Channel uh i’ve got a vape to review um. So basically, a lot of people are making a lot of different smart watches and and uh technology to be perfectly frank, get rid of it all right, throw it away. You don’t need it anymore: okay, because what i’ve got to show you today, vapes, you can rip fat clouds. It says right on. It contains high amounts of nicotine. Yes, so um uh i’m pretty excited to get started. I don’t blame you all right, so um in the packaging, you got the packaging. So what brand are we working with here? It’S called ul? The product is called the amulet. It doesn’t really show up really well pretty good. Huh get yours today, link in the description in the description what’s the tree man saying to me this is youtube here. It is here it is it’s the watch that vapes we get a close up. Oh yeah, a lot of people saw a lot of problems with the you know: common cigarette cigarettes. You know who had a big problem with that, the guys who invented the jewel james monsieus and adam bowen, my heroes anyway, uh let’s, see if it vapes. Ah, how about that let’s check it out? What kind of juice be smoking uh? You know so let’s take a quick look at the manual. Shall we, the manual um, so the vape watch it vapes um. You know you know the rules move the device by pressing the release.

Mechanic help me out here. Travis wrestling the release mech, you got to read it with me, i’m trying i’m trying to focus make sure the device is on via the instructions above use. The draw activated mechanism to vape we don’t need that anymore. We’Re all set check this out, damn satisfying that was satisfying that’s, pretty good dude, so um let’s fill her up. So how do you fill up? A watch take her out how the do you take it out. You press this button. Oh yo that’s, actually ridiculous, that is nice, that is some high tech technology. All right, you ready to get high on this tech hi. The only thing i’m high on is the holy spirit. My name is gabriel. What are you doing over there taking the snooze all right? How do we fill this thing? I think he’s got to pop the little paw dog going, try and give it a shot. We better get this figured out before give me a try. Give me a try Music, what the all right, we’ll let gabe fill it gabe wants to fill it. I want to fill it. Is it? Does it have phc? It is nicotine, my friend we don’t smoke, weed too shaky he’s drunk he’s, fit on the lookout i’m. Not on it. I just can’t stop feeling like. I thought the booze would help. This part is harder than we thought huh. What do you think of the user friendliness of this device so far so far, it’s a watch what’s the problem with the jewel gabe what’s, the problem with the hero it doesn’t go in here.

It doesn’t tell you the time. Every time i go out for a smoke, i have no idea what time it is. I look at my jewel and what is it, what is it dot stupid little like little led. The is that gon na tell me all righty, my friends give it a couple taps. Maybe let’s uh put it on here. You gave one a film for a second. Why? Yes, the apple watch i’m done with that crap. Just to give you guys, uh, let you guys know who’s behind the camera: hey grabby man, so trav. What do you think of the apple watch when i break it down for you when i say it, doesn’t vape? What do you have to say to steve jobs for making such a thing? I think sometimes a vaping device is more useful than a device that tells time, but my made them both happen. What time is it it’s 703? My friend, it is all right. Let’S, try it out: okay, everyone. This is the moment. You’Ve all been waiting for. This is the moment. I’Ve all been waiting for here we go here goes oh that it’s, showing the time 703 nick hit nick hits. It tells you how long you hit it. Bro already stopped it stopped. He blinked it. I got a bunch of juice in my mouth and nothing happened overall. Four out of ten, oh, i guess you’re better off finding an apple watch.

Well, uh! We can always smoke a cigarette good old, red, good old dude. This sucks, i can’t, believe this stupid. I think it’ll work with somebody else. What’S with this. I think gabe should give it a rip. Okay, rip your cigarette and the watch at the same time, Music, nothing, that’s, that’s, a good technology. I think the only problem with the cigarette is that i can’t tell time yeah what time is it? Hey, hey, i’m, talking to you. What time is it Music? I think i have to charge it it’s eight twenty watch. Does that happen, doesn’t vape? Maybe it does. What are you doing guys what’s this he’s smoking a cigarette in my dark bud. The cigarette watch is way better than the vape watch. It smooth iron man has nothing on a cigarette watch we’re going to start selling these shits pack of reds a couple apple watches. Okay, it’s just a prototype, just a prototype we’re getting there. Oh, it burnt the cigarette watch versus the vape water that’s gon na, be the thumbnail, oh, what i think i’m gon na wear, both my apple watch and my vape, and just rock both of them, because this is america, take a gander. Take a gander! Look at this crooked jimmy cheers buddy now look at the rum. This is all you need in life: cheers you think you need a chance or what cheers cheers guys cheers to a good night with vape watches and around yes, sir don’t forget the tree.

Okay, so we’re on the way home, and we learned that gabe actually put the e juice in the wrong part of the thing he put it in the airflow and not in the tank itself. So we got it out of the airflow and um she totes that’s sick dude, like that’s, actually incredible. It is now um the next morning, um i’m still double watching it um. I spent all night on acid um vaping vaping out of my watch and i’ve learned a lot um, what a beautiful sunrise on that note um. Thank you guys for for uh tuning in um uh. You know it’s very simple, really there’s, not much to it. You put a little juice in the top and there you have it. I have a nicotine problem now because of my watch and um. You know this is very. This is a very innovative and intuitive product.