Seven clone smartwatch, uh kiwi time has actually kindly sent me this out some of the smartwatch i actually get. I always get them from kiwitime and also, if you want to purchase one of these ive left a link in the description box below check out the watch and also check out the other items that they sell. As some of the smartwatches ive got on. My also channel they do actually sell. So thank you for kiwi time for sending me out the cw7 series. Seven claw smartwatch, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of the social medias. Above as i always post sneak peeks on what to expect in all sorts and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, someone upload any video youll actually be notified. Lets quickly take a look at the box, so youve got the watch right here, a really big, seven, a couple of watches in different colors. This actually comes in five different colors as well, so you can choose which one you want to go for. It also has the weft pro up, which is one of probably one of the best smartwatch uh apps. You can actually download uh series 7 cw7, the color i received in the black color, nothing else around the box space aluminium case and at the back it actually just gives you a bit of information include smart watch band charging, cable and user manual.

A few trademarks made in china, as is everything else, so lets unbox this and see what we get inside Music. Here we have the watch. Yes, we received a black color, like i said you can get it in five different colors just check out the link in the description box below and you can see more specifications on it and what features it has so opening up the plastic – and here we have It so this is what the series seven design was supposed to look like, but they just stayed with the series six design um. I actually prefer this design smartwatch than the previous ones. Youve got a crown, cutout crown micro tower and also power button. Taking a look at the other side, youve got two slits for the speakers. One is fake. One is real. Take a look at the back. Youve got your heart rate sensors with the text all around and the two pin charger, which i showed you earlier theres no buttons here to take out. The uh watch band that just slides straight in and straight out. So here we have the smartwatch now im just going to tell you a little bit of information about it and then well take a look at what the smartwatch is like when we switch on Music. All right lets power this on and see what kind of features we get so pushing in the power on and off phone, as you can see, move straight up.

Youve got a boot up tone with no vibration, so first of all lets hold the um watch face in it, doesnt actually change, so we can actually use the crown. So we have what i want. This is the second third, four five, six, seven, eight nine ten 11 12 13 14 15 15 watch faces, so you might be able to change them when you connect it to the app so lets check that out later so i pin it down, as you can See got battery percentage and a few shortcuts. You got your bluetooth, which you can switch on and off. You can lock the screen as well, so long press the side button to unlock after three seconds as you can see, and you can also put a passcode on that which ill show you later. When we go into settings it also has alipay and um. Also, a business card qr code, so its got to two of them new features where you can actually add your details to make a payment on the qr code. Or you can add your information through via social media, and you can put it on the qr code and give it to people who you want via this watch so ill. Show you that when we connect it to the app so youve got your brightness, which you can put up and down, which is a nice swipe as well. Youve also got your date and time and also your settings so lets go into settings to see what else we get.

You got. Your dimming uh screen off time. Raise your wrist to bright. Do not disturb sound of vibration. Language settings so youve got a few languages as you can see right there. So i bring it back. Youve got your connect mobile phone password as well, so you can put the password on so when you lock your screen, it requires a password which is a good cool feature about version 1.08, cw7 and going back to the bottom, is reboot, restore factory settings and shutdown. So thats what you get in settings so lets swipe it to the left and right that just changes. The watch face check these out. Swiping itll give you the message, notifications and that is about it so pushing in the crown. It goes straight to your menu and now pushing in again will actually change it to another menu interface, which this is probably the one i like pushing in again. Well, actually, change it to smart view and, as you can tell, the crown does work. So let me just switch it back to my favorite one, which you have right here. So you got sleep, you got a phone which you need to connect into your mobile phone. Of course, whether it will actually sync when you connect it to your phone uh heart rate, so lets see if actually the heart rate actually works. So, as you can see here, you got your christmas flashing lights, going off right there and lets give it a few seconds to see if we get a reading now, like i said, with these fake smart watches, they never actually have an accurate health uh reading, whether It be the heart rate, the blood oxygen or whatnot.

Some of the smart watches have a sensor, so it doesnt give you a reading when its off enough. Let me just show you, while its on an object so holding it in while its on the box of the cw7 and lets see if it gives us a reading, lets do them for you, so the christmas flashing lights will probably be going off and uh. Hopefully it should get reading as it didnt give us a reading when it was off an object. So that goes to show that it should have a sensor at the bottom and it just detects when its on an object and as you can see here its given the reading so taking it off the box. Uh the christmas frosting lights is still going off and the reading has gone off that just got to show that they give you fake reading. So outdoor sports got a few outdoor sports right there, blood pressure, theres, no point checking that, because its just going to give you another fake reading, breathe indoor activities. This is give you information on all the week. What youve been doing uh stopwatch data consume activity frequency and this is the sp02, so i pin it down go to music now, obviously, you need to activate it to bluetooth on your phone uh. You got your messages, shake to take pictures, calculator, settings, weve, already checked settings blood pressure, and that is about it. So its got no games or whatever, but uh it has got some good features, pretty basic right.

The army need to download is where fit pro, which youve already got downloaded here and make sure bluetooth is on on your smartwatch and also your mobile phone, of course add a device. Hopefully you should get cw7 on here. Pairing so do not operate mobile phone or watches no problem lets just wait for that pair. Yes, would like to pair uh, allow notifications successful period, and this goes to show. So, as you can see here now, ive told you before with this app. This is probably one of the best apps you can actually use on any smartwatch uh. You can actually get all your details. Think straight to the smartwatch from your steps calories any kilometers you want to watch faces. Unfortunately, this app does have ads but uh its a bit annoying. So, as you can see, some you have to pay and some you can download for free. So if you go to simplicity, you can download them for free. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you can customize and put your own watch face on, which is really cool, but yeah it has got a load of watch faces. You can update it as well. So here is the new two new features. The wallet you can choose from wechat, alip and paypal – all you got ta do is put your details in onto the qr code. It syncs straight to the smartwatch. You can make payments via qr code, also business card.

You can choose between these five uh. Put your details in and thats it itll get sync straight to your smart watch and you can actually send people your business card from your smart watch, my qr code, which is really cool, uh health reminder. You got weather push notifications, you can toggle these on and off, depending on which notifications you want from which um apps as well. So you got alarm taking pictures, fine bracelet it just vibrates as well. Uh favorite contacts all the settings and you can actually update your firmware factory settings or delete current device now with this, smartwatch, actually gives you information at the top 3w7 as well. When youre making phone calls, the number actually comes up and you can actually receive um notifications from any uh, as you saw earlier, any uh apps and you cant reply back to it. You can receive a look at the notifications that you get in your messages, but you cant reply back so there we have it. Ladies and gentlemen, the cw series 7 smartwatch.