They are makers of smart watches, and this is the r3 pro now they do have other models available. But this particular model is a smartwatch fitness tracker that will work with either android or ios. It is available at the time of this review of from amazon for ‘.99. So i will leave that link in the description below or you guys can check it out now. This is kind of a proof of concept that you dont need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a decent smart watch and fitness tracker were gon na dig into it now and ill be right, back, Music, okay, so lets unbox. The r3 pro uh does come in a few different colors uh. I believe right now. They offer kind of a pink, a green and a black on amazon, but there are other colors such as orange and gold as well silver. I have the black model here for review now. This is an interesting setup here with the unboxing. They do give you a connect guide. This covers android, you can just download the app scan the qr code get the app and off you go now. The app is called glory fit, so you just have to search for that on for ios and youll be able to get it for ios as well. Now, this really kind of just goes over in depth how to pair the phone which ill show you guys the app and how to pair it as well, going through the manual here, its written in different languages.

It goes a little bit more in depth on some of the menus that are involved with the smartwatch. Now you do get a couple different things here, of course, youre going to get a charge cable for this uh, and this is a pogo pin magnetic style, a charge cable. You can see its a standard, usb, a uh to that magnetic pogo pin. Now you can charge this for two and a half to three hours and you can they state get up to 12 to 15 days of usage out of a single full battery charge. They also include a 20 millimeter band here, which is uh kind of a fabric band. If you dont, like the rubber band, that they give you uh on the actual watch itself, so uh. If you start the watch up, you do have a crown here, and this is basically your home button uh. So overall youve got your sensors on the bottom. You do have that pogo pin for charging and then all your health sensors here – and this does include a body temperature sensor, which i dont normally see on smart watches uh. If youre somebody thats looking out to see. Maybe if you have a fever or something like that, then this may be the smart watch that you might want to check out its got. A nice 1.67 inch display hd display here when you first turn it on itll. Give you that qr code, where you can go to download the application? Okay so before we get into the build quality of the watch and all the actual watch functions, lets take a look at the glory fit app again when you scan that qr code itll.

Allow you to download this for either android or ios, so, depending on what device youre using im using an android phone s22 ultra. So i am just going to kind of go through this. A little bit show you how to pair it up and get it started. Now, of course, you can set up an account with gloryfit if you would like to, but they also give you an ignore option at the top, and they do have a few things for android app permissions that youll have to set uh. You know allowing it to auto start making sure that the battery management is on high power, and this is so that it can send. The application can actually send you all of those notifications to the watch and not get uh cut off. You know what i mean as far as uh. You know going into sleep mode or deep sleep so for now ill just ignore it uh you can select whether youre, male or female. Of course, youll set your height and your weight here as well. So you can do that. Obviously you can change from kilograms to pounds or from centimeters to inches, depending on where youre located. So once you have that set up. Youll put your age in and once we get that set up, itll take us to the main screen here so well. Get that set up and show you guys some of the main functions here. Uh itll! Ask you how many steps you want to try to do for the day, so i just selected the default here and then select device.

So once you do that, obviously its going to tell you that it needs access to location information, so thats, fine and itll come up as the r3 pro so no problems there. All i have to do now is just click on that and it should auto pair, which it does no problems whatsoever and youll see on the watch. It just came up as bind successfully, so we are good to go now. These are all the things that you can do with this. There are watch faces that you can download uh in here. Youve got a couple. It takes a few seconds to load them up, but once you do load them up, there are a bunch that you can get by default and then there are some more that you can download as well. So youve got a lot of options for watch faces, which is pretty cool uh. You do have heart rate monitoring body temperature settings uh, so it does have that body temperature or thermometer setting. So if youre trying to monitor yourself for having a temperature or a fever, you can do that with this watch as well, which is pretty interesting. Blood oxygen call reminder sms reminder. Uh – and these are just call and sms reminders – are just kind of a thing that you would normally have on itll ask you for access to your contacts and to view your sms messages, of course, and then youll switch it on and anytime that you get a Text message: your watch will now let you know same thing with apps.

You can go in and confirm the apps you do have to go in and make sure on android, at least that the glory fit app. Has that permission to allow you to do that and then you can go in and you can set things for like gmail or messenger facebook, twitter, whatever you would like to get your alerts for or whatever specific applications that you would like to get your alerts for. So, overall, very cool uh nice to be able to set this up. You do have a sedentary reminder here. So if youre sitting for you know x amount of minutes, i think the default is 60 minutes here. Uh, it will beep and it will vibrate to allow you to know that youve been sitting for 60 minutes. Smart alarm clock raise your hand to activate the display, do not disturb universal settings, firmware upgrade and a clear data which is basically resetting the entire watch. So those are the basics here in universal settings we do have our units, so you can switch from empirical to metric to whatever you would like. As far as that goes uh in metric or british system is what theyre saying uh. So you do have that there uh youre on screen time. You can change that from 5 seconds 10 seconds to 15 seconds, depending on how you like it, and then you can do a 12 hour or 24 hour uh clock time. If you would like to okay.

So lets look at the watch itself now. As far as the build quality goes, its got a nice 1.67 inch, hd display uh, so thats a pretty cool uh. It is a plastic build on the bottom. A nice glass build obviously up top here uh, and you can see that swiping works with it really easy. Youre gon na be doing left and right, swiping up and down and youre, going to be using the crown as your home button, so thats pretty much how you navigate here and uh, pretty simple, not anything revolutionary, but it does look good and the screen is crisp And clear i if i had to guess and they dont list it. I would probably say this is an ips display. Uh looks really well uh good in person uh and uh, probably on the video as well its definitely not a tft lcd screen, its probably an ips screen now swiping down is going to give you some quick toggles here its going to give you the time and The date the day, whether youre connected your battery life, a few other things that you can check out as well as uh settings, brightness uh, flashlight uh, putting it in a uh. You know a vibrate mode, only uh that type of thing now swiping up youre gon na be able to get your a recents and uh. This is for facebook, messenger uh, so somebody sent me an attachment there and thats a cool that i can uh check that out now.

I cant reply to that, and this is where the differences start to come in from you know. Your high end, smart watches, where you can actually make phone calls from this device or uh reply to messages. This is the message alerts. Are all youre going to get uh so then youll have to pick up your phone now. This supports a lot of activities and by a lot i mean at least 24 uh different sports modes that you can do in here, 25. Im, sorry and youve got a ton from yoga to hockey to running to tennis swimming everything is all in here. So if you do want to just go for a run, you can click running and it will start and you can see its automatically taking my beats per minute using my fingers here and im sitting at about 73 beats per minute, which is fine and works just As well on my wrist, i tested this against. My galaxy watch worked really really well now. I did reset this so theres no steps in here, but you do have again other things such as being able to track your beats per minute and, as you can see, ive been tracking it for a portion of the day and it gives you a chart to. Let you know how high its been and at what time now you do have blood oxygen in here as well. This worked well on my wrist and it does work well on my fingers as well, as you can see here so im sitting at a 98 99 body temperature.

This is another one that uh is pretty interesting, uh and something that, with now that covet is around. You may want to keep an eye on. So this is cool that it has that body temperature sensor in it. I usually run about 97.7, as my normal, and this is saying im at 97.3 using my fingertips, not just my wrist, so its pretty close, i would say within half a degree, so overall im pretty impressed with that. Now you do have sleep tracking in here as well. So if you want to track your sleep, you can do that its built in here, which is a really nice one breath, which is a nice setup here and what the breath is is kind of like a mindfulness, uh breathing exercise that you can use uh. You do have weather built into this as well, so you do get two days of weather right here, to be able to check your weather uh and when its connected to your phone, you can use this to control your media player on your phone as well uh. At least pause and play and of course, forward track and reverse track. So weve got that you do have a stopwatch built in and this will bring you back to your messages uh. So you do have that you have a timer. You do have a flashlight which just turns the screen, all white, which does a a good job at you know a makeshift flashlight, which is actually pretty cool uh.

You have your find here and if you click on that it will uh vibrate uh to let you know where the watch is and then you have some settings here. We can go into dial settings and system info brightness and all of those are set right here. So again i can thats a quick way to get into uh the three built in dials that are here or watch faces, and then you can of course get more of them through the app as well system info and regular info. Here you can reset the entire watch here. You can go to brightness im currently at 50. You can see its nice and bright. So if you uh need to kind of push it up a little bit, you can for outdoor viewing, and you can turn it off from here as well as get your qr code now you can set the screen timeout from 5 to 10 seconds to 15 seconds And you saw earlier in the app you could also set a lot of these right through the app as well, okay, so uh, what are you losing with this watch versus something like a higher end? Watch like my galaxy watch four well, i cant respond to messages with this watch im only going to be able to get alerts. I cant make phone calls from this watch its more geared towards being a a fitness tracker, slash smart watch in the respect that it only gives you notifications, so you will have to grab your phone to reply to those notifications uh, but on the flip side of This, the health tracking features and fitness features on this are excellent.

So if you want to save a ton of money – and you want to be able to be focused more on your pedometer, your step count your uh, your blood oxygen, your heart rate, all of those things and have a 12 to 15 day battery life, then this For ‘ and 99 is a steal, in my opinion, because all the health sensors on this work really really well and do a great job at tracking all of that information. So it really depends on what you need to use this, for so, if thats, what youre? Looking for then, the r3 pro is going to be a a good deal for you. So there you go thats my a review of the iwoto r3 pro smartwatch and fitness tracker again, im very impressed with the build quality on this for the price point youre. Getting a lot of nice health features and fitness tracking out of this, you still get notifications for messages and phone calls so that you can uh at least know if your phone is not with you uh or, at least within bluetooth, range that you did miss a Phone call or a text message or something from one of your apps that you might want to check later. Overall, i think they did a great job on this, especially for the price point and the fact that you really are not going to have any battery anxiety. Getting 12 to 15 days of battery life, uh youve got sleep tracking built in youve, got uh blood, oxygen, heart rate and body temperature all built into this watch, and it is on a nice high definition, ips display.

Overall, i think if this is what youre looking for more of a fitness tracker with reminders, instead of being able to make phone calls from the watch, then you should definitely put this one on your list. I think its worth taking a look at this was luke from galaxy tech review. If you have any questions or comments about the r3 pro, please leave them in the comment section below ill get back to you as soon as possible.