This is something nathan, drake or indiana jones would wear or laura croft. This is a rather unisex design. The point is this is something you would take on an adventure. The garmin instinct is labeled as an outdoor activity or adventure. Watch it’s got smart watch features, but it doesn’t have things like a touchscreen, so it has a much more rugged and durable design. So read your heart rate. How deep you are in the ocean? How high you are on the mountain? You can swim in the ocean with it. I’Ve done it, you can drop it on the ground. Unfortunately, i’ve done that too, and when this bad boy was introduced, it was 300 us dollars, my cheap, ass sure as hell isn’t paying that, however, they’ve been running a ton of sales on amazon recently, i was able to pull out my shovel and scoop this bad Boy up for about 220, and for that price this is a pretty sweet. Watch let’s get it Music. I actually unboxed it right there in my kitchen, as soon as i got it delivered. So i was excited to try my new watch and while i was having a little snack attack, so this isn’t going to be a technical review, i.e, i’m not going to get super in the weeds with a lot of the technical specifications and whatnot. You can look those up on their website. In fact, i’ll have that link in the description below for ease of use.

So you can look at all the uh, so you can look at all the numbers and stats of this bad boy. The magazine capacity, its payload of what it can tell on the highway, all that good stuff, so uh. This is a really really rugged watch. I have swam with it in the ocean getting absolutely pummeled by waves. I have dropped it once. Unfortunately, that wasn’t, like a stress test or a torture test that was just me being an idiot and having butterfingers but as an honest owner’s review of somebody that’s been using this watch daily for about a month now. Here are my thoughts on it. First of all, the battery life is insanely good. I did own a apple uh. I didn’t own, a apple iwatch 3 for a while. I had a samsung one of the original samsung smart watches back in the day, and i had a couple of little generic chinese knockoff uh, smart watches that were like 40 bucks and stuff, like that. So i’ve tested out several smart watches and i have to say the battery life is really good. It takes about two weeks to drain the battery completely on this bad boy or 16 hours. If you are running gps but it’s, not a full blown, smart watch, it doesn’t have a touch screen or anything like that, which is good. It makes it a lot more durable. You don’t have to worry about a screen to crack or anything it’s kind of just a g shock, look very durable, very rugged.

It is also extremely comfortable, and that is because of the stock default wristband or wrist strap, which is very, very flexible and very nice. One of the things that’s kind of nitpicky but i’m, not a huge fan of this isn’t, completely black. It was labeled as carbon black. I believe and it’s kind of a a dark gray, almost like a gunmetal gray, but it is not black but it’s, not fully black, so that’s kind of kind of weird i was kind of hoping it’d be like a flat matte black, but whatever still looks good In my opinion, now it is rated the military standard 810, which is basically which is thermal, so heat uh, shock resistance, so being slammed around and then also water resistance, which i believe is yeah 100 meters, and that is fresh for seawater. This does link up with smartphones. Both apple devices as well as androids, does have the garmin application, and that way i do get my notifications and everything. You cannot pick up phone calls because it doesn’t have a microphone um like the apple watch or whatever, but i get my text messages on here. I can read them whenever i get an email or something that would pop up on my phone it’s transferred over here to my watch, which is kind of nice to see those there. If you don’t like that, you just want to use it as an adventure watch. You can turn all that smartphone stuff off.

It does come in a slew of colors i’ll. Have some pictures on screen here in post editing. So this does use three different gps satellites. It uses traditional global positioning or gps. It uses the galileo signal, uh satellites and then also glow nas, as well so depending on wherever you are it’ll connect to whatever servers or satellites are the most accurate for your location to be able to track your hike or your dive or whatever it is you’re Doing so, it does have abc sensors, which of course stands for uh, not alcohol, blood content, but your altimeter, so your altitude. So when you’re doing a hike or whatever you know how high you’ve gone whoa i’m getting a little light headed, oh that’s, why i’m high? As right now, your barometer, which is basically like humidity in the the weather around you. So, if you’re on an operation or something like that, you need to know the cory corialis effect of your bullet when you’re uh, laying them down range or whatever you can just be like. Oh yeah sweet also, since this is up to military 810 standards, i’m. Assuming, if you’re an operator, you could probably wear this out in the field, not sure you’ll probably have to check with your chain command on that and then the c of course stands for uh compass. It does have a three axis magnetic compass, uh, that is pretty nice. There she blows yeah. Can you see that dislocate my wrist to show you guys but yeah there’s the compass, and it also has a feature called trackback routing which is really sweet as soon as you’re leaving your campsite to go high, acre explorer or whatever you just hold down the gps Button it’ll say acquiring satellites, give it a couple of seconds here and then it’ll drop a pin, uh that you’ll see on here and that’s the start of your where your safe zone, where you want to get back to and then you basically just walk around bam.

There’S my position, actually i don’t know if i should show you guys that i can’t show you guys that, but it has my my position like in north west. Some of you stalkers might actually try and come here and jack me or do something to me in my sleep or whatever, but it has my location and coordinates and then also my altitude 124 currently, and then you press the gps button again to save okay. My location’s been saved, and now that is like the start of my hike or whatever, which is really cool. This has a built in heart rate sensor, which not only gives you your live, uh real time heart rate, but also gives you a historical graph that you can see not only on your watch. But if you want to see further back, you can look on the garmin smart track app, it does stress tracking. I don’t know how how that works, because it basically says that i’m almost constantly stressed out of my mind, which maybe it is accurate. I’M, a pretty high strung dude, and then you have built in sports apps, which means basically there’s a ton of activities. In there skiing, snowboarding, baseball blah blah, you choose what you’re doing and basically it knows how your body should be moving, so it can track your calories and your heart rate and your steps a little bit more accurately. So if you’ve got yourself a little furry partner, a little four legged comrade or whatnot, maybe it’s a service dog or it’s your personal dog.

This is my little personal dog here then uh there’s also dog, track apps, where you can actually attach an accessory or attachment to your dog and you’ll, be able to track him or her from your watch, which is pretty dope, because i know a lot of you. Adventure types like to have a you know: a partner in crime, so all in all i’ve been really satisfied with this watch. It does everything that i want it to do, and nothing that i don’t want it to which keeps the cost down this isn’t some 600 eye watch or something like that: it’s a lot more, durable and rugged than all those watches. So technically, this should last a lifetime. Now. The only downside i would say to this watch is that well it’s not very elegant or classy, if you’re a realtor and you’re doing an open house or a showing or something like that or you’re going on date, night with bay or something like that or you’re Uh uh you’re in a business meeting, maybe you’re an executive or something like that: a marketing executive, hey, maybe you’re, going for cfo or whatever this isn’t gon na, be winning any style contest on the fairway or the seventh green, or anything like that. You know on your business trip, but um if that doesn’t matter to you whatsoever, which i have other watches for that, like just regular analog, stainless steel, watches and stuff um. This is awesome.

This is my daily here, which is pretty sweet and that’s gon na. Do it boys this thing’s, pretty badass the watch, not me i’m fragile as hell. If you guys enjoyed this video liking, it helps to get seen by more people, so this information will reach and assist them as well, which in turn helps me grow this little channel, which i do greatly appreciate, subscribe for more content like this.