Today we are testing a new smartwatch from xiaomi the xiaomi watch S1 Pro the watch was just announced for the global market and it features two weeks of battery life built in GPS. Hundreds of Fitness, mods, big and bright AMOLED display and a new, Fresh and smooth interface. We will go through all the specs and features. However, before we do that lets do a quick, unboxing and see what comes in the box. We have a manual in several languages with all the necessary information and one magnetic wireless charging. Dock, and here is the new xiaomi watch S1 Pro. I can feel the premium build quality. The back of the watch is made of ceramic. We have a stainless steel frame and sapphire crystal glass, covering the 1.47 inch AMOLED display. The watch feels light for its size weighing around 48 grams. There are two variants of the watch, this one with a silver casing and a brown leather strap and the other with a black casing and a black silicone strap. The watch has a slim profile of 11 millimeters on the right side. We have a rotating digital crown and a power button which also serves to quick access. The sports mods. The watch comes with a standard 22 mil straps, which means you can easily swap them out, giving the watch a different look and style. The watch currently supports about 25 languages. You can see them all here when connecting the watch. For the first time, we will be greeted by a basic instruction demo on how to use the watch.

The setup is super fast. It takes about 10 seconds. The gesture controls are familiar swipe from the top brings the notifications menu swipe from the bottom brings. The control center, with quick access to Flashlight, find my phone settings and more by swiping, left or right. We get access to Amazons, Alexa, voice, assistant and widgets, like timer stress, spo2, weather Fitness, stats and more widgets are customizable, so you can add more or remove them. Pressing. The power button will give you access to workout menu its like quick access to workouts. So you can select your workout and start it by pressing the digital Crown. We enter the apps menu. The watch has a rotatable crown with haptic feedback and its very responsive, starting from the top. The first app is workouts. The watch supports more than 100 workout mods. You can find almost anything. There is also a separate app only for running with presets. Next we have Fitness stats and heart rate monitoring, which is pretty accurate, as xiaomi has fine tuned its Health sensors for many years. We also have a temperature measurement up, however, to use this feature, you have to wear the watch for at least 10 minutes, and you should know that it measures the skin temperature, not your body temperature. You cant use this feature as a reference for a medical device. Another Health feature is spo2 next on the list we have sleep, data, stress, breathing, exercise Cycles, Alexa Voice Assistant weather cards, events, contacts phone calls, recorders, stopwatch and timer all the usual stuff that you can find in a smart watch these days and, of course, there is Also, a find my phone feature from the settings menu.

We can change, the watch faces, connect, headphones and set sound levels and vibration. The vibration of the watch is pretty strong and noticeable from the display settings. We can choose between Auto and custom brightness. This is a pretty bright display and you can see it clearly, even in direct sunlight Music. The watch also supports a race to wake double tap on the display to wake cover, the display to sleep and always on display watch faces. We can choose between two apps layout grid and list when it comes to me fitness app. This is a very familiar experience, especially if you have used other xiaomi wearable devices. The app is well organized with a clean interface, its fast to navigate and easy to find and change the settings you want. Health and fitness data is well presented with maps. You can easily sync your workout data with your other devices when it comes to watch faces. We have plenty to choose from, they are organized into different categories. We have new watch, faces, formal activity, utility and more. When you choose a new watch face, you can also see how it will look its always on display version. Currently, there are more than 100 watch faces available for watch S1. Pro and xiaomi is constantly updating and adding new watch faces. There are customizable watch faces where you can change the color and the design of the watch face. You can fully charge the watch for about 80 minutes and 10 minutes of charge will give you two days of usage.

You can also charge the watch with any Qi compatible charger, including your smartphone. If supports reverse wireless charging, the battery life is pretty impressive. You can get about two weeks of usage in normal mode. If you use always on display and often use GPS, you can still get between 7 and 10 days, which is not bad at all. Xiaomis custom made interface is running smoothly. The speaker is loud and clear and you can use the watch for Bluetooth phone calls. Xiaomis, AI noise, cancellation, algorithm is doing a great job and you can have clear voice calls even in noisy environment. The watch S1 Pro comes with a standard 22 mil straps. You can easily swap them and give a new look to the watch. I have plenty of straps – and here are some of my favorite looks with this watch so guys. What do you think about the new xiaomi watch? S1 Pro we have a new, smoother interface with xiaomis all new MIUI watch OS excellent Fitness tracking with hundreds of Fitness mods long lasting battery life. The watch is also water and dust resistant and you can use it when showering and swimming. We have plenty of watch faces that can combine with the different straps to change the look of the watch. If you are looking for a cool SmartWatch with a lot of features, you should definitely check it out. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and Ill do my best to answer you until then, thanks for watching and as always, dont forget to subscribe, like and comment dont be shy, stay safe and Ill.