Amazon reviews, the best smart watches, do a lot more than let you know if your phone has rung or texted you their fitness trackers. That can turn your phone into a digital wallet and tell the time while others can send you alerts if your heart rate spikes and need medical attention. Some smart watches can act as a phone, while others are simply glorified. Fitness trackers with extra features like an ecg, monitor and heart rate sensor. If you need a smart watch, that does it all the best one. Is the apple watch series 4. to give you this top 5 review? We have looked at 172 products and analyzed 3431 customer reviews and, as always, all the links to all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description down below keep watching to find the perfect one. We start out the list with the gen 5 smart watch from fossil the fossil gen 5. Smart watch has stood the test of time as our favorite google wear os device for quite some time. It’S, certainly not the most advanced or feature packed, wear os device out there, but it’s one of the best looking and most versatile options. It features a big 1.28 inch moly display a sharp pixel density of 328 ppi and three programmable push buttons on the right side. It’S got gps too, along with a built in optical heart rate, sensor and it’s, reasonably priced at under two hundred dollars, which puts it well ahead of the curve, while it’s, not the most powerful, were os device out there.

It is certainly better than the average competitor and it lasts a full day on a charge it’s a fairly standard where os smart watch with fitness, tracking gps and an optical heart rate sensor. You can use the watch with or without a chest, strap in customer reviews. This is what they like about the fossil gen 5 smartwatch battery life is actually good, even with heavy usages. Like constant items and emails often read from the watch. I highly recommend it if you’re in the market as there’s, nothing better out there in the android space and some customers were unsatisfied with the following. No on screen keyboard for text replies other than pre written messages. You must voice to text. Replies number four on our list is the garmin vivoactive four, the vivoactive four offers a sleek design, excellent workout tracking and the latest features and functions in the garmin connect, app it’s, a gps, fitness tracker and smartwatch hybrid that pairs easily with your smartphone, allowing you to Sync, your workout data, music and notifications with the watch. It has a color touch screen and a heart rate sensor, plus it has a sleep tracking feature that can detect elevated heart rate during sleep when you’re done working out, you can enjoy the stunning new workout animations, and it has a heart rate sensor that can detect Elevated blood oxygen levels according to garmin it’s, compatible with either ios or android phones and will pair with most bluetooth headphones.

It has a large selection of workouts, including pilates, yoga and strength training. You can also create your own workouts in the connect app and it syncs them to your watch. It’S. Definitely a fitness watch that looks as good on your wrist as it does in your pocket. We found it to work great for running walking and even doing push. Ups in the water, it has heart rate variability which lets you track your stress level and it has a useful respiratory rate metric that helps track your respiratory rate, while you’re exercising when you begin tracking your activities, you’ll see a new activity, widget display on the watch Along with metrics, like heart rate, variability calories, burn and respiratory rate it’s a sleek looking device that provides excellent tracking data and functions in customer reviews. This is what they like about: the garmin vivoactive 4. gps tracking during run, slash hikes, long battery life and a fast non laggy touchscreen interface. I love the watch. It provides lots of features as a standalone device and can be an extension for alerts from your iphone without the garmin collect app and some customers were unsatisfied with the following. Occasionally fails to reconnect to the phone by a bluetooth. I sometimes have to unpair and reconnect moving on to the next smartwatch on our list. The fitbit versa, 3 from fitbit, the fitbit versa 3, offers everything you want at a good price and always on display gps tracking blood oxygen and temperature tracking during sleep and a battery that lasts six days, it doesn’t have the fancy features of the sense, but you Do get the basic features like steps, distance, calories, burned and heart rate data.

There are also new workout modes that use your heart rate data to track your progress, and it has new features like indoor and outdoor swimming tracking. So you can take your phone with you during any workout. It has a heart rate sensor that can measure your effort level during workouts and automatically detect. When you start a workout, it can track your progress over time and provides insight into your fitness level, as well as your sleep history. The battery also lasts six days. Customers who bought these, like that? What i love is the simple activity tracker with a built in gps, i’m, no marathon runner, but being able to just head out the door without needing to carry my phone and just track with the watch is brilliant. Overall, this thing is great, for the money has a lot of options and has motivated me to exercise more and here’s what some of them don’t, like spotify, will only allow controlling the music from the watch, but doesn’t allow for offline music at number 2. Is the samsung electronic samsung galaxy watch 3.? The galaxy watch 3 is the latest iteration of samsung’s galaxy smartwatch line and it’s a well rounded device that provides a winning combination of style, battery life and health features. The watch 3 has an ecg monitor which can help doctors diagnose conditions like atrial fibrillation. Additionally, it has a heart rate sensor and can detect falls. This feature is particularly useful for runners and other active users.

The battery life is also better than the previous version. There’S. A wide range of workout tracking, gps, sleep, tracking and a heart rate monitor you can even get up to 64 hours of use on a single charge. This is a well rounded smart watch with robust health and fitness features, a sleek design and a rotating bezel customers who bought this liked it because i love the samsung health out. It monitors your sleep exercises, calories, burned, steps, heart rate, etc, snappy performance at all times. Good sleep tracking beautiful premium hardware that looks like a really nice classic watch and some didn’t like that battery life is about two days when not in battery saving mode and 4 days in battery saving mode. Moving on to the next smartwatch on our list, the apple watch series 6 from apple. The apple watch series 6 offers a bunch of new features not found on earlier watch models, including an always on screen, improved gps tracking and an improved heart rate sensor. It’S not a fancy gps tracker like the garmin forerunner 935 or the qualcomm a123 bionic, but does everything you need at a reasonable price? It has excellent workout tracking, a great heart rate. Monitor will make calls and will notify you when your phone rings during workouts you’ll get data on your watch too, including distance pace estimated calories burned in time. You can also get notifications when your apple watch is charging and the watch will automatically alarm you at the end of your workout.

While the apple watch series 6 has a heart rate sensor, it can measure your spo2 level, which is useful for people who want to track their training in health data customers who bought this item, especially like that. I especially like the health tracking app features and the fall detecting feature. I love that i can measure the heart rate and blood o2. I can use my pictures as a background and see my memories. Through the day, few customers found that removing one star for that battery life six generations of apple watch is still a 18 hour battery life, be sure to check out the description for links for the most up to date. Pricing for all the products in this video did this video help. You find what you were looking for. Click the like button or, let us know in the comments below we do our best to keep you updated on the best products on the market today. So if you want to stay, updated, go ahead and hit that subscribe button.