Alright, so we got the box its pretty light. Has a watch inside well open it up and see what we have so here we have the box. We have a, i dont know what this is its like a card thanks for choosing us and then whatever this is. Ah we have the watch and it says infoware app, so lets see. Okay and then we have put the watch aside for now and see what else we have in here. We have a uh, a charging, cable and what else, and then we have a oh, this manual is actually pretty thick. Its actually looks like a decent manual, interesting ill, have to read through that later and see what they say: oh its multi language, thats. Probably why so thats, why its so thick? So it looks like a pretty normal manual. So lets put all this aside and look at the watch itself. All right. This is the actual watch itself, its uh, not small. I have pretty small wrists as you can see, so these this will look a little bit big on me, but otherwise its actually. It wont its a decent size for most people, its gon na peel this off there we go and we have the watch brand new. The screen is so clean. Just look at that im just gon na flip this over just to look at the specifications. So, as you can see there, we have specifications such as smartwatch models, stratos um, water, resistant, gps, smartwatch with an amoled display and all day, health monitoring battery life of up to 25 days, typically uses 15 days.

Heavy usage thats actually not too bad at all. The band here is a rubber, its like a fluoro elastomer band, its uh a little bit less powdery compared to like some of those other floral elastomer bands, but otherwise it feels fairly decent, so im going to try it on and then, of course, if you look At the back here lets uh take this out and there we go okay and of course, we have the charging port right here, as well as the heart rate, sensors and all the other sensors. I think theres an oxygen sensor in here as well, and, of course this is water resistant up to five atmospheres, so thats, actually pretty decent as well. Um yeah lets turn up this watch and see what we got. So this is power i i did read the manual here. We go the blaze stratos to blah blah blah blah scan code to download. Oh yeah ill show you, but this app is sketchy man like here thats the app right there: okay, its theres a thousand downloads. The the icon looks sketch the you know, everything about this app looks sketch, but for the sake of youtube i will download it so ill. Show it to you later so lets see close that menu. How do i? How do i close this? I do not know how to close this. I downloaded it already. What are you asking me to do? Oh, they probably want me to pair it lets see if it pairs.

Okay, so it looks like they actually want me to fill out all my personal information. Can i just not, i need to fill all my personal information. Oh my goodness, i am not comfortable with this okay dob im, not even going to show you that im just going to do it. You know ill. Do the rest. First, whatever body weight, whatever step target, whatever distance target, whatever date of birth will be actually ill, just show you because ill just put today today is my date of birth. Whatever fill up personal information, i did j, i n dude. I did fill in my nickname that good enough for you, i felt oh consumption target. What is this sure sleep target? Sure? Oh, my goodness, wow they want so much information off of you. I dont like that. Welcome to the infoware app okay ill, just choose one of these got it got it sure, wow, okay, not bound with device lets uh, add device confirm, allow searching for device uh. I have a feeling the watch might not let you actually start using the app without without pairing it with the app which i dont like at all, got ta, say its not off to a good start um. I dont like what is this. I guess im just waiting there we go pair with device, i got ta say the screen looks pretty good on this watch like thats a pretty good. Oh there we go so now.

I can finally start using the watch confirm. Got it come on come on come on, allow okay, wow, that was that was well a journey um all right, so first impressions for this uh watch its not very fast. Look! Look at the lag on this like its its not very high refresh rate, or maybe its just slow. I dont know, but it doesnt feel very good to swipe around so vibration, intensity, brightness, lock screen. What was that? Oh, its a so you dont accidentally unlock it. I dont like that im just going to turn that off. Actually, i think its probably turned off and what else do we have here do not disturb power saving mode and then we have watch faces. I like this one, better, the best and brightness what is aod. I dont know what standby time becomes shorter, oh always on display thats what they mean: okay, auto lock, short item system settings, restart power, reset qr code; okay, so theres actually not a lot to this watch in terms of settings and of course we have news interesting Anything else here, no news and whats here, so we have um heartbeat so ill. Just lets just try measuring it. Now, whatever takes more pressure, probably not lets see. If my heart is racing, 89 beats per minute. I have no idea if thats right or not so um anyway, 92 beats a minute. All right, spo2 see that please wear it lightly.

One finger away from the wrist bone. Please stay still doing blood oxygen measurement measurement, so i realized i kind of jumped into the software of this without really talking about the hardware like it actually looks. Decent ill say that the body of this, this blue part over here is okay quality like this watch. This metal watch you know, rim around here is actually really nice. It makes it look really good sure, whatever i have no idea what that means, because i dont measure my oxygen very often so, and then we have the screws and the buttons they look pretty good. The blue part here its like plastic. It doesnt feel as good doesnt look as good either, but the watch face this metal here actually does make it look pretty good sleep data weather info. I dont know how to get this, probably from here um message. Center notifications keep connection between. This is gon na drain. My battery, this is gon na drain. Oh boy confirm confirm reminder sending weather settings there. We go weather sync um shake to take photos. I do not want that dial center do they have online dials. They do have quite a few actually um, which one do i like more um. Excuse me lets see. Okay, so transferring the dial is actually fairly easy here. Oh one thing to notice: this watch is very light, its super light. It feels like im holding up absolutely nothing compared to other watches, like i think its, because the the entire body is plastic, and all you have is this metal ring over here.

So it makes the watch very, very light, which is which is not a bad thing, because you know stuff like that: not a bad thing at all: um yeah! So honestly, theres not much else for me to do here other than to test the watch. Um so ill be testing. It well see how it works and ill report back to you with a full video, but in the meantime, click like and subscribe, and you know any questions about this. Let me know – and i will um take a look but otherwise stay tuned for my review.