Text message receive phone call, notifications and stay up to date with the latest news or just the slew of other features. These wristbound pcs have truly become part of our lives when it comes to health and wellness. Smart watches can detect heartbeats track. How many steps you get in a day count the calories, youve burned and even remind you to get up and move around if youve been sitting too long with so many different smart watches to choose from, though finding the one with the right features, quality and price. Thatll suit you best can be daunting, but our research team has done the legwork and compiled the list of the five best smart watches available. So lets begin Music at number one. We have the apple watch series 7., its the most sturdy apple watch to date, with improved brake, safe front face and water resistance. It can even be used in shallow water exercises as long as it isnt completely submerged. The series 7 has a pulse sensor. That constantly checks your pulse, and it also has an ecg feature to monitor your heart. Theres, a heartbeat oxygen sensor, thats great for workouts, ensuring that your lungs are getting the oxygen your body needs. It has built in speakers as well, so it can be used to accept phone calls. You can also set it to silent whenever you need some peace and quiet itll simply tap your wrist when something needs your attention. The series 7 has a rectangular case with adjusted corners, a side button and a digital crown or home button.

Some of the other improvements from previous models are significantly larger case, smaller bezel and a bigger screen. Furthermore, it uses oled retina technology proving to be an excellent display at number. Two is the samsung galaxy watch 4 classic it easily links up with other samsung galaxy gadgets control your galaxy earbuds or use the application on your phone directly from your watch. The galaxy watch. 4 also includes features like a compass, streaming media and a huge library of wellness applications. The pivoting, bezel and clear screen really stand out along with its quality of tempered steel materials, and it gives it a natural feel. The band of this smart watch can be worn for an entire day. Thanks to the ridge sports band. The material keeps the van solid and sweat proof, while keeping a firm fit on your wrist to suit your dynamic way of life. Moreover, the galaxy watch 4 can track your wellness. Progress find out how much your muscle to fat ratio is your skeletal and muscle composition, the amount of water you need for the day and more to accomplish your health goals. The samsung bioactive sensor and their fast chip add to make this the best galaxy watch. Yet the rest tracker also identifies and dissects your rest stages and lets you check your blood oxygen levels. Youll also be connected to the national sleep foundation for better rest and quality sleep. The samsung galaxy watch 4 has a sharp look savvy programming and a top notch.

Well being sensor to make a smart watch thats worth the price, if you havent already done so, please subscribe to our channel, so you can check out more videos just like this. We also post them all the time, so click on the notification icon so youll be notified when we upload a new one at number. Three is the garmin tactics delta, its loaded with highlights, including a gps music maps and all the wellness features you could want. The tactics display bears one of the highlights for the garmin fenix 6x sapphire expanding its applications. Furthermore, when you add on the host of extremely cool features like night vision, a skydiving app and the on and off button, this watch has it all, as with all of garmins premium, watches youll be able to up the level of your wellness game. Youll benefit from a colossal scope of sports applications. Energizing exercises a pulse, monitor a vo2, estimator rest quality, calorie calculator and a step counter theres, also the garmin coach application, which stores your workout program and the stats you need all on your wrist. In addition, the delta has the garmin pay spotify text, notifications, enhanced security and emergency services. Theres a little more. You could ask for in a smart watch with its style quality, build or intuitive features. The delta has everything and not to mention its very cool at number. Four is the fitbit versa special edition? This is a nice looking smart watch and one of the most used well known brands for smart watches.

It includes installed music apps on screen, exercise, coaching exercise modes and a long battery life that can last up to four days or more before needing a recharge thanks to its lightweight style. You can wear it the entire day and its made from quality material and its also water resistant. The fitbit versa assists you with all of your wellness objectives. It can track your steps. Your calories, burned, store, exercise, routines, monitor your pulse and track your sleep cycles to ensure youre, reaching regular rem sleep with the fitbit versa special edition. You can also store and play more than 300 songs directly from your wrist, giving you the inspiration that you need. You can also use the bluetooth feature to interface with your earbuds and other devices. All of this in these amazing applications for wellness, finance, online media sports and more are just a tap away. The fitbit versus special edition is made with quality, graphite, weaved cowhide ties, and it has a nice charming appearance if theres a product out there youd like to see us review in the future. Just let us know down in the comment section if you have any suggestions or questions, let us know, and our team will get back to you as soon as we can for more information on the products listed in this video check out the links in the description Box below for prices and now lets check out our final product at number. Five is the carlisle hr smart watch by fossil? This is a good combination of design and innovation.

The 44 millimeter touch screen. Smart smartwatch highlights the dark, silicone band speakers, expanded capacity and three brilliant battery saving modes to lengthen its battery life. They do, however, affect the speed of the watch, but they keep you running longer without the need of a charge. If youre looking for a more traditional smart watch, the fossil is incredible: it works with both android and ios. Google pay and its water resistant up to 30 meters. It uses google fit and can monitor and track your vitals and wellness goals behind the scenes. If you want an attractive, smart watch that forges its own path, rather than follow the rest of the crowd, this one ticks off all the boxes. The carlisle hr, smart watch from fossil is wonderfully different, simple and expertly made certainly worth consideration, and that concludes our review. Of the top 5 smart watches available in the market, we hope this list helped you find the one that suits you and your needs. If youve already made your choice and youre ready to buy it now just check out the links in the description box below for more information for more videos. Just like this hit, the subscribe button and dont forget to click the bell icon, so youll be notified.