Welcome back to the channel. Today we have a cool looking watch. The newly released the gbd200 g shock watch gbd200 lets check it out. Lets go Music all right and thanks for joining, if youre new to the channel, please consider subscribing. I do a lot of content g shock related upcoming releases, new releases, limited editions how to videos customizations all that g shock content. All related consider subscribing if you havent done so already today, were taking a look at the gbd200 thats one. This is the black edition of the gpd200 newly released watch. That um was pretty much released um across the world uh. This one here is the us version comes in the box here, heres the model number gbd200 thats one one is for black module number three: five: zero, six and thats your skill in case youre interested in looking for it they recently restocked at the casio website. So, if youre interested, please consider buying this one um theres, also a yellow and a blue version, the yellow has also reached the us. The blue one is strictly japan, if im not mistaken, maybe other countries but um if im not mistaken its only japan for the blue one so yellow and black are the uh us versions, the yellow ones, a little bit more harder to find its a more popular Color variation than the black one here is a black one. I do have a yellow one coming and i think im gon na fall in love with that one just because of the color, its a nice neon, yellow heres, the manual 3506, which helps you for nothing.

This is very limited information in here how to kind of switch between modes uh, but otherwise, youre gon na have to refer to your mac to your um phone and um. The pdf version of the manual, for instance, from information on this watch heres the tin itself uh. This watch is nice cool. This is the new tin that come released recently. So this is a common kind of uh tin that youll find inside youll find the warranty card international warranty card, and here is your tag: gbd200 1 module 3506 and, like i said earlier, retails for 150 in the us um the yellow one uh sold out the Black and yellow one sold out on the first wave and the prices kind of went up in the market. I just know i just noticed today that they re released. They restocked this model on the uh casio g shock website so consider getting it before they uh sell out again. It is a popular model, its a beautiful model, and i can understand why its becoming popular and getting a lot of traction on the community. The dji community so im going to do a um, not only an unboxing but im also going to go and walk through the functions of this watch and ill do a deeper dive in later videos on how to operate the watch because um, it is quite the Complicated watch if youre new to g shocks um, even i had to um sit there and uh tinker around with the molds and the operation of this watch.

You can see. I got notifications already on there because i set it up to my phone um but ill walk you through all the display, all the different windows um of this watch and then ill talk to you later about the some of the functions, notifications and whatnot um. Maybe in this video, if not the next one, i dont want to make it too long, so starting right off the bat you have the home window. This is the window youre meeting greeted with um, initially with the watch in this window. We have the time setting mode the day of the week, uh the seconds window, the date window, and then you got a bunch of different notifications around the window. Starting off here you have the um notifications. How many notifications you have – and you guys notice here my watch is just connected to bluetooth – is often on, because i am operating my phone here as i record this video, so you have um once you disconnect or um connect the phone to the watch to watch The phone you have a bluetooth connectivity telling you, you have a strong signal and the watch is connected to the uh phone. You also have um airplay mode right to the right and ill show you guys on this on the screen here, all the different other different uh notifications or indicators on the screen and what they mean. You start off with bluetooth technology connection, number of new notifications and notifications that you have some airplane mode, enabled dst when your summer daylight savings time mode is on p 4 pm when youre in 12 hour format, snooze indication alarm when the alarm indicator is on.

That means you have alarms, set up mute when the the watch is on mute vibrations on when you have vibrations on the watch, auto light on feature and battery low indicator. When the battery low indicator is on um, it means that the voltage on the battery is low. You might its time to consider changing the battery before it dies that completely um. This one does have a quite um, quite a long battery life, so i wont be too concerned about that when the indication does come on, consider changing the battery in a timely manner. All right. This watch is matte black. You can see here its a nice little matte black finish. There uh got the orange accent there for the run, otherwise its black and gray throughout all right. The light button there uh also gray in color. It has a nice little uh material or little um print under for the grip, the very minimalistic design that pronounced that correct, and then you have the nice pattern uh throughout the band. That also gives you a nice little grip on the band. Okay, then you have this neat little design here, its uh. I havent seen this. I dont recall seeing this before this is the new transparent right there, design that goes through the back. There um its supposed to be uh for comfort and it kind of holds and um wraps around your wrist a lot better, so it uh its there for comfort but its cool because its not ugly design, i think its nice transparent, looking design and its uh aesthetically Pleasing i think, in my opinion, okay, the buckle on this one is plastic, so um the band and the bezel, its actually uh urethane um is not uh resin, so its urethane its supposed to last longer its a lot more um, uh, flexible comfortable, i would say Otherwise, the same durability.

You know from g shock all right inside. You can see that its coming with these running watches, you have the little lip there, the little tooth that hangs from the top of the band keeper right there. It kind of slips inside one of these crevices here this holes. It keeps the watch from moving and falling off. As you run all right like i said this black buckle there um with the metal kind of holder all right on the back. You have the back plate. There is a screws, not a screw back, so you have screws four screws to be precise right. There, module 3506 gbd200 bluetooth technology um. This one does not have um gps functionality well, ill correction, it does have gps but its not built into the actual watch. It uses the phones, bluetooth technology, to connect to the phone and uses the phones gps to log in on the actual application. So uh 20 bar water resistance, so thats 200 meters uh. This watch like i said it, does have bluetooth technology, vibration, 200, meter, water, resistance, step, tracker, gps with bluetooth, link, uh, urethane band and bezel all right, so theres the um, pretty much summary of the design. Um, the video is already almost 10 minutes, so ill end it there and then the next video ill do ill talk about all the different windows and what they show you. What functionalities theres available, um and then ill do videos thereafter to kind of show you how to function the watch and how to operate the watch in each of those windows uh starting off ill juice? I will show you really quick, the home time window.

Theres four windows here home time, workout, stop watch activity and then notification window right back to your home time. Uh. You can push and hold the bottom button, theres a b button to always take you back to your home time and there you have it um and with that guys ill, let you go until next time. Please consider subscribing ill. Do another quick video shortly after this one um and you guys can see how to navigate all the windows and how to operate them all right so next time this is chicago holiday boy, guys, dont sleep sleep on this watch, its very comfortable im, small im designing Ill actually put on my wrist here really quick. I got a six and a half inch wrist, its relatively small um wrists, so kind of compare this its very comfortable immediately when you put it on youll, see that it feels like cotton on your wrist um and there you have it.