There are some that are almost as good as the more expensive ones. We’Ve rounded up the best cheap, smart watches that are available for under fifty dollars, along with some that are even cheaper budget watches tend to lack some of the more advanced features found on the more expensive models, but you’ll still get basic fitness tracking. The ability to make and receive calls and the ability to receive and respond to texts and emails without your phone being in your pocket when shopping for a cheap, smart watch. There are a lot of great options on the market. You can find everything from fitness trackers that track your heart rate, to more advanced models that have gps and heart rate, sensors to battery life improvements, and even some that are designed for sleep tracking. If you’re looking to get a smart watch for sleep tracking to sync, with your smartphone, when sleeping and to control your music and control, your smart home when you’re away we’ve got a number of excellent options, we have analyzed two thousand nine hundred and ninety four customer Reviews and looked at 118 products to give you this top 5 video review and, as always, all the links to all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description down below the items mentioned in this. Video are in no exact order, so be sure to stay to the end, so you don’t miss the perfect model for your needs. The first one in today’s video is the active smart watch from all call all call active is a brand new smart watch from chinese smartphone maker.

All call that features more health and fitness features than its predecessor. It has a 1.28 inch, ips touchscreen filled with colorful watch faces with various activities like running walking, hiking biking, swimming badminton, football and more. It comes with an ip68 water resistance rating and is suitable for all types of sports activities. It has a heart rate: sensor: gps heart rate, monitor sleep tracking and oxygen monitoring functions. The battery has a capacity of 250 milliampere hours with 5 days of normal usage and 10 days standby time. The recharge time is about 1.5 hours. The all call active supports, android and ios smartphones running the fundo app. You can easily transfer your watch data to your smartphone via bluetooth. So when the call comes in you can hear it clearly, even when you are far away from your smartphone. The watch has a backlit keyboard and has a variety of watch faces. Here is what most customers are saying about. The active smartwatch there are so many customized watch faces to choose from, and even when you can upload your own image. I like that there is a special app for the phone that calculates a lot of things like how many steps per day, your blood pressure, your oxygen level, your sleeping habits and some did not like i’m. Really, not a fan of this watch band. It feels cheap skids around too much on my wrist number. Four is the coast: pet raptor, smart watch. At the moment we can’t help but recommend the coast pet raptor, smart watch.

This device not only monitors your health metrics, but also tells you about the best activities to do during your spare time. It has a 1.3 inch, touchscreen display and a heart rate sensor. You can use various workout modes and track your progress in 20 different sports. The device has an ip68 water resistance rating, so it can be used even in the most rugged conditions. It has a built in two hundred and thirty milliampere hours battery that can last up to eight to twelve days. If used moderately. There are various watch faces available for you to choose from, and you can also change the watch face at will. While this is not the most powerful smart watch available on the market, you can still get a lot of value from it. You get useful features like smartphone notifications, alarm, clock, weather camera calculator and many more. Additionally, you can get up to 50 free watch face replacements through the defeat app customers who bought this item, especially like that battery life is about 7 to 10 days, depending on how you set it up. This watch looks a lot more expensive when i bought it. My main concern was that it would be too big for my wrist and it is not, and what a few of them don’t like step counter appears to be inaccurate, too, as it seems to count half the steps i take in a day. The next cheap smartwatch in line is the kitty zoom smartwatch dx2 from vtec.

When stuffed animals just won’t. Do it may mean that your child requires something with a little more entertainment value? We looked at the v tech, kid zoom, smartwatch dx2, and we were thoroughly impressed by its stylish design and the amount of entertainment it provides for kids. There are numerous built in games. A video camera photo editing tools and timer tools, plus several fun activities that work to motivate children to get moving from counting to color recognition. The smart watch has plenty of features to keep your child busy for hours on end. The watch has a camera that allows kids to capture beautiful photos and videos of their surroundings, as well as recording their voices. The watch’s battery lasts about three hours to two weeks, depending on how heavily it is used. The vtec kit is smartwatch. Dx2 is compatible with ios and android devices and is available in a variety of fun colors. The smartwatch takes about two hours to fully charge. This is a great option for those who are looking for something with a little more entertainment value for their kids, and here is what customers love about it. My son, who is almost five, loves this watch. He quickly learned how to use all the features and particularly loves, taking pictures and videos. Six year old is using the apps on it for games and learning to tell time on a regular face. Watch and some customers were unsatisfied with the following age.

8 would be the top of the age level better for younger ages. Moving on to the next smartwatch on our list, the bipu health fitness smartwatch for misfit amazfit is one of the brands which has successfully merged a fitness tracker and smartwatch body. The amisfit bipu is the latest on the block and is a great option for people who are looking to combine the two. It is not only a great fitness tracker, but also has some great smart features. Battery life is good and you can use the smart features like notification, mirroring music control and camera. It is available in multiple color options and has an adjustable strap. It has a sleek design and is available in multiple color options to suit different styles and moods. It has the usual heart rate, monitor biometric optical sensor, gps and a heart rate monitor. While it does not sport the most advanced sensors. The amisfit bipu can track over 60 different activities, which is quite a feat for a budget fitness tracker battery life is good too. So you can get up to nine days with heavy usage and a week with light to medium usage, the price of the amazfit bipu is relatively low and the product is generally available in stock at most retailers. While we love the look of the amisfit bipu, it does have some compromises. The watch has a small screen with low resolution and a translactive display it isn’t the sharpest or the most vibrant, but it is quite acceptable for the price.

We would recommend this fitness tracker to anyone. Looking for a smart watch with fitness tracking capabilities here are the top things that customers who bought the bipu health fitness smartwatch, are saying they like about it. The oled display is very crisp and clear and readable under most light conditions, if you’re looking for a reliable fitness tracker without all the smartwatch things, but still has most of the desired fitness tracking. This is the watch for you, and some did not like this charger is magnetic and the watch has to be seated just right to charge number one on our list is the smartwatch id 205l from let’s fit the let’s fit smartwatch id205l checks more boxes than most Budget smart watches, by offering a heart rate, monitor plenty of notifications and an easy to use interface. Its minimalist design is appealing to many people and it comes in a number of different colors. It has the usual rectangular case with rounded corners, a shiny glass front and a digital crown button on the right side. You can get it in six different colors. While it lacks the more premium apple watch features, it has the basic functionality you need for fitness, tracking notifications and the ability to skip workouts there’s, also a heart rate, monitor and gps tracking, and it charges through the usb c port it’s, not the most advanced device Out there, but if you’re, just looking for basic fitness, tracking and notifications, this could be a great option.

Customers love the smartwatch id 205l, because the touchscreen is very responsive and accurate. The gestures swipe tap are intuitive and easy to learn. I like the app – and i am impressed by the ability to easily check my blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels. Few customers found that the very fit pro app can be a little confusing because of translation issues. This app is obviously made by non native english speakers. If you found any of the products in this video interesting, then you can find a link to more info and prices below the video. Did this video help you find what you were looking for? Click the like button or, let us know in the comments below and to stay, updated on all the latest in home and kitchen products remember to click. The subscribe button now finally, also check out these other review videos.