It has fantastic battery life, its got this awesome dual layer screen thing where you see. If you can see this in the light, so you can see some numbers on the screen, even though the screens turned off. How cool is that? I really really like this watch, but theres one thing about it that i dont so much love and you can probably maybe guess this by looking at it its really big and im, not like a super big guy. My wrist is kind of small, so this looks like a really really bulky giant watch on my wrist. I noticed the other day, though, that mob void the company that makes this watch has another watch thats a step down in terms of their their pricing tier right. So this one is 299. This is like their top of the line, watch and full credit to them. Its a great watch, its worth the 2.99, but the other one they have is the tick watch e3. It is 199 that is 100 cheaper for those of us that are maybe bad at math, and on top of that it looks to be a little bit more sleek, more felt, maybe a better fit for my wrist. If we take a look here on amazon, you can kind of see what this bad boy looks like 199. As i said, its the same processor, the snapdragon 4100 same thing as on the one i have on now, the pro 3 ultra, but it just looks a bit smaller.

I dont know how the feature set. Really changes were going to dive into that, because i have the thing in front of me here today, because they agreed to send this out to me to have me: do another review of another one of their products. So the first thing we need to do is unbox it and get some first impressions. So lets go to the overhead camera here and lets. Take a look at this thing: the ticwatch e3 by mobvoi. What do we have here? Snapdragon aware 4100 platform. So again same processor, 2.5 d, curved display, so evidently this display is curved a little bit, not sure what thats going to look like were going to find out ip68 swim suitable. That is awesome. I ive been one of those people that i will swim with. My watch on, i will take a shower with my watch on i dont care. I want it to be waterproof 20 plus professional workout modes, thats, something i believe mine does have as well: 24, 7, heart rate blood, oxygen, saturation, monitoring, stress and sleep tracking. So battery life is going to be a big thing for me to kind of suss out here, because with this guy with this sort of lcd display – and it also has a mode it goes into when im sleeping – that is a very low power mode. I get three four five days battery life on this thing at a time, so hopefully we get something similar, uh usb charging dock, which i usually really a dock.

More like a magnetic cable. Whatever speaker mic support, google pay, google assistant gps built in and a whole bunch of watch faces all right, theres a lot of good stuff there so lets slide the lid off of it and there we go so i mean look already. I feel like that thing already looks looks a little bit smaller, maybe its actually not that much smaller in terms of the actual physical size, maybe its not as thick. I dont know, maybe its just an illusion, and it wont do me any good at all. Maybe itll be exactly the same. I do like this packaging, though i like this kind of artwork here. This is really cool. Its an interesting look pulling the thing out. I believe it is definitely lighter, though this this does feel a bit lighter, well get a weight on both of these. In a minute it is still relatively thick, though okay, so it is. It is similarly thick to the one that i have on. I guess were gon na, have to wait and see when its actually on my wrist does it appear to be any smaller. I really dont think it is, i think, its almost the exact same size, so we might have to throw that that hope out the window. That itll be a better fit for my large wrist and well review it from another perspective, heres the charging thing. I believe this is the exact same charger that works on this, so i will have two of these around the house now, and that is a good thing and, of course, theres some documentation in there, but not really much more.

That is important. Lets take the old one off and well set them side by side, and you can really see. I have an aftermarket magnetic watch band on here, but they are pretty much the exact same size. Now it is possible that the screens might be different sizes. The bezel here looks to be a little bit bigger lets see if we can power this thing up yeah. I believe that the screen is bigger on the pro 3 ultra, despite the fact that the bodies are about the same size so as were going through this setup here, lets look at that curved glass. It is very, very slight, but it does taper. You can feel it theres, no like sharp edge as it comes to the bezel here. The build quality is, is nice as usual. This thing is very, very solid feeling, of course, youve got a couple of buttons here on the side they dont rotate or anything theyre. Just standard buttons – and i believe these should be somewhat programmable um as they are on my pro 3 ultra. I think this is sort of just the screen thats there whenever you raise to wake yep, so you can probably set this to always on. We can dive into some of the stuff later as well. Youve got your array of sensors on the bottom, your charging port, there speaker microphone, probably here on the side and, as you probably have seen, we have gone through our setup and after the setup, everything is running.

Really pretty darn well were going to go ahead and enable tracking of everything and hit done so thats going to get us rolling. There is an update that can be installed, and this is a standard wear os device right. So swiping to the left gets you. This sort of google feed swiping down, gets you your settings. Swiping up, gets you notifications and then to the right are tiles that you can set to whatever you want them to be theres several different options there. So since weve established that the size is pretty similar lets check out the weight, because that is out also important. I mentioned this is an aftermarket band. So keep that in mind. Uh lets see how we can get these so that theyre fully on the scale. The new one, the e3 is 46 grams. The pro 3 ultra is 64 grams, so there is quite the difference in terms of weight, even though theres not much of a difference in terms of actual size really is strange because they look, it looks like the e3. Should be so much smaller, but in actuality, when you put them up against each other, they just arent it the sizes. It is maybe, if you look at it this way from this edge, you can see that the ultra does stick out just a little bit further on either side, so the the e3 is lighter and just a hair smaller than the ultra. So you can see here this is the two different options in terms of an always on display and then theres actually a third option here, so with the e3.

This is what youre going to have. This can be this black and white type thing its going to save power by doing this right because its an oled, so its only lighting up the pixels that are relevant there with the pro ultra, though this lcd screen is using effectively no power at all. I would imagine this probably jumps around probably moves around to prevent burn in and then, of course, by hitting a button or touching the screen on either theyre, both then going to wake up now you can also, with the e3 turn off the always on display. So you just have a black screen and then, whenever you lift the thing you should get a tilt to wake. That will give you something that looks like this. Of course, the pro 3 ultra can also have an always on display turned on that is very similar, but in my mind, using that lcd version is just simply the smart way to go because youre going to save so much battery now. This is good news to see here that there is an essential mode that can be enabled and when this essential mode is turned on youre not going to get notifications its pretty much going to completely silence the thing when it boots into this. But youre going to save a ton of batteries so when youre asleep, this is the mode that this thing needs to be in and by virtue of doing that, this thing should be able to extend its battery pretty far.

This is pretty much the only thing youre going to be able to see with essential mode turned on, and then you can just simply reboot the thing and it will come back into the normal mode, but you can set it to a schedule on the pro 3 Ultra, i assume its the same here as well, so that at a certain time, itll go into essential mode and then come out of it. The next morning, kind of automatically saving you a ton of battery and it will still track your sleep in essential mode. So, in order to schedule that essential mode youre going to wake up, your watch youre going to click that button again to get into your apps and then youre going to scroll down. You can see how smooth the scrolling is by the way its really nice find essential mode. Select it slide over here im going to turn on auto by timer on and were going to set. This thing to 10 30 pm is fine to turn on and then were going to turn it back off at like 6 30 a.m. So now, at those times, essential mode is going to just go ahead and turn itself on and, like i said, slick tracking will continue still through that all right. So its got a bunch of updates to download im going to let it do its thing im going to fully charge it and then im going to wear the thing and get an idea of what kind of battery life and performance i can expect in day to Day, use and then ill come back and finish this video, so ive been wearing this watch for a little while now and ill.

Tell you two things that ive noticed immediately thing number one that i first noticed when i put it on. You really do feel that lightness that lack of weight when compared to the pro 3 ultra. This thing feels very, very light by comparison im sure there are lighter watches but ive been wearing a very heavy watch. So to me this feels light. The second thing is, she is a thick thick watch, so get used to that. It is just as thick as the pro 3 ultra, but something about it actually makes it look thicker its, not thicker, but it looks thicker. Okay, so ive had the ticwatch e3 on for about a full day. That includes a knight. Now i did use the essential mode, which i believe kicked in at 10. Pm is what i actually eventually set it to, and it left essential mode at 6 30 a.m. When it is that i am awake so ive had it on for, like i said about a full day, and i am right about halfway through my charge im at about 60, so i think that in terms of battery life, we can pretty safely assume. This is a two day watch ill, probably get through another day and then sometime in the morning, probably need to charge the thing so thats not too bad. Now, keep in mind the pro 3 ultra was like three four, sometimes even five day battery life. So its not quite as good as that, i also did leave the settings as they were, which was lift to wake, but no always on display.

If you turn on that, always on display youre, probably going to hurt your battery life a bit more from there, but i do think the battery life is passable. A couple of days is good enough that lets me. That gives me some leeway in case. I forget to charge the thing in terms of performance its outstanding. The thing lags almost never its the same as as my pro 3 ultra. It jumps from thing to thing very quickly, notifications pop up very quickly able to dismiss them or interact with them very, very quickly, no, no complaints at all with the performance on this watch. I also want to add that sleeping with it on because of how lightweight it is, was pretty comfortable. The only thing i would change looking back is that i would turn off and theres a setting to do this in the essential mode youre going to want to turn off the settings so that it will wake whenever you lift it up when its in essential mode. Because youre sleeping you all over suddenly theres a bright light in your face that might wake you up, but theres a setting to turn that off save some more battery life. Potentially that way as well and speaking of sleeping the tracking stuff works. Absolutely fine! Youre going to use the mob app to do this and you can see it is tracking my heart rate, it is tracking. My blood oxygen is tracking my sleeping my steps.

Everything is going really really well, and this is all happening. 24. 7. In the background, no additional effort needed so yeah im really happy with the tracking stuff, but i mean all that stuff being said. What is the verdict on this? Watch were talking about a 199 dollar watch, but on amazon theres, often a 40 coupon down there, which drops it down to like 160. for 199. I think its a solid watch. I think it feels really good. The tracking is good. The battery life is solid. The screen is a bit smaller than im used to, but its totally fine, ive adjusted to it very very quickly. Google assistant is quick, theres really not much for me to complain about on on this device and then, if you drop it to 160, its a really good buy now wear os 3 3.1. Whatever i dont know if that stuff, when its going to hit this watch. If it hits it at all, so if you buy it, you know maybe keep that in mind if youre really interested in the new version of wear os. Keep that in mind, because i dont know whats going on with that. Ive heard that maybe it is coming. Maybe its not coming, i dont know, but as it is today, could you use it regardless without that new version of where it was absolutely, i really do enjoy this watch. I think its very good and for the price, its going to be difficult to beat remember if you do want to purchase this watch, there will be an affiliate link in the description as well as in the pinned comment, should you choose to use that link? I will receive commission off that purchase thanks to my boy for sending this watch out to me to review.

As always, they are seeing my review the same time as you are. They did not receive any sort of early copy. Nor did i take any payment for this review because it is a review and i dont take money to review products, because that would be very difficult to remain objective during so yeah. I hope you enjoyed the video thanks for stopping by dont forget to hit the subscribe button on your way out and until next time stay nerdy.