We developed sophisticated motion sensors that scrutinize your movements, Music, so like a personal trainer watch, advises you how to improve your performance and reach your goals. Watch ingeniously detects when you’re active and when you’re not we designed it to keep track of your stress levels. So you can reset whenever you need to and it’s configured to combine seamlessly with the samsung health app. So you can manage your fitness. Look after your well being and even monitor the rem quality of your sleep in a truly revolutionary move. We’Ve introduced wireless powershare, which will charge your watch right from the galaxy s10. All you have to do is choose a strap pick a face and let watch active go to work Music. Next generation galaxy watch active the smart watch that gives you smart advice: Music, be Music, foreign, Music, Music, so Music, now, Music, featuring built in gps, more than 15 pre loaded activities and the all new garmin pay vivo active 3 is the smart watch for your everyday Life in this video we’ll introduce you to your new smart watch and show you how to start using it. When you first take vivoactive 3 out of the box, give it a charge just plug the included charging cable into the port at the back of the device. Then plug the other end into any usb port after it’s charged, you can complete the easy setup process. It will walk you through how to get your smart watch up and running and even pair it with your phone now let’s take a look at your watch.

This is the home screen, you’ll notice, a button on the side of the watch face. You can press and hold the button to view the controls menu. The controls menu contain shortcuts that let you do things like turn on do not disturb mode access. Your garmin pay wallet, save your current location, turn the device off and more. You can swipe up or down to scroll through the widgets or use the side. Swipe control, as you do you’ll see at a glance summaries of your daily activity, weather, smart notifications, heart rate and, more to start an activity press. The button from your home screen scroll through the available activities and select one by tapping on the screen. Gps will turn on automatically if you’ve selected an outdoor activity go outside and wait for the device to locate satellites. When it does, you can press the button again to start the timer at the end of your activity, press the button to stop the timer.