We have got the fk 88 smartwatch. Yes, a lot of people wanted me to unbox and review this, and here it is, but just before i saw people make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always put up sneak peeks on what to expect and as always people make Sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video youll actually be notified, so this box actually looks the same as the original and the super clone i8 pro that ive done. But this one is a little bit different, so were going to see how different it is and see what kind of series six clone this is as well see if its a good one a decent one. So we have this in a silver color. It comes in a few different colors. You can purchase this from aliexpress. Whatever you want. Take a look at the box. You have to just say, watch at the front. Nothing else around it to be honest and on the bottom, youve got the pull tabs to open it up. So lets open it up and see what we have inside and there we have it. People check this out so just before we take a look at that. The box is exactly the same with all the pictures of all the different watch bands you can actually get and also the colors thats, probably a rose gold, color space, gray, silver and the watch bands are different, so the box it looks identical to the original lets.

Take a look at the inner box, and here we have the picture of the series 6 clone smartwatch. Taking a look at the bottom of it includes smart watch band charging cable user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smartwatch is not a medical device, battery life charges cycles and display life vary by use and setting smartwatch may need to be serviced and replaced or replaced by authorized service provider and spoke provider wrong made in china, as is everything else and yeah thats the beginning. So youve got the series 6 based aluminium case, 44 millimeter, nothing else on the other side, so lets open this up. There we go flipping it around, and here it is people im zooming for you, so you can get a better look just before we take a look at the smart watch and see what else lets see what else we get so design it for build. Yeah bidding the mr l, an amazing lifestyle there we have. It lets see what else we get inside here. So here we get the manuals. As you can see right here in chinese and as you can see, it says: fk 88 thats, the qr code, if you didnt know – and you also get in english as well – so scan the qr code to download and install the watch client so im pretty sure. Thats, the app and this manual is really big, so its probably the same, we dont even take a look at manuals on all sorts anyway, unless we need to get a white watch band im actually wearing my original one at the moment.

So uh stay tuned for a real versus fake, as we check out the real series, six clone versus fk ak. If you want to see that give it a big thumbs up anyway, so you got a white, you got. You get two bags to be honest: a wide watch band which ive not already got so ill. Add that to my collection and also a uh, a silicon strap watch band as well, which looks pretty decent. So if ive got any white, clothes im wearing ill definitely be using these, so you get to watch. One lets take a look at the charging mechanism: theyve stapled it together, and here we go pretty basic. As you can see here. Smartwatch fk88 input 5.0. A few trademarks are made in china and its just a usb port right there. So enough of that lets take a look at the watch band. Well, the smartwatch! You dont get anything else to find that. So here we go lets zoom in for you, so you can take a closer look. As you can tell. This is a silver version you can get. I mean a few different colors blue red and gold, black and silver, as we have here. So these ones also dont have the push buttons to take off and put on the watch bands. So im pretty presumed these are just slide in and out lets take a look at what it says at the back. So youve got uh compact of series 6, which is also spelt wrong, compatible with ios and android 4.

0 bluetooth watch pedometer heart rate sensor, thats the sensor right there and thats the charge mechanism right there take a look at the design. Youve got a stiff crown button which, hopefully, the crown does work on. This youve got a cutout mic in the middle and a on and off button at the bottom and take a look at the screen. This is a 1.75 inch display screen as well, and youve got your speaker grilles, which one looks fake and one looks real, so lets power this on to see, if theres any battery life in it so yep straight away. Its powered on you get a pop up, and it will you get your welcome animation battery low as always, and there we have it, take a look at that check that out, but yeah dont worry were gon na. Do that in the next video so to push the crown in and uh well to push the crown in, takes the screen off and push it in again takes the screen back on swiping it down. It will actually bring take you straight to settings and you have to swipe to the right or left, and that will give you all of the settings. What you need to do display find my device about fk88 device address, connective service version s10 and version 1.0 1.0.8. Release time, okay, i know battery is low. Seventh of the 10th 2020 or 10th of the seventh avenue might be a american swiping it from the bottom.

Youve got your shortcuts. We can use your silent button torch your battery and your bluetooth as well, swapping it to the left. Youve got your pedometer, your sport, bluetooth, music, remote, not a notifier and swapping it to the right. Here. You have your menu and, as you can see, the crown does work. So here is all of the menus. Lets uh go to the first one, which is messaging. You need to connect your with this watch. You can actually connect it to your phone, which will do late in the video and also you can get notifications. You can take phone calls from here as well. You can dial from here your phone book your call logs, bluetooth connection, pedometer, your sport mode, fitness, sleep, heart rate, sports, again, weather blood pressure, blood, oxygen, bluetooth, music, stopwatch alarm, timer and find my device display lets go to display five seconds. Lets change it to 30. So brightness lets put that all the way up for you just to show you what it is the list you can change it uh only to smart style or the list, as you can see right here and it does zoom out and it does zoom in so Lets push that back, go back into settings display and change it, because i always like the list view, so that is it people thats the menu wise thats. What apps you get uh overall, the uh twitch sensitivity is not bad im, not gon na lie.

You can actually also swipe up and down, or you can use the crown. So as we do know, the crown does work, and that takes you back to the home screen and you can put it on and off from there and also with the crown as well. No idea why this is actually showing animation of your sports. You know to see how much calories you bend and whatnot lets see how much which faces they are so weve got 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 20. 23. Smart of watch faces this ones. A new one im not gon na lie, lets press okay. That is a new one check that out thats a new one. You can actually change your faces. You might be able to change it change it to some more watch faces um once you downloaded the app as well, but we have some new watch faces here. Theres. Definitely some of these im not seeing before, which is really good, so lets just stick it to the basic as um. So i know what im doing from there, but do they actually work, so that is the calendar, and that does work yes, this is no idea. What that is, it just goes to something heart rate. Does it? Yes, it goes to heart rate, and this one is actually probably your battery percentage. So everything works on this phone.

So now what we need to do is uh. What ill do is put a put. The straps on and connect it to my well put onto my wrist and see what the health apps are like. What do you think of this strap looks? Really nice might use it on my original, so uh we have uh left to wake, as you can see. Do it again and there we go so that feature does work now. This feature on the left is battery because i did have it on charge and now its gone up to 60, as you can see just over half, so its really good thats, actually showing all the widgets work on the main screen as well. Now what we need to do is check out the heart rate to see if it gives us an accurate reading. So here is the measurement and ill. Let you know once its done overall, its showing 78 beats per minute. Now all we need to do is take it off. My wrist lets slide one of the uh watch band off and what im gon na do is im gon na put it up against the box and see if that gives a reading as well believe it or not. People ive been waiting nearly a minute just like this to see if it gives me a reading and im shocked, because previously on all the smart watches. When i came to the health apps, you can actually put it on the box or you even not even put it on the wrist, and it shows you reading, but this one look its not even actually showing a reading im just lets check it off the box.

As you can see here that it is flashing but its not actually giving a reading wow look at that. So i think we have some real working health apps and, if thats for sure, then this watch is pretty decent because which everyone actually gets a smart watch. So they can track their distance to walk and stuff like that and the sports that they do exercise and also the health up, so yeah lets uh go into well lets. Take that back out now. What we need to do is lets try another health app to see what its all about see if it actually works, so weve done heart rate lets. Do i dont know if blood pressure will work but well make sure were reading, so what im gon na do now is im just gon na leave it off my wrist and see if it actually gives a reading same again, people ive been waiting near enough a Minute, uh for the result and its not actually given anything so im just going to hold up against the box to see if it actually shows any reading. Look at that so thats how you know these actually work. So let me just uh, put this watch back back on and put it on my wrist and then im gon na actually try it out that way to see if it actually works. So, as you can see here, oh right so measurement end lets. Try it again.

Blood pressure and there we go so im actually quickly put onto my wrist and straight away. Its actually gave the same reading as soon as i put it on my wrist. It gave the same reading, so that goes to show that these actually have working held up. So that is really good now, what im going to do instead of boiling it with the um apps lets download the app to the phone you need to download. Is this one right here fit fly so once youve actually downloaded that you can check the qr code from the manuals its disconnected lets? Hopefully, um lets see if the bluetooth is on here or is it upwards, as you can see so? Bluetooth is on and straight away. Pops up, fk 88 lets press connect and, as you can see its loading and it should be connected, lets press pair. I get iphone notifications lets get the notifications now. What im gon na do is while thats connecting and it actually says, connected im gon na pull out. My iphone and im actually gon na send a message to um to this phone, so lets see if we get the notifications. Okay. Here we go message descending, as you can see here from all sorts and it says subscribe to all sorts check that out. So you can get notification from there all right, so ive got someone calling the phone and, as you can see, all source is calling right there theres the number on there all youve got to do is just swipe across and uh yeah there we have it thats.

The phone calls, as you can see here, the notification comes up straight away, so thats really good, and if you want to make a quick phone call its going to dial it and you can make phone calls from there as you can see, and it will come Up on the phone as well, so everything you can do you can end the call on the smartwatch as well, so thats really good. But overall, i have got to say, im liking this watch. They have definitely upgraded the features with this with the working health apps uh. What im going to do is im going to make another video because all of the health apps work with this. So what i will do is i will make a vlog with the video fk 88 uh vlog, to show you what the exercise apps are like and the pedometer as well take it out for a little walk to see. If it gives you correct the steps, you know the steps that you take and stuff like that ill be connecting my own uh watch and this watch to see what they both are like. So if you want to see that a big thumbs up would be appreciated, anyways people – that was the fk 88, i dont want to tell you too much about it. But to say this is uh one of the best super clone smart watches, ive reviewed uh. Yet so, if you want to purchase one check out aliexpress, you can actually purchase one from there.

Fk 88 um. Definitely the best series, six clone that ive used in a long time, the rest of previously. What ive done my alpha channel. They do look nice. They perform good, but the health apps dont work and they dont give you accurate reading. This does so check out my other videos and make sure you stay tuned and subscribe and ill be putting this up against my original series. 6 smartwatch anyways. Thank you for watching this video guys. If you want to see any other videos, do.