Yet i had to ask myself: do i really need one i mean? Is it really a worthy investment given the asking price to be honest with you, i didnt really buy one just because i thought i needed one, but more so i bought one just because i thought this was the apple watch worthy of purchasing ill, explain more in A moment this was the apple watch series 4.. It introduced an all new design with a much larger screen, a much better performance and an ekg sensor. You see before this apple watch. The apple watch looked more like a toy than an actual timepiece. It had large bezels all around the display which made it look clunky and it might still look like one today, but what we cant argue is that it looks more refined and sophisticated now. This was the reason that made me pull the trigger and buy an apple watch. Looking back on the decision, i think it made total sense what i did back in 2019. I mean why do we buy a watch in the first place? Yes, to tell time, but more so it is an expression of ourselves. I cant really tell the everyday person any legitimate reason why they might need an apple watch, but i can tell them a few reasons on why they might want one Music. So why might one consider wanting an apple watch? Essentially it is a smartphone, but for the rest, Music, it has all the basic foundational features that make a smartphone a smartphone, but with some few extra features that may be able to change your lifestyle.

What are these features you might ask? Well, first of all, it is a fitness tracker, it tracks your steps, calories exercises and workouts, and many more you get the idea, a fitness tracker. Secondly, it has an ekg sensor, a blood oxygen sensor and a heart rate sensor, which tracks your vital signs. It can even remind you to stand up in every. Are you forget to do so? Well, the big picture is it encourages you to live a healthier and more active life Music, other reasons and why you might consider wanting an apple watch include the notifications and its convenience. Just like a smartphone, a smartwatch has all types of notifications, but on your wrist you can send and reply to text messages and even answer calls. It also has fall detections and emergency services for when you need it, the gyro data in the watch is able to record your wrist movement to be able to detect. If you were involved in an injury or a fall Music now, why would one consider buying the apple watch series 7 over the previous generation of apple watches? Well, basically, it comes down to these three things: a larger display, a faster charging, speed and better durability. So the apple watch series 7 has a 40 overall larger display than the previous generation. It has also a 33 faster charging speed than the series 6., so you can basically go from zero to around 80 percent in about 45 minutes.

It has also apples most durable display ever on an apple watch, yet it has a crack resistant display that has an ip6x dust resistance and a wr50 water resistance. Coming from the series 4 myself, i found the addition of the always on display to be quite useful and nice, especially at times when im at bed, when the gyro data doesnt seem to pick up that i have raised my wrist. It makes the watch feel more. Like an ordinary watch and the charging speed is noticeably faster too. So, to sum up this video, you dont, need an apple watch, but you would want one. I can confidently say from the variety of straps and myriad of watch faces it offers.