This is one of the two new smartwatches that was just announced for the global market, as the s1 active is the sports version. If you are interested in the xiaomi watch s1 with a more traditional design, you can check my next video. The s1 active comes with a lot of useful features, and today we will go through all of them. However, before we do that lets see what comes in the box Music, we have a manual with all the necessary information and a warranty card. Next we have a 2 pin design magnetic charger, and here it is the watch itself. My first impression is how light it is it weights only 36 grams? This is the space black version. There are two more color options: moon, white and ocean, blue, the xiaomi s1 active features all day, health tracking, with heart rate and spo2 monitoring. It has more than 100 fitness modes, its water resistant and supports multi system gps. The watch comes with standard 22, mil straps. They are easy to replace and if you have different straps, you can change the look of the watch pretty easily. The xiaomi watch s1 active. Currently supports 26 languages. Here you can see all of them to connect the watch with your phone. You need to open the me fitness app. The app is available on both android and ios devices then simply choose the xiaomi watch s1 active. If you see an option for a new firmware version, you can update it right away.

Now we can explore the main features of the watch swipe from the top brings. The notifications and swipe from the bottom brings the control center. Here we have a quick access to the silent mode, flashlight settings and others swipe from left or right brings the widgets, which can be further customized in the me fitness app. They give quick access to music control steps, count, weather and many more pressing. The top right button of the watch gives us access to all the features. The first on the list is the workout. There are 117 workout mods in total. Almost anything you can think of. If you dont see your workout mode in the list, you can go to add and from there choose your workout mode, which will be added to the main list. While you are watching your progress, you can swipe from the right and get access to the music control. Next, in the list we have activity and workout stats. The xiaomi watch s1 active comes with two health monitoring features, the heart rate and spo2, as bot can collect data during the day and night. Next, we have sleep data, stress, breathing exercises cycles, amazons alexa voice, assistant weather, app, music control and cards for nfc payments. The watch has a speaker and microphone, so we can make voice calls via bluetooth connection directly from the watch. Next on. The list are notifications, alarm stopwatch and timer. Another useful feature is pressure and elevation as well as compass.

Next is a camera remote control, app and find my phone feature here is how it sounds. Music last is the flashlight and settings first in the settings menu. We have watch faces here. We can see all the watch faces that have been downloaded in the watch. The next settings is headphones here we can connect the bluetooth headphones to the watch. Next is the wifi and the sound in the sound. We can control the volume for the music, the alarm, the calls and the notifications in brightness. We can choose between five different levels of brightness as well. We have an option for auto brightness. Next we have workout, pin and bluetooth. This option actually will make the watch vibrate if you lose connection with the phone. This is a pretty useful feature that i always recommend. Turning on in the display settings, we have auto lock with a maximum of 20 seconds, always on display and cover to sleep when it comes to the vibration of the watch, we have two levels default and strong, as both are pretty noticeable. Last is the system settings where we can reboot power off or reset the watch if needed. The second button of the watch is used for the quick access to the workout mods to change the watch face of the watch. We have to touch the display for 3 seconds. New watch faces can be only added from the me fitness app not from the watch itself.

There are more than 200 watch faces currently available. Some of them are animated and some of them are customizable. The me fitness app is one of my favorites. It has a nice and clean design with easy access to all functions and settings. Xiaomi is constantly updating the app and making it even better. We can turn on and off notifications from different applications. We can also add and rearrange the workout modes from the app much easier than the watch itself. We can change and add widgets and change the app layout. There are two options grid and list. We can assign an emergency call to the second button of the watch. We can use the watch to unlock the phone. There are three options close near and far now lets check out some of the watch faces from the me fitness app. We have to go to the online menu there. We have several different categories new. Where are the latest watch faces? Photos mechanical formal activity motion and more currently, there are about 200 watch faces that we can choose from. There are many cool looking watch faces that can completely change the look of the watch. The display of the xiaomi watch s1 active, is pretty bright and there is no issue of reading it. Even in the bright daylight. Here is an example i filmed during the day in a bright environment guys now i wan na show you how you can completely change the look of the watch with a different watch band xiaomi watch s1 active has a sporty design and there are many watch bands That we can use for it.

I have a lot of different styles and because they are the same standard is very easy to swap them. I think the white watch band combined with a white watch face, looks pretty cool. Definitely is a keeper one. Last thing left to test the charger: the xiaomi watch s1 active uses, two pin design magnetic charger, the magnets are pretty strong and it will stick on its place with no issues. I have been using the watch for more than 2 weeks now, and the battery life has been quite good. I easily get 12 days on a single charge with a moderate use, so guys, let me know in the comments. What do you think about the new watch? S1 active, i really like the new sporty design. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments, and i will do my best to answer. There is strong competition in this class of smart watches. However, xiaomi has made a strong contender with a lot of useful features in the next video. We will review the more traditional design, xiaomi watch s1 and compare it with the s1 active. This can give you an idea of which watch is better for you until then.