I will show off what it all has and entails here uh. So in the box, you of course get the watch itself. You get this band, which you can replace pretty easily with bands online on amazon. If you want, then you get this proprietary charger. This charger has to be in here. This way, try doing it the other way it will not connect correctly uh it’s pretty strong, though, and charges up pretty quick. The band is pretty cool. Looking it’s different from most other bands, i think it’s, pretty nice. Looking on the back, you do have a heart rate, which you can turn on all the time or just on during certain times like exercising, you get two buttons on the right, no button on the left. Oh, you get a nice looking display and overall it’s a pretty decent looking watch for 50 bucks. Only on this does have extra built in gps, which is quite nice, so you don’t have to have your phone with. You go to the user interface here swinging down. Bringing to your notifications swiping up, will bring you to your quick settings, so battery percentage uh find my phone airplane mode. This is do not disturb your brightness levels and then your settings here, and so you can see it is connected to bluetooth up top there and, of course, it’ll be your main screen which you’re going to need whatever clock face. You have it on uh, swipe to the right or to the left.

You’Ll get to basically the same sub menus just from different sides uh. So your activities, which will tell you today’s stuff, i’ve, not worn. This watch today so it’s telling me nothing right now, uh, but you have your calories stuff, standing, not sure what standing is, but there is something on here: it’s a metric it. It does. Uh calories your steps, your standing again, i’m, not sure what standing means: uh, alarms your breathing heart rate. So again you have heart rate on all the time or not. I don’t have it on all the time. Like i don’t on mine, currently uh, you need to go here and tap the measure or during exercises. Uh music controls. We’Re still gon na offer your phone through bluetooth. It does not have built in music it’s only a 50 watch, so you can’t really expect it. Uh your notifications, again settings we’ll, get to a moment here, come back to uh how you slept for last night, again didn’t work last night, but i’ll tell you your score and then it’ll tell you your different stages. How long you’re running how long you were in each uh, your stopwatch, timer, your weather, pretty basic weather that’s? All it tells you that’s it! So your current uh temperature outside and then the high and the low for the day, uh workouts and then back home. So it’s gon na use workouts there’s, not too many workouts on here you have outdoor running walking outdoor cycling and indoor cycling, so this is really more of a cardio watch than it is anything else go over here to settings you have your different watch faces.

You can change them up, it has four or five of them installed. Yeah there’s, four of them on here currently i’ll hit. This bomb bundle go back again, brightness your vibration level, uh waking. So this is interesting. It has always bright, which seems to be, and always on, display on or off which, of course, will kill your battery. If you keep it on uh, your braid screen timer. How long the screen it says, i’m for annoying thing is: if it does turn off a lot of times it goes back to the home uh. Then you raise the wake or turn that off. You’Ll have to hit the button to turn back on uh your device information qr code, which is to set it up, reboot power off and then reset so for a 50 dollar watch it’s, actually pretty decent uh. Like i said, the biggest thing to me, is you get that actual gps and not just connected gps, uh plus it’s, pretty nice? Looking, i think, it’s. I think it’s pretty good. Looking watch when i put it on me here, especially for only 50 in the u.s here, that’s what it looks like on my very small wrist you can see. My wrists are pretty small, but i think it looks pretty good. I think it’s a great size, not too big, not too small. Here then, according to the box, here it is three atms and this atmosphere is water resistant, so you can go, should be able to go swimming with it or take it in the shower.

If you want, you can receive and read all of your notifications on the watch itself as well, and then, of course, there is an app which is kind of a basic app. So we’ll go ahead here, though, and of course you do, these they’ll tell you that give a bit of a timer there countdown. So your distance, your heart rate, previous mile pace, your average pace, your current pace, calories, cadence your steps, uh distance and heart rate again uh. So it tells you a decent amount of stuff. Then up there will be how good you are connected to gps. That is crazy. I actually found gps. I am inside uh that’s, actually really good. A lot of watches cannot seem to find any gps inside wow that’s that’s, shocking uh so hit the top button there and it will uh it’ll pause the whatever workout you’re on again same with the bottom, and then you can resume or end it uh, since we Did not go for very far. It did not record it, so that’s actually cool too uh it’s kind of funny on some watches. You know last night started off for like five seconds i’m like oh, you did great uh. No, i didn’t do anything, but thank you. Oh yeah so uh two, i need to mention on their app. You can get more watch faces only. I said this yet there’s, probably about 50 or so i would say around 50 watch faces.

You can get a different different styles and different uh yeah different styles. I guess uh they’re very cool uh yeah, so that is the vibe plus here on fifty dollar watch. I got mine from target, i believe walmart also sells them uh yeah guys. Let me know what you think. I think this would be a decent watch. If you do not already have a watch and if we’re uh for running or cycling outdoors or walking or indoors, alright guys, thank you all very much for watching hope. You have a good one, see y’all next time.