Oh on this, video five thousand under the me band is still one of the best video messages. Well, experience speaks for itself and when Music – yes, it doesn’t – have a corning gorilla glass display for that matter. But you know for the price point: complaints now at number. Four, we have the amazing smartwatch i’ll, be recently launched Music Music. Now it Music is, i think it can be fixed via software updates. So how will this advantage? Look at definitely now moving on to number one yay very favorite watcher of this lot. Like i really love this watchman is the purchase. I’D say this: is the amaze fit verge light? Yes, the very very popular amazing watch light now it’s my premium on my wrist, and i think i really really love it because of the same reason: it’s, maybe upper corners, which is a good thing, uh or it’s. Maybe a gps, provided it really Music and obviously Music rupees Music, Music Music is just so good so well. This was it for the bonus content. I’M, definitely selling videos to an individual thumbs up check out car sector. If you want to that’s my hundred percent, honest.