You keep a track of your fitness we’re talking about owner band sex. This is the latest edition and the comeback product from order since its disappearance in a way, but i wouldn’t say the experience, i would say just taking a sabbatical from the industry to putting their stuff together, and they are back with this amazing product i’m. Going to tell you all about it, how this is gon na, keep your fitness and help you to keep a track of your fitness, and we will tell you all about keeping you healthy and fit as well. But before i get on to telling you all about it and unboxing and finding out what’s inside the box and how it does it can i please request you to press the subscribe button and the notification icon if you’re watching us on youtube, if you’re watching us On facebook like and follow us there as well, and if you are there on tick, tock and instagram, yes, we are there and we can definitely use your love there. Just go there handle across is great lobbyist and if you want more information log on to our website, so guys getting straight on to the business we’re going to look at the box quickly. Beautiful looking branding you’ve got the product right here, as you can see, and very simple. Some basic features at the back, which are going to tell you all about, and we have my favorite yellow cutter ready to unbox it and i’m gon na do that right away.

So don’t go anywhere and keep Music watching Music, hello, guys i’m back, and we have just finished unboxing, the honor band 6 and inside the box. We have the banner itself in a beautiful black color and we have the charger we’ve seen these before that’s the one you snap it in and plug it into usb and charge it we’re going to tell you all about it and how long does the battery last And everything and some warranty papers and on the box itself beautiful, looking piece of hardware first thing: it’s beautifully styled. I love this slight small red line right here, which is absolutely fab. You know it’s, amazing, to see some kind of design. You know it’s it’s and that another part is the beautiful honor logo on the other side, as you can see, amazing stuff, so here and another element of beauty for, looks 1.47 inches of amoled display. This is a large screen with narrow bezels, which gives you more space to work with easy operation and a better user experience 148 more display area than the traditional fitness trackers, so that you can keep an eye on all what is happening within your body when you’re Working out and your fitness right through and through blood oxygen monitoring, spo2 now this is a very critical part, because blood oxygen level goes low. You feel tired, you feel lack of energy and there are chances of you feeling memory loss as well and at the same time it is very crucial for your overall fitness keeping in mind that today’s time and day, specifically with the covet going on blood oxygen monitoring, Is become even more important for us because if it goes below a certain point, go to your doctor right and right there and then so, and this one tells you if by a buzz and sending you a notification if it goes down a particular critical level.

So keep a track of that you honor band, six it’s got 24 hours of heart rate monitoring as well, which is using a proprietary technology truescene 4.0, and that detects keep track of all your uh all what is happening within your heart and tells you if there Is any abnormality in the heart rate so that you can take the corrective measures and, most importantly, go see a doctor? If need be, that tells you those alerts and keep sending you those alerts regarding that it’s got a sleep, monitor using true sleep algorithm, which means it tells you that your duration of sleep, how deep your sleep was and is your sleeping pattern? Okay, if not, you can always make those pretty much corrective measures, maybe by eating early taking glass of water before you go and so on, and probably had some more fitness into your work schedule and be more relaxed. So you can get that good, night’s sleep, and this keeps the track of all that and tells you all about it. It’S got a female cycle tracker as well, so for all the women out there, you can keep a track and calendar of your periods and at the same time, it tells you about your estimated fertility window as well, specifically for those planning, a family ahead. A great feature to have it’s got 10 professional workout modes built in so you’ve got outdoor and indoor mode, outdoor, walking, indoor and outdoor cycling.

Uh. Of course, a freestyle walk or workout indoor swimming rowing machine, uh, applicable machine and indoor walking as well. So all these modes and it automatically detects the type of mode that you’re working in and starts, recording every move that you make. So it primarily detects about six workout modes, which is running walking, rowing rowing machine and elliptical uh machine as well. So it records your heart rate, while the workout, and it defines tells you how far away are you from your preset goals or whether it’s a weight, loss or calorie burn? It tells you all that which me and keeps giving you advice so that you can do the right, exercises the right amount of exercise and and have a more comprehensive data on your workout and fitness schedule. This is amazing, stuff. Now, when it comes to watch faces, you can always change them. It’S got a lot of watch faces inbuilt. All you do is press swap pick up the the watch face that you like, so that you can have it. According to your moods, according to your preferences, amazing stuff and from the store you can always download. The new watch faces as well, which is another amazing stuff, and when you and when you’re on the workout don’t worry about the notification, an important message coming through. You will get a notification on this and a brief synopsis. Where you can read it and send your agenda, you can always uh use this as a shutter, for your monitor for your camera as well and, of course, not to mention music control for when we are listening to music as well.

So all the music controls out there as well and all this power all this tracking comes with 14 hours of battery life. Now amazing, 14 days of standard usage, but if you’re a heavy workout person or a gym enthusiast who spends an extra hour or two more more than the usual, then also it’s, gon na last 10 days, and of course, when you are looking at this, you got Fast charging here, 10 minutes of charge and you get three days of usage of honor band. Six comes an amazing color. This is a meteorite black that we have in our hand. It also comes in samsung gray and coral pink as well. Amazing products so go get yourself, one check it out and let us know what you think about it. We will leave some links at the bottom of the description so that you can find out where to buy them from and more details about the product. If we have missed out on anything and i’m sure we haven’t, this is your friend, the great lobbyist and i’m signing off by keeping you fit and keeping you safe.