Sc is probably the best watch for you. If you have an iphone now let’s jump into it, but before we get started, make sure you guys like and subscribe to my channel. I would really appreciate it now: let’s jump into the video, so the apple watch sc was released last year in 2020. Next to the series six, so the series six is the higher kind of the more flagship type of watch that one comes with a few more features, but i’ll tell you later on that you really don’t need those features, in my opinion, so as i’m telling you, If you want a watch for your phone, i suggest getting the apple watch sc, so the sc comes in two sizes. It comes in a 40 millimeter and a 44 millimeter. Now me personally, i have the 40 millimeter just because i have small hands and a small wrist, but if you’re a person who tends to have bigger hands and a bigger wrist, then i suggest going with the 44 millimeter. Also, the sc is made of aluminum rails, whereas the series 6 has stainless steel rails. So at the end of the day, the stainless steel is going to be a better and more durable watch. But if you wear a case on either one which i suggest you do, then it doesn’t really matter if it’s stainless or if it’s aluminum so you’re, still getting the same old digital crown that’s located on the right side of the watch.

The bottom button under the digital crown opens up the apps that will open already or if you hold it long enough, then it will give you the option to turn it off and if they will press that button, then it’s going to open up the apple pay. So one of the things that this watch is missing from the series six is that yet i’m getting the blood oxygen sensor. So if you’re a person who has a heart disease and that type of sort, then i suggest getting the apple watch six series, which will measure your blood oxygen sensor. But if you’re a person who’s healthy who doesn’t have any heart conditions, then i suggest going with the apple watch sc and with the apple watch sc. That will also monitor your heart rate so which is pretty cool. It can monitor your heart rate at night. How low it gets if you go for a jog, it matters how high your heart rate goes. So, if you’re a person who wants to monitor your heart rate, like i said, then this watch does come with that. So this watch starts with 32 gigabytes of storage. Now, in the previous apple watches, it would only start at 16 gigabytes. That still seems pretty good. 32 gigabytes is double the storage. So if you want to include photos, music, maybe podcast episodes, then you can do that and it will give you the extra room for you to put a lot of photos and whatever you want to put on your watch really, you want to add more apps on There then, you shouldn’t really be worried about going over that limit.

Now this watch does come in gps or lte version, so the one i have personally is a gps version only just because my phone is always with me and the reason why i have gps and lte is because my phone is always on me it’s in my Pocket or it’s always near me in a different room, but i can still receive phone calls and text messages. So i don’t really need the lte, but if you’re a person who tends to leave their phone in a different room that’s far or if you’re outside you want to leave your phone inside and you still want to receive notifications, then i suggest going with the lte Version which costs a little bit more but if you’re a person who always has their phone in their hand, then i suggest just going in the gps version. Water resistant is good up to 50 meters on his watch. So if you want to go swimming with it, then you can. You can really customize this watch through the app on the phone and one of my favorite things that comes within the app is. The watch faces that it comes within the app already, so the one i have is a meridian one that one’s probably my favorite right now i have it in dark mode and, like i said, if you choose this one, you could customize it. However, you like you, could put you want to see messages on there.

You could put the data on there. You could put the temperature on there or you can even put. If you want to put your heartbeat on there, then you can, like i said, it’s really flexible when it comes to customizing your watch and the watch faces with it. So if you press the digital crown, then it will take it to the menu you could customize. This, how you like you, can have it all scattered around or you can have the apps in alphabetical order, which is the way i like it and the way i’ve been using it since day, one when i have the apps all over the place for some reason. For me, it seems like it’s scattered all over, and i found myself looking for the app i’m pretty sure you can memorize where the app is at. But in my opinion, i right just have the apps in alphabetical order and it’s easier for me to locate an app so, like i said, i think, it’s better off. If you buy a case for the watch just because it’s always going to be on your wrist. Where, if it’s a phone, your phone tends to be on a table or it’s in your pocket, where it’s more safe? So since your watch is always on your wrist, i suggest getting a case so the one i have right here. I bought it on amazon. For ten dollars – and it comes with two cases – i’ll put the link down in the description below for you guys to see if you guys do want to buy this case as well.

Now. Another feature that this watch does not come with is aod, which stands for always on display. Now, if you’re a person who likes aod always on display, then you have to get the series six. Whereas if you don’t need that like myself, then you could just get the apple watch. Six aod is nice. It does make the watch look a lot nicer and when people look at you from afar, your watch is always gon na be on and it looks more elegant, especially if you’re going to go out to a party. If you want to dress up it’s going to fit whatever you’re going to be wearing and it’s going to make it look a lot nicer. But if you don’t tend to use that, if you don’t want to use that, if it’s not convenient for your lifestyle like myself, then you don’t need to get the apple watch series. 6.. You could just get the sc which doesn’t come with the always on display and it’s quick at the end of the day. You just put the watch close to your face and it turns on and once you let go of it, then the screen turns off, which is pretty quick as well. So if you’re a person who likes aod go for the six, if you don’t like that, then just get the sc like i do, and another thing to consider is that when you have a od that does kill your battery a lot faster.

So the sc does not come with this, so your battery life is gon na, be pretty decent, but if you do have it on your six series, it is gon na kill your battery a lot more quicker with that being said, this watch does last me around A day day and a half, depending on how much i’m using the watch pretty good in my opinion, but there are watches out there that have way better battery life. Like the oneplus watch, which they’re claiming that you only have to charge the watch once a week with my apple watch sc, i would have to charge it every day and a half it’s, not a big deal. It takes around an hour an hour and a half to fully charge depending on how low you are, but for me and my daily usage, that’s, okay in my book and last but not least, the prices. So if you get the smaller version, the 40 millimeter that one starts at 279, where, if you get the 44 millimeter, the demo starts at 309, so that’s only a 30 difference which is not a big deal, that’s a pretty good price. To be honest, so if you have a bigger hand, i suggest getting the 44 millimeter if you have a smaller wrist, smaller hands get the 40 millimeter, whereas the series 6 starts at ‘9 for the 40 millimeter and 429 for the 44 millimeter. So that’s going to be a 100 difference if you want to get the better and more expensive watch but, like i said at the end of the day, you don’t need the best of the best.

The apple watch. Sc is good enough for most people it’s good enough for me, if you’re a person who likes to receive text messages, simple notifications from social media, emailing doing things like that, then i suggest just getting this one because that’s what i do i don’t really use this Watch to it it’s full extent, so a very simple person who just wants to receive notifications, then that’s just getting this watch and that’s. Why? I said in the beginning of this video that this watch is for most people who have iphones. I know i didn’t get into detail much about working out and stuff like that. Just because for me i don’t work out. I don’t do any of those things i don’t jog. I don’t run so i don’t really know how good this watch is when it comes to that.