Well in todays review im going to be reviewing the dorello smartwatch and i will tell you up front. This company contacted me and asked me if i would review their product, and i said yes, but i am not being paid all right im, not getting any commission, and i will make sure that my review is always honest with you guys, because thats more important than Making a commission, i promise you now i will be using amazon links in the description, because that is one of the ways that we make money on the channel. But if a products not worth it, i promise you im not going to recommend it. I dont know where i stand with this product, because i am just starting my review guys. This is a 50 dollar smart watch and thats. One of the reasons why i decided to do the review. Most smart watches cost a couple hundred bucks. So i said all right: you know what this might be good for the subscribers. This has a heart rate, monitor. It has 14 different sport modes for tracking exercises. It does call and sms alerts when you get text messages and calls it is a blood oxygen monitor. This also has a seven day battery which im amazed im like, and you know and again well test that right. So the bottom line is in this review. Im gon na unbox, this im gon na go, do a close look. Im gon na go over key features and im gon na test this, and i will come back and tell you what i think all right so lets get started with the unboxing.

Here we go alright guys, so you do get a operations manual. You get your actual watch. Okay, you get a charging cable which looks like a magnetic charging cable and then they do give you a large and a small band, so thats actually really nice. Well, let me put this together ill show you what it looks like with the band on it and then after that ill start, my testing ill, give you some key features towards the end of the video and ill. Tell you what i think all right guys. So this is what it looks like on my wrist. I ended up using the smaller band. I dont have a big wrist. You know so i was like you know: the smaller bands fine, but uh its not on right now, im gon na, like i said, im gon na charge it im going to test it and use it so ill, be back heres. What the back of the watch looks like and heres the magnetic charger, and all you do is just lay it down. It connects that way plug this into usb power, brick and youre ready to go. When you turn the watch on for the first time its going to ask you to download the very fit app from the google play store or from the apple app store, this is what the app looks like all right when you go searching the store when youre In the app youre going to get a prompt on the app and on your watch and go ahead and hit the green check mark, so you can actually pair the watch to the app on your smartphone all right guys.

Well, the day is almost over um. I have 1252 calories burned today, uh 13 minutes out of 30 and i guess they call that activity and nine out of 12 hours of walking steps. 36 63 right there. A heart rate averaging 74 beats a minute stress level 30, which is very low im, not a stressful person, oxygen level 98, and you can record your weight in here as well. You can click into these areas to see more all right, average, my heart rate resting all right im, going to use this to sleep tonight and well see how it works. As far as battery we used almost 30 battery in one day well see how many days we get all right well go over the interface at some point. Right here is the sleep data from yesterday: seven hours 44 minutes of sleep showing on the top rem sleep, which is supposed to be really good. For you, light sleep, isnt purple, deep sleep is in the dark blue there all right. I got a score of 94., not bad, not bad, all right. So as far as battery life is concerned, i got three days all right by the time. Uh tonight you know seven percent now, but uh not bad. Three days is better than some smart watches. All right, so i just wanted to share that with you three days of battery life, all right guys. So a quick look at the interface, so you can change.

Your watch faces all right, which is nice. If you press the button on the side, youll get access to all the apps, all right press it again. It goes back to the main screen. If you swipe down from the top, you will see your notifications and youll be able to also delete them as well. Im just going to go ahead and delete those from the bottom. You do have a couple of settings like you know, brightness settings and uh. You know if you want to find your phone option, which is nice, it tells you your battery um, all right and uh. You know you can you can scroll through? You know the different features and it just continues to scroll scroll through all right. So not too bad lets take a moment and look at the app. I really wanted to spend a moment with you and look at the app, so this is the main interface okay, when you look at the home on the bottom calorie burn on the top active 24 minutes out of 30 minutes was my goal. I i like that. It also gives you a good step count, so that seems pretty accurate. I was not walking a lot today, so 1.65 miles 3829 steps. Now, if you click into these cards, youll get more information and you can go to week month and year. So you can really start to get. You know. This is just the days information, how much exercise, how much walking, how much activity? Okay and so on.

So back out of that uh, you go into your steps again. Itll give you kind of an hour by hour breakdown from the morning till the night. All right and again, you can go into week and month, um heart rate. You can look at that in detail or today itll tell you your resting heart rate. Your heart rate range for the day. Again, you can go through the different tabs for more data, your blood oxygen level. So i didnt really measure that much today, but theyre saying its 98, which is a really good range um. You know any type of exercise. I did today i didnt do much so its not there sleep data is there and we showed that earlier. Okay, so we went over sleep data and then obviously your weight. If youre going to do exercise, you can go in the exercise here and you can manually turn on any of these types of exercises and hit start. But it does have a feature that automatically tracks exercise so well. Show you that in a minute you go on the device here. Is the device ive got a 99 charge, its version 46. thats? What that says, there click on that card and you can update the device when theres an update. Okay, you can restart it. You can delete it all right. If you go in the watch face market you can see. My watch faces. Ive got a couple i put on the the watch just to check it out and play around.

If you hit all youll see that they have a ton of these okay, so im not going to go into all the sections, but youve got new arrivals. Youve got data watch faces, youve got landscape, doodle watch faces custom. These allow you to change the colors and things like that. Analog watch faces large digital watch faces festival, and then you can actually, if you want to add a photo, you can have a photo on your watch face so thats pretty cool. Again, i like how its customizable you can turn on or off notifications for different things. You can have some alarm clock, so you can set some alarm clocks here, but you know thats up to you, you got incoming calls. Uh call reminder is enabled you cannot make calls, you cannot receive calls and you cant send or make text messages. Just so youll know be aware that uh health settings you can go in here and adjust. Do i want heart monitoring, stress, monitoring, drinking reminders, walk around reminder, menstrual cycle believe that its on there um more settings, so you can go in and adjust many different things. Okay, i just want to show you some of the menus without going too deep. If you go to my lets, see what is um all right, my app crashed that thats all right ill, bring it back up real, quick, thats, rare, honestly, thats, the first time the apps ever crashed. Let me go down to my and you can get your medals um.

You can go in and look at different settings and and stuff. So it is very customizable. You can check for your app updates as well. Um again i cant complain. You know the only thing i didnt like was the band the band wasnt comfortable. So i highly recommend that when you get it, they do give you two. They give you a small and a large, so it is adjustable um for me. It just didnt work out, but i will probably end up changing the band. I like that you can put different bands on i, like nylon bands. You know really soft nylon bands are comfortable, uh silicone. Now this is a this is a silicone band as well all right guys. So you know i got this watch from the company. They sent it to me to do a review and ill always be honest with you, its nice to get a product once in a while, its very rare on the channel, but you know for around 50 bucks, not bad. You know its, not a big watch. Okay, its got a simple design, its got the correct sensors for all of your health tracking and stuff, which is nice. It does take 22 millimeter bands, which is nice by the way i like that this sells for around 50 bucks, thats, really not bad at all. For the price point again, the battery lasts me three days i really wasnt as active, so you might get two days if youre really active, i will put up some additional colors.

This actually comes in a few different colors ill put up some additional colors ill put. The links in the description as well all right here are your specs. If you want hit pause, if you want to review it, hey guys take a moment and give us a thumbs up. We really appreciate it, as you can see. Brooklyn shes waving her tail for you take a moment and subscribe dont forget to hit the bell and youll get notified of new videos. We come out with also follow us and contact us on instagram, twitter or facebook. Wed love to have you. Thank you.