Im going to give you the most in depth and unbiased review of the tag verve max smartwatch, but before we begin, if you do enjoy watching my videos and find these helpful, please consider smashing that, like button subscribing to the channel, if you havent already and after Watching this review, if you think that the tag verve max is the kind of watch that you want, then my only request is that you use the link of this product. Given in the description below to make your purchase. You have my word its not going to cost you anything extra, but you guys will be helping me run this channel and produce more such high quality and helpful content. Just for you guys, okay, so with that said, lets begin now, once again, tag has done a wonderful job with the packaging, so it doesnt feel, like any other flimsy. Smart watch jammed inside a usual typical, flimsy box, so theyve put care into the packaging and the unboxing felt premium now inside the watch you get some paperwork and the most important out of that is the user manual. You also get the magnetic charging cable and, of course, you get the watch and the strap. Now these are separate in the box, and attaching them is really simple and very easy to do so now. The strap is also silicon and it feels quite sturdy and its got enough holes. So if you have a very thick wrist or a thin one, it doesnt matter its going to fit you just fine.

Now, in terms of features, you obviously have live. Watch faces 24 sports modes that you can choose from ip68 waterproofing, 24 7 heart rate monitor its got a slim design coming at only 9.2 millimeters, its got sleep tracking, real time; blood oxygen monitor in app gps. Its got around six days of working time depending on various factors such as the screen brightness and whether you have 24 hour health monitoring on and its obviously got app and call notifications. Okay, so lets talk about the build of the tag verv max. So now the body of the watch as they claim is metal and its just 9.2 millimeters thick. So it feels very light on your wrist and while having a metal body is definitely a worthy upgrade over the flimsy, cheap feeling plastic that many other watches offer at this price range. I would say that tag has other watches which have a aluminium body where those feel a tad bit more premium than the tag verve max. Now this is no slouch, but just if i compare and because ive used, i feel that those felt a bit more premium than this. So while this is good its not great now the display, so the tag valve max is boasting a 1.78 inch ips screen, which goes up to 500 nits of brightness. Now the brightness is decent, its not very blindingly bright, but it is very clearly visible and the ui that helps you maneuver and move about in this watch is also very intuitive, its smooth and quite responsive.

So, overall, with this large screen and the new ui that theyve developed for this watch, i think is a very good combination and for the most part it works really. Well now the sharpness of the screen, while is good, but i feel that again tag has other smart watches that offer a far sharper screen. So while this is not poor by any means, but i personally feel that the sharpness could have been better now, as with all smart watches in this price range, it comes with a companion app and for the tag verb max. That is the tag sports app. So you download it from the app store or play store, depending on whichever device youre on now. Once you install this, you input your data so that you get the most accurate readings and then you pair it with your watch. So once its paired at a glance you can see the steps youve walked the calories youve burnt. Now, using the app you can select from 100 watch faces, you can download even more. You can even set a picture that youve taken on your phone as a watch face now, because the watch allows for notifications from apps and calls, and you can also pick and choose using the tag sports app, which apps you want to be notified by. And these are very basic notifications, as you can see so at a glance you can just see from which app youre getting notified by what the notification is and then you can dismiss it and as for calls, you can just disconnect the calls, but you cant answer Them or make calls from your watch.

Okay, now lets quickly talk about the things it can monitor the health monitors, so it can monitor your heart rate, your blood oxygen saturation and your blood pressure. Before i give you my verdict on how accurate these are, lets just get one thing clear and that these watches these readings that they give you are never a hundred percent accurate, thats obvious it doesnt matter how expensive your smart watches are or how cheap they are. These are always at best estimates, so you always take these with a grain of salt and if you really want to monitor them seriously, then you rely on traditional medical devices. Having said that now, what i always worry about is that how off the readings are. While these are estimates, they should at least be as close to a perfect reading as possible, because some people in certain situations might actually need that reading. So, as with the heart rate and with the blood oxygen saturation now these two were fairly accurate. I compared it with other devices and more or less all of them gave me the exact same reading, and the good thing is when the watch was not in my wrist and i just hung it in the air. It didnt take any reading and it prompted me to put it on my wrist now. This was very reassuring now, when i put my iphone against the watch and it covered the sensor. It took a reading of the heart rate, the blood oxygen saturation and even a blood pressure, so it got all these three readings.

So where was it getting these readings from its a non living object? So this is where again, it kind of made things a bit dicey and thats. Why i keep saying that you cant trust these 100? These are estimates. It just goes to show that you cannot blindly trust these, but just use these at best, as estimates, especially with the blood pressure, monitor its best that, if youre ever feeling under the weather, if you think your pressure is high or low, always use a traditional blood Pressure, monitor and dont ever rely solely on a smart watch to give you this reading, because its always going to be very, very different from what your actual blood pressure is. Now again, this watch does not have an inbuilt gps, its got in app gps. So basically, this means that it uses the gps in your phone. So when you start a workout where you want to see the route youve taken, the distance youve covered. So you start the workout from your phone using the tag sports app and then you can get a feedback of how many kilometers or miles youve walked, and you can also get a feedback on the calories, youve burned and the steps youve taken now in my testing, I found that it does pick up your wrist movement as steps, so the step count is not really that accurate and even though i tested this stationary in my room and when i turned on the gps that work out using the tag sports app.

Even though i was not moving, it did consider that to be uh like that, ive walked some distance, so um, i dont think its that accurate, but nonetheless, these all should serve as just an estimate so guys. Overall, the tag verb max is not a bad watch. Its not something that has impressed me and blown me away beyond something that i have been used to in the past. No, but i think somewhere uh, because ive been very impressed with smart watches by tag in the past that i found this to be not as good as the ones ive reviewed from tag. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of a very lightweight smartwatch, that is slim, that is made of metal, theres got the square design and a large screen with a very decent brightness, and it comes with all the bells and whistles like the workout modes and the notifications And the ip68 waterproofing, if these are what youre looking for then this is a watch to consider and always remember that it doesnt matter if the watch is 1000 rupees or 50 000 rupees, if a smart watch, if a health tracker such as this is going to Push you to lead a healthier life to be more active, then it is a win for the watch and for you, especially you so dont worry about how inaccurate the readings are, but if just having the tag verb max on your wrist is going to make you More active and be strive to be a healthier person, then by all means you should go for it, because, ultimately, it is a companion and a smart watch or a health tracker is going to be as active or as healthy as you are going to really want To be personally so guys thats my verdict, thats my review of the tag verb max, i hope youve enjoyed it like i said, the link of this product is in the description below if, after getting my verdict, that youve heard right now, if youre still interested in This watch, then, by all means you can go for it, and my only request is that you use the link of this product given in the description below to make your purchase so that you can help my channel grow and i can make more such content.