55 adjustable brightness system so guys according to the surrounding brightness, it will adjust its Applause like how many minutes we have exercised, how many calories we have burned, how many distance we have traveled and guys. Many more things we get a graph too and again scrolling on the right. We get a heart rate menu from this menu. We can measure our heart rate and this watch has an 24 hour heart rate monitoring system. So guys you can imagine yeah, it will track your heart rate 24 hours and you can see a graph here. As of all like you, can’t mainly depend on this spo2 monitoring system, so guys again scrolling all right. We get a stress, monitor, yeah stress but i’ll get this stressed. Oh yeah activity, intelligence system, you’re, mainly a misfit watchers man, so guys you can see the graph in the watch like this is the activity that i am doing like. There is a score that i have to achieve every day, so guys your body muscle, then again we get the weather forecast. It will tell us the weather forecast. Then if we are playing a music on a phone so like um, we can pause it play it. Next song we can forward it, we can increase the volume and decrease it and then, like guys, this is amazing, alexa on a watch so guys. The watch has a microphone downwards through which the alexa could hear our voice so guys let’s have some fun and ask alexa some questions: hello, alexa.

What is the capital of india see guys? As you can see, the capital of india is new delhi see guys. It has answered my question and it is very amazing. You can ask anything it’s like alexa only, but on a watch and not speaking on clicking the crown for one time we come to the main menu, and here we get the same things like we when we scroll on the right on from the watch face like Guys it is the same activity, goals, steps, calories, distance, then pi, heart rate monitoring and then guys, sleep tracking, like if you wear the wall during your sleep. So, like guys, you have to sleep crazy, deep sleep, curly, hair, normal sleep, so guys and guys most important for me – is the workout mode, so guys it’s me 70 plus workout mojo. Yes, guys. I can’t imagine the 70 plus workout modes. Yes guys! You can see! 70 plus – and it is 5 atm water resistance, so guys we get many sports mode. In this, the watch has an inbuilt gps system. Yes, guys like up outdoor running college, always it will track your map and it will tell you the accurate distance heart rate and lot of things so guys. My quick example like uh workout history so like it, has the history of our workouts. Also, like guys, i went uh for a cycling for 21 kilometers and, as you can see, it has recorded my map very accurately.

Yes guys it shows the total distance exercise. Duration, average speed, average heart rate calories. I burned altitude total climb, total ascent total decent, so guys, it’s, just amazing heart rate diagram, also speed diagram. So guys you can imagine lots of things in just one watch and guys here comes the spo2, monitor, stress, monitor again and guys now the new feature breathing exercise so guys when we click on this feature, we can do like breathing exercises like inhale and exhale, like We can calm ourselves using this feature. You can do it from watch itself like it’s asking the alexa to do it so guys. If a call must feature – and here comes the alarm – you can set an alarm from the watch. Many alarms like then more here is the weather, alexa music, so guys music control is basically like controlling the music. Like guys what doesn’t play the music? If the music is played on your phone, you can control it using your watch meditation and then, after the time is over, it will vibrate giving you an indication so guys keep bothering world clocks. It will show the timing time of different areas of the world like new delhi, new york, london, moscow, beijing sydney and you can edit it from the phone. Also so guys. It’S amazing then comes the compass so that you can track the north, south east west and then the camera remote. It is a camera option that you have to enable on your phone and then after clicking on the watch, you can click the photo from the phone.

Then find phone after clicking on this, you will get an alarm from the phone, so guys sorry features this may or should download watch face and guys one more thing. It has an always on display. Yes, guys it hasn’t, always on display, like apple watch off reggie philby, what display have always on regular and then auto screen off? You can adjust it. According to yourself, then screen lock settings lit up on this lift Music. One is heart rate monitoring sensor.