I bought 5 knockoff tech and gadget items on the Wish app! This is the second episode of Wishbusters, where I buy and try different products from Wish.com and compare them to real products!! In this episode I spend $230 to get a blow up bed that kinda works, two karaoke microphones that are DECENT, a cleaning robot and MORE! Shipping takes 3-4 weeks for items on Wish, so I go shopping and testing tech out so you don’t have to… is this cheap knockoff smartwatch even worth it?!

Get this video 30,000 LIKES & I’ll buy this ROBOT HAND!!

50% Wish promo code: kphdrdg

Blow-up Bed:
Karaoke Microphones:
Knockoff Smartwatch:
Cleaning Robot:
Spy Cam:

Wishbusters Episode 1!!

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