We made this list based on my personal opinion, that’s a result of research for our. We rank the products based on their quality specification and all other important facts. We have tried to select them from various price range, so you can easily find the best product for you. You will also find product links in the description. You can check everything about the products through the links: Music, Music, number, five brand name: xiaomi 1.3 ips full screen touch true color screen resolution 240 into 240 square display. The watch is equipped with a 200 milliamp hour battery. It can deepen to the underlying power management to greatly enhance the endurance performance of the watch. The daily use can be 7 to 10 days, open the camera on the mobile phone click on the camera interface on the wristband to take a picture, support red light and infrared light sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation number four brand name: xiaomi 1.5 inch round glass Screen clear and transparent bluetooth, 4.0 chip, low energy consumption automatic calibration time and switch time zone freely, built in motion sensor record every steps of life. The media quartz watch adopts an imported movement with higher stability and accuracy. The case is made of hard and wear resistant, stainless steel. It has been forged too in more than 70 processes, and the surface is matte and elegant in order to achieve an elegant water droplet arc design, while enhancing the impact resistance of the dial.

We use a three section: jbx curve curved surface design, to reduce the reflective surface of the glass number three brand name: xiaomi features, metal body and 1.28 inch, tft high definition screen brightness that is full of rich colors and delicate, real and vivid picture up to 12 Selectable sport mode ip68, waterproof rate the smartwatch, can always accompany with you during sports life or daily life, also supporting more health monitor and remind including all day, heart rate, monitor real time, synchronization recorded by app hail to fit and sleep management of big data ip68. Waterproof. No worries, sweat or rain just embrace the ideal sports life. More features supported such as timer stop, watch music control, find phone weather forecast, live a stronger, smarter, stylish life with halo solar ls05 at your wrist compatible with both android and iphone operating system. Smartphones via bluetooth connection, iphone operating system 8.0 and android 4.4 or above it can receive calls texts, calendar alerts and app notifications. You can also ring your phone when it is nearby halo, solar, ls, 05 smartwatch is ergonomic with its lightweight anodized aluminum watch body and soft breathable wristband makes it very comfortable to wear during daily activities, workouts and sleep. It also has breathing exercise mode. Do not disturb mode vibration, alarm, clocks, timer, stop watch and music controller. You can also find other features on halo foot. App more features will be updated. Music number two brand name: xiaomi full touch, screen and custom dial smartwatch the new upgraded 1.

54 inch, ips colorful touch screen easier, more refined, more stylish, high sensitivity, full touch, custom dial. The first dial can be customized. To any background. You like on your mobile app a large color touch screen, gives you a luxurious visual experience with 2.5 d, curved tempered glass for a more delicate and natural view, upgraded with bluetooth 5.0. The signal distance reception, strength is increased. The propagation speed is stable and smooth number one brand name: xiaomi 1.78 inch color display that pushes 368 into 448 pixels resolution on a mold screen. Xiaomi smartwatch satisfies your daily needs, whether you are a sport enthusiast or concentrate more on a healthier lifestyle. It works perfectly to help you achieve your fitness goals. It also a portable smart home control center. When you need something, let the shayomiya eye speaker help you get it pedometer sleep monitor and reminders are easily accessible, so you can visualize your progress you’ve made by using the app importantly, it can phone call and download the app also supports qr payments via lipay allows. You to make contactless payments directly from your wrist supports voice commands, and this can be utilized to control.