three. The Amaze would be three Pebble Cosmos, Ultra both storm Pro call and the 5 volt ring 3.. I know some of these watches go for 3 or 3.5 K sometimes, but you can get them under 3K. Now one thing the note: companies like noise and boat have like a million smart watches under 3000 rupees, but weve picked the ones that I launched recently. Basically the latest ones. Now the question is which one of these should you buy, which is the best smart watch under 3000 rupees. Now we have tried and tested all of these seven smart watches, and there are three of them that I just cannot recommend so lets just clear. Some of the Clutter first Im removing the Fireballs ring 3, because the whole Apple watch UI is just sluggish and the fitness tracking is just way off the mark, not good enough. Also removing the pebble watch, AKA, The Cosmos Ultra and honestly. I wanted to like it because I like its metallic design, but its app is just outdated and has major sync issues. Plus us. Its blood pressure point is just gimmicky. The Third Watch Im going to remove is the noise one, because one poor washed out display with Bad Touch, responsiveness, second, slow, OS and third uncomfortable design. So we finally got these four smart watches and all of these are actually pretty good but Im going to recommend the one based on different peoples, different requirements, so Im gon na divide this video into three sections: the best smartwatch under 3K for calling the best smartwatch For Fitness, tracking and the best overall Smartwatch under 3000 rupees Music, so all of these for smart watches, three of them have calling features Wild One.

The diesel watch D sharp does not have it. Ive tried calling on all of these smart watches and all of them. The best watch for calling a coin to me is the real me watch. 3.. The reason is simple. The speaker on the real me watch 3 is just the loudest of the lot, and I also found the mic to be the best very clear, its actually good to use for calls just like the strong haptics this has for when I get calls anyway, Im not Recommending the real me watch 3 just for calling, because the other factors are important too, and this watch is pretty solid all around first, it has a responsive UI that I also find the best in terms of looks its just Bolder and nicer. Looking the realme app is also something I find very straightforward and good plus. There is one advantage that the real me watch 3 has out of all of these watches. This has the biggest battery at 340 Mah, and that translates into really good real world battery formats. I mean you are going to use this for calling a lot, so the bigger battery is definitely a bonus. Now there are cars like the design, is kind of fine, and the TF2 display is not the best you can get in this price range and if you care about these factors, you should keep watching but yeah. This is a pretty solid watch, thats the best for calling Fitness tracking under 3000 rupees.

So basically, if you want a smart watch in this price range that tracks your workouts, your steps, your calories most accurately, the best option is the amazing I mean these are all the sensors. These watches come with its pretty much same on all four but Amaze fit like always just pack in an additional Compass sensor. Well, the real me watch 3 has the latest Bluetooth standard, which should mean slightly better range and connectivity. Now these sensors, apart in our testing the Amaze with bit 3, was the most accurate in terms of Fitness tracking, I mean the big three was the closest to the Apple watch. When you compare the heart rates or even blood oxygen – and we even took a 20 minute walk with all of these watches and the Apple watch to compare the stairs the distance, the calories and the amazing 3 was the closest in terms of data with the Apple Watch be in terms of distance or calories burned. I mean just look at this comparison plus. I also like the Amaze fit app, which is just clean and modern, looking and shows you all the fitness details very well. Unlike a lot of other apps, then theres. The fact that the amazfit bit 3 is also pretty good in terms of other factors. It has a UI that feels fast and smooth, and the display also has good touch response. I also like that its the lightest Smartwatch, which is great for workouts and just wearing it all the time, and it has the 5 ATM rating, so you can take it for a swift.

As for the cons Im, not a big fan of these very plasticky sort of design and also the fact that display kind of looks, pale and theres this big chin at the bottom. But these are compromises I guess youll have to make. What Ive noticed is that both the Amaze fit and the real me watch kind of shot in terms of display and design and thats where this kind of stands out. This is the boat storm Pro call Im, not a big fan of this name and honestly. This is the first time Im kind of recommending a board product, but this is the best overall Smartwatch under 3K. If you ask me and thats mainly because of this display here – are the display specs of the four smart watches and the boards display stands out. The most and thats because its the only watch on the list with an AMOLED display and its also got the highest resolution display out of the four and its not just specs. The both strong Pros AMOLED actually looks really nice compared to the tfts and LCD panels. On other watches, its vibrant, its sharp its also decently bright for outdoor usage, and it has always on display, which is a big Plus in watches and again, something you wont find in other smart watches. The race to wake is also very responsive, and the touch response is also very good. I also like that it does not have a huge chin, like some of the other watches in the same price range and it design just kind of looks better than say the Amaze fit tank.

So the slightly curved edges, the design and display apart the OS, is straightforward and fast, and the app is also decently designed – and this is the best overall, because there are no big flaws. I mean Fitness tracking is not as good as the Amaze would be three, but its decent enough. The speaker for calls is not as loud as the real me watch 3, but its fine. It has an ip68 rating instead of 5 ATM, but this wont be a deal breaker for everyone. Now. One kind of big con is the battery is the smallest at 230 MH, but it should still last for around 5 days, which is not bad, but yeah. Thats kind of a compromise youll have to make so overall, the AMOLED display is what makes this watch appealing, but its also very good, all around smart watch and thats. The reason this is the best overall Smartwatch under 3K. I would recommend anyway, I dont know from you guys, which one of these, according to you, is the best smartwatch under 3000 rupees and comment below also comment below. If you want us to make our next video on the best smart watches under 2000 rupees. So yeah comments, comments, comments share this video give this video a like and yeah subscribe to our channel for more amazing Tech videos thanks for watching Ill see the next one. These new Chrome Flags will make your experience way way better.