The new watch also has a durable military design, but the screen has a round shape. Address 300 watch faces 24 hours, heart rate, monitor 14 days of battery life and even 2 games on the watch. The price of zipless errors 2 is about 35. I will leave the link to aliexpress in description under the video. Ok lets do unboxing and full review of the new z plus rugged smartwatch. By the way, i recommend you to subscribe to our channel tech brothers and hit the bell icon to receive notifications about the new videos. So this is a box of zipless errors too, and there is the image of the watch on the front and the main features on the back, such as 580m water resistant and up to 14 days battery life inside the box. We have a watch magnetic charging, cable and user manual thats. All the design is one of the main features of the new smartwatch. First, it has a durable body and it is waterproof shockproof and dustproof. The bezel around the screen is made of metal. Well, other part of the body is plastic. On the right side. We can see two physical buttons, but there are heart rate and blood pressure sensors on the back, as well as charging contacts. The strap also looks very durable and by the way the strap is removable, but i cannot find another strap on the lx press for this watch. It looks like the straps are not sold separately.

Zipless 2 is available in black color like mine, as well as green and blue. As you can see, not only the color of the strap is different, but also the body. A metal bezel is always black on the front of the watch. We can see 1.09 inch display. It has a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. The brightness of the screen is really good, so you can use a watch outdoor and even in direct sunlight. You know, in my opinion, the second generation of zipless rugged. Smart footage looks better than the first model. I think this is because i like watches with round tails what about functions, lets take a look at them. First, i really like the main watch face of this watch. It has time date, battery level, heart rate, steps, distance calories and even weather. I like it when there is many information on the watch face. There are also four other watch faces available. However, the manufacturer says that the zipless errors 2 supports more than 300 watch faces. It is really sill, but you need to download them through the open smartphone later. I will show you how to do this. Then you can swipe down from the main screen to see the deed, bluetooth connection and battery level. You can also activate a theater mode change. Your screen, brightness vibration, mode weather and settings menu in the settings menu. We have the following options: stopwatch alarm countdown brightness, shake theater reset power off and about you can also swap up from the main watch face to read the new notifications swipe to the left to see your steps during the day.

Sleep information, heart rate, exercise, blood pressure, spo2 weather, remote camera and music player. You know it is not very comfortable to swipe left on the screen to music player, so it is better to swipe right and that there will be all the functions of the watch. This menu has all the same functions, but at the end we can see two games. I really like funny to play flappy bird on the watch. Unfortunately, you can now download more games on the zipless errors too. Okay, now we can look at the open smartphone, a campaigning app for zipless errors. 2 is called david. It is available in google play, store and app store. As usual. There is a data about steps, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen and outdoor running. Then we can go to the settings menu. There is the image of the watch and its battery level. The first option in the settings menu is watch faces. There are many watch faces available. However, you should download the round dials, because square watch faces look like this. On the watch, as you can see the data doesnt fit on the screen, then we can choose the apps that can send notifications on the watch by the way notifications. Look like this. You can click on one of them and read the full text. We also have alarms and shutter functions in the app. There is also menu with other options in the app here we can find a device change, a device format do not disturb mode language unit format, auto, lock and reset.

The last function in this menu is physiological cycle reminder. You know i didnt find information about batch capacity of zipless errors too, but manufacturer promises 14 days of battery life in typical use in the heavy use the battery life is 7 days. You know it is twice as much as the first generation of a watch, so the new zipless eras 2 has received many improvements over the previous version. For example, the first generation of the watch had a 380m waterproof rating. Well, the new smartwatch has 5 adm. It meant that the new watch is 50 meters water resistant. I also like the round dial of the zipless errors, 2 more and then the square screen of the previous watch. The battery life of the new watch is also longer so zipless errors. 2 really looks like a good upgrade, even if you already have the first generation of the watch, the price is very affordable for the rugged smart footage only 35 dollars.