The redmi watch to light both matrix smartwatch diesel watch r firebolt ring 2 amaze fit bpu pro pebble, cosmos lux real me watch 2 pro and the noise color fit ultra buzz. All of these watches are under 5 000 rupees. Now we have tested all of the aspects of a smart watch, be the display processor battery performance, fitness tracking everything. Now these are a lot of watches, so im going to keep things simple and remove the not so good smart watches. First up im removing the redmi watch to light because its plastic design is just uncomfortable. The race to wake is very slow im, also removing the pebble cosmos lux. I like its design and the ammo display, but the battery life in our testing was very average and im. Not a big fan of the cui, also skipping. The fire bolt ring too, which, by the way, is the best watch for calling better than that. Its not really good, it looks like the rumored apple watch with sharp edges. It even has the apple watch like ui, but this is a laggy smart watch with an average display and just inaccurate fitness tracking. The board matrix has a decent amoled display a good ui, but we face a lot of ab sync issues with this watch, so removing this. Lastly, im removing the noise color fit ultra buzz because one thats a very long name just kidding, but what im not kidding about is the sluggish ui, poor tracking and the average design.

So we have three smart watches left the diesel watch, our maze fit bp pro and the redmi watch 2 pro so im going to divide this into three parts, which is the best smart smartwatch for display design, fitness tracking and the user experience and functionality. So lets start with the display and design look. I know a lot of us just want a good smart watch that looks like a proper watch. You dont want a kids watch. Do you now? If you are someone who wants a good, smart watch with a premium design and a good display, then the diesel watch r is the absolute best i mean here are the display and design specs in comparison and the diesel watch are is better on a lot of Factors the diesel watcher has a round amoled panel, while the other two have square lcd displays and amulet just looks premium and nice i mean the other. Two displays are good bright displays, but this is amoled and it brings its advantages. For example, the diesel watcher has always on display, which is not something you find in the other two watches. Apart from this, the display is fairly responsive and the ui is something i like too its straightforward and i think it looks modern. The diesel watcher is also more premium looking with this metal design, and i love how good it looks, especially with the round watch design. As for the chargers, there is magnetic charging in all three of these smart watches.

This is the diesel watch r charger in action. This is the readme watch 2 pro, and this is the amaze fit bpu pro charger. Now these good looks come at a cost. This is the heaviest smart watch out of all of these smart watches. These are the weights with the bands on, and you can see the difference here. The diesel watch out is the heaviest and the amaze fit bp pro is the lightest. In fact, the amazefit watch is the most comfortable to wear for long hours, even if its not the best. Looking with its big bottom bezel and plasticky design lets talk about the second big factor of fitness tracking see a lot of us want smart watches, track of fitness or sleep or workouts, and these are all the sensors. These watches have, as you can see, the amazefit watch and the readme watch have gps. While the diesel watcher lacks that when it comes to sensors, all of them have spo2 heart rate monitoring, but the amaze fit bpu pro has the most senses. Anyway, these sensors apart. We found the fitness tracking to be the most accurate on the real me watch 2 pro. We did a step tracking test while wearing all the three smart watches, as well as the latest apple watch and the really watch 2 pro step count was the closest to the apple watch. Now its not just the step card, we also did a workout test and the data was close to what you get in the apple watch, plus, unlike most smart watches in this segment, which dont get sleep tracking right.

The real me watch. The pro brings accurate sleep tracking, which is really good. So when it comes to fitness tracking, the real me watch 2. Pro has the upper hand. Lets talk about the third big factor now the user experience and functionality, and this is an area where the amaze fit baby bro is just unmatched. I mean the amaze fit bpu pro just feels like the fastest watch. I think its the combo of a responsive screen and a well optimized ui, because everything just feels so responsive and smooth. Even the amazfit companion, app, is very good and very feature rich. Apart from this, the amaze fit bpu pro also has very good battery life, and it is the most comfortable to wear for long hours like i said, because of its lightweight design, and i like that it has alexa built in which is good. If you are an alexa user – and it is the second best in terms of fitness tracking – see the amaze fit bp pro is a smart watch that does consistently well in almost all the aspects. If you ask me, this brings the best user experience well its time for the verdict. First, if youre looking to buy a smart watch under 5000 rupees to track your fitness workouts, then theres, no doubt that you should buy the real me watch 2 pro. This is the best in terms of fitness tracking, i mean the real me watch 2 pro, even apart from its very good, fitness tracking is a pretty good smart watch with all the features, a fairly responsive, ui and a good companion app in real me link, plus It has the biggest battery among all of these smart watches at ‘0 image.

Yes, it has its cause. Theres no aod like on amoled smartwatches. It has a plastic build the water resistance is limited to ip68, but this is the best watch for fitness tracking. As for the best overall smartwatch under 5k, my heart says diesel watch r and my mind says: amaze fate bipu pro now. If i had to personally choose between these two, i would go with the diesel watch out see if you want a modern looking smartwatch with a beautiful display, go for the diesel watch. R youll have to live with a slightly heavier weight, but its a pretty good. Smart watch overall, having said that, if you want a smart watch for the functionality and a good, fast experience, and you want to wear it all the time without any discomfort, the amaze fit bpu pro should be your choice. The sacrifice youll be making is, in the looks, the plastic design and this bezel dont exactly look very good, so yeah. This is a compromise youll have to make before we conclude things. I want to give a huge shout out to software keep, which is a great platform to my hundred percent, genuine microsoft software at wholesale prices, be it for an individual user or for enterprise needs. Software keep has all the microsoft apps and services you want to buy bit windows office, apps for both windows and mac office, 365 and theyre. Also, third party antivirus apps. You can buy at a good price.

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