It is the kiwitime dt4 plus. Firstly, lets check the box. The app is the rear pro now lets open the box inside. We see the watch with the silicon, strap a wireless charger and a menu now lets check the watch. This watch is 44.4 millimeter and the screen size is 1.36 inch and this side it has two patterns. Both buttons are functional and the back, and also this side and the strap is exchangeable. The size is 20 millimeter now lets power on the watch. Firstly, lets check the watch faces totally, it has 10 watch faces inside and it can also add extra wood face and can customize watch faces through the app and lets check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see the qr code, then repay and brightness adjustment, and also the qr code synchronize and then from the left to the right is a split screen, then from the right to the left, steps attribute, weather and also we get extra two component. We can also hold the screen and to remove the component, and then you can add back by yourself and then from the bottom to the top is the main menu. This watch totally has six menu styles. We can go to here to change or we can double click. This run button to change. We can see that the firmware is also very smooth. Now lets have a quick check on the functions. The telephone message, contacts correct data spots.

It also has many spot mode. This watch is ip67 waterproof, so there is no swimming in the support mode and heart rate: ecg, blood pressure, red oxygen and music, sleep monitor stopwatch and the weather my qr code. We can synchronize the qr code from the app to the watch and then the gps motion trajectory. We can stack chronic the movement from depth and time voice, assistant, alarm, clock and the flashlight calculator find the phone meteorological, breast training, massager lady assistant and manual style, and the setting then screen time, vibration, intensity, positivity mode and mode selection, password and the factory set. Okay.