So this beast here well it’s an actual beast: it’s, massive it’s 49 and a half millimeters in diameter, it’s 14 and a half millimeters thick. So it is the rugged smart watch anyway in today’s review, we’ll be looking at the cubot and one let’s get into it. If you are new to westnow’s tech, news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news. We do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. Well, it’s, not really a smart watch, it’s more of fitness tracker that looks like a smart watch, but for just ‘ bucks or 30 pounds. You can get yourself a very smart, looking intelligent watch so with the cupboard and one. This is what it looks like. This is the box on the outside. It says smart watch so there’s, nothing that would say that it’s, a cubot but nonetheless it’s black it’s small let’s, do a quick unboxing. So as soon as you take off the lid and you’re met with the actual smartwatch, as well as the magnetic charging pin let’s take the smartwatch out of its box. So the kubot n1 did surprise us because for ‘ bucks you do get quite a bit of functionality. So you do get 30 sport modes, it’s, 580 and waterproof it’s big, because it is rugged. But if you think about the specs, so it’s actually got an lcd screen, but it’s 240 by 240 pixels. So it is quite bright.

You actually get your sleep tracked on this. You get continuous heart rate monitoring. On top of that, you do get your blood oxygen saturation level, measured as well as that it’s also got music, so you can control music off your wrist off your smart watch anyways in this particular review. First we’ll be looking at the design. Then we’ll get into the display specs and then we’ll talk about the really cool stuff like the features and functions so without further ado, let’s get into the design of the kubot and one let’s do it. So if we talk about how this thing actually looks well, it’s got the metal finish on the bezel right. You’Ve got the actual screen sunk in just about a millimeter half a millimeter inside the bezel on the side. You do have hard plastic on the underside it’s. Also hard plastic, but you will see that it is a circular design. The actual diameter of the case is 49 and a half millimeters, while the thickness is 14 and a half millimeters. So that is quite hefty. And if we look at the four screws that are done symmetrically over the bezel, we can see what this sort of hints at it does hint at the garmin fenix design, it’s, not a look alike. But it does look like that sort of style watch and, of course, if you look at the two buttons on the side, because there are two plastic buttons on the right hand, side of the watch case now let’s be frank.

The two buttons on the side could have been metal as well, just like the bezel but they’re. Not they are plastic. So the top right button is actually the power button or the function button which gets you back to the screen. Now on the underside, you do have a button which gets you to your activity list or basically to your main apps and widgets. The logs on this thing are also plastic. Now they do look firm enough. They do look secure enough, but i think it would have been nice if they were metal just like the bezel. In fact, if the whole watch case was metal, it would have made it look just a bit more sturdy, but then again we are paying just 40 bucks for it or 30 pounds. Let’S take a look at the actual, strap design. So it does look interesting. It does curve around your wrist on the top of the wrist right next to the lugs. Another interesting thing is that the clasp is the classic watch type cloth, and that is a nice addition, because the watch type clasp is just so simple to use. We’Re all used to it. We know how it works and it’s metal and what i absolutely love about it is that it’s got the actual brand logo on the top of the clasp, and that just looks nice so many premium, as well as the non premium brands. Don’T really do that, but when you do have that logo on the clasp, it gives it just that extra special feel to it.

Now, if we look at the rest of the actual band, we can see that it is quite a thick tpu rubber, strap. In fact, this one here is 24 millimeters wide, but it is the generic type, so it is the easy clicking, and that means that you can get many third party straps online if you don’t like this one, but i do like the feel of the original strap In it, it does help you with the rugged look, and it is quite comfortable – i’ve been wearing it for about four days now, and i can say that my wrist does not get sweaty under this particular strap with the display it’s quite simple. So this is a tft lcd screen. It’S got 240 by 240 pixels, which provides quite clear vision when you’re looking at the actual screen. Nothing is pixelated it’s, clear enough, it’s bright enough and, quite importantly, you do get quite a number of preset faces already pre installed. So just keep your finger on the actual watch face and, as you click into the menu you can scroll left or right and look at the faces available. They are quite informative, so choose the one you like best and put it on now in regards to the glass on top of this. This is not corning glass, but nonetheless it is hardened glass. So that means that if you do have some knocks and bumps, you would not be braking or scratching the screen as easily, so the display size here is 1.

28 inches, that’s, quite big, almost 1.3 inches. Actually another interesting point about the display is that it is touch activated as well as having the operations from the two buttons on the side. So it does make it quite convenient on your runs on your swims or wherever, even if you’re taking it outside. For the casual use anyway, now let’s get into the features and functions we can talk about battery life. We’Ll tell you what this watch can and cannot do. Let’S do it now. This cubot n1 is actually quite mature. What, but what i mean by mature is that it looks and feels like a smartwatch. Of course, it doesn’t have the full functionality of a smartwatch. It doesn’t have the ecosystem, something is offered by garmin pola, samsung or apple, but it does feel like a smartwatch, because it looks the part and the actual gesture control that you get on. This watch does feel very grown up now. The rest of the shortcut screens, as well as the main widget and app screen, actually come when you swipe horizontally, so either left or right. I like to swipe once right and you actually see your widgets or your apps. Then, if you swipe left, you go back to home and then you can keep on swiping left to get to your shortcut screens. So you do get your heart rate screen. You get your a daily activity screen. You get your spo2 screen and this is great, because the sp02 function actually works very quickly, so you don’t have to wait for up to a minute.

The measurement does take place literally in about 10 to 15 seconds, and that is very quick. If you keep swiping to the left, you actually get to the sleep tracking screen, and this is where it gets exciting. So you don’t actually have to go to your app to watch how much you slept during the night and what the kubot n1 measures is your overall sleep time and you’re going to sleep time as well as your wake up time. So this is quite useful. If you keep on swiping left, you will get to your weather app and then, of course, you get to your music controls and i love the fact that the buttons are huge, it’s, so easy to press play or to the next song or go to the previous Song simply because it’s a 1.3 inch lcd display and if you’re exercising it’s so easy just to pull. This watch out actually click on next song or play the song, because you can clearly see what you’re pressing it’s, not a fitness, tracker, it’s, a huge smartwatch look alike and one more swipe to the left will actually get you back home. So this is how you operate. The cubot n1 let’s get into the particular features and functions and we’ll tell you what this watch can do for you now i’ll, be frank when you do get to your sports list or your apps and your widgets list. I love the fact that you get to move around in a semi crescent motion that does feel mature.

It feels as if you are operating a much more expensive, smartwatch, so let’s see what you get. You get the training app. You get your heart rate, app your spo2, app your status or your daily activity tracker as well as your sleeping app. You get a stopwatch. I don’t know why you get a stopwatch, but you don’t get a timer. Then, of course you can go to your messengers or your settings. When you go to your settings, you will notice that there is no brightness options, because if you do want to adjust the brightness on the watch, you have to go back home, so press the top right button swipe down from the home screen to get your shortcut Option and then you’ve got the brightness in the bottom left of the shortcut screen. So this little star click on that a number of times and you can choose your brightness setting nice and simple. Now let’s go and talk about sports because after all, it’s a smart slash sport watch now, even though it does have the 13 sport modes. I did notice a small minus and the minus says you don’t get goal based activities, so any activity let’s say we’re going to training. Let’S choose running, so i click it. The only option i get is when it runs and i can just change the screens, but i can’t really set any goal based activity such as i can’t set a goal of the distance.

I want to run or the time i want to do it or the calories to be burned, so that’s, a slight minus, but then again the price is just 40 bucks, so that’s pretty much it. This is what you get in the rugged cubot n1. Hopefully, you did find this review useful and interesting. If you have, then please drop us a like, and if you want to see more of the same, you know what to do.