This is seoul from dancer story. Rd has advertised a smart watch in its catalog and it is finally in store. Today i already have a samsung smartwatch and was not really into it, but daniel found that this smartwatch seemed interesting as it claimed to give heart rate and blood pressure in real time later on. We found that it also has a function for blood oxygen. So this morning we went to our local rd store and get the watch and review its health functions. So here is the unboxing watch, two watch band, a metallic mesh and a silicone band, a usb charging dock, a user guide, a warranty certificate and a safety warning leaflet. At first glance, rd watch looks good and the display looks big, but the colors are not as sharp and crisp compared to my samsung watch active 2.. The rd watch is ip67 water resistant and it has messaging and core notification. Multi, sport, tracking pedometer, sleep monitoring and other functions, but we won’t get into that. How we decide to review and compare the art watch health function by comparing it to the polar watch and polar chest, strap the omron blood pressure monitor and on purse oximeter. Our plan was to record and compare heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation at rest and then measure and compare heart rate while exercising the polar watch gives a continuous reading of heart rate. But we soon find out that the rd watch takes some time to measure and give the measured heart rate.

The purse oximeter also gives a continuous reading of heart rate and blood oxygen. The resting heart rate between the polar watch purse oximeter and the rd watch were quite similar in numbers for deadpool’s, then an eye. The blood oxygen between the purse oximeter and the rd watch were quite similar in numbers for both then, and i as well Music. However, the blood pressure between the omnom blood pressure monitor and the rd watch were quite different in numbers, horrible than an eye Music to get a high exercise. In heart rate, we decided to do one minute of jumping jacks and then measure the heart rate. We did two dryers but found that this experiment was not good, while the polar watch can track dan’s heart rate, going down fast and without being on his wrist. The rd watch takes about 35 to 40 seconds to give the measured heart rate, and it has to be on the wrist to see the measurement. So it was hard to compare the heart rate measurement that that way on both devices Music. So we decided to get then riding on the cycle trainer while measuring and comparing his heart rate with the rd watch, polar watch and my samsung watch, which was shows a continuous reading. The polar and samsung watch tracked don’s heart rate and showed similar reading throughout the exercise the rd watch shows reading at specific. So during the exercise we tried to get three measurements. The first two measurements were off from the polar watch, while the third one was quite similar Music.

Does that mean that the rd watch cannot track exercising heart rate? Well, maybe it cannot track a fast change in heart rate like when performing a sprint or in cover training, but it might be able to track an exercising heart rate when the person is exercising at a constant effort with a quite stable exercising heart rate. We could probably have ridden for longer and at a constant speed effort with a stable, exercising heart rate and check whether the rd watch would be able to measure the exercise in heart rate and match it with a polar watch. But we will blame our baby for being too time consuming and then it’s no longer fit to do long ride. Overall, we were happy with the resting heart rate and blood oxygen measurement from the rd smart watch, but the blood pressure was off during our measurement. Maybe we should have done more dryers anyway for 50, this smartwatch the two watch bands. It comes with the function, it provides heart rate, blood, oxygen, receiving message and call etc seems like an okay price. There is also a note inside the rd watch box, saying that this watch is not intended for the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, and that the accuracy of information and data provided may be affected by several factors. So if you have a medical condition best to speak to your gp and or health professional instead of using a smart watch, have fun with your new rd smartwatch.

If you are getting one. Thank you for watching.