As of the taping of this video, if you’re loving all the tech, both new and old, even some fitness stuff, because when you think of fitness, you think of steve alicia go ahead and tussle that subscribe button. It certainly means a lot to me, so the amaze fit band 5.. I got it for a couple of different reasons: number one. If you’ve watched the channel, i am pleasantly surprised and impressed by the quality of the amaze fit stuff. I understand that this particular product shares a lot of similarities to the xiaomi mi band, five or six or one of them, because this is basically the parent company of amazefitter. Basically, their company is the one that manufactures the hardware for xiaomi, so there’s going to be some similarities, but i really like the amaze fit software. I know some people have had problems with crashing on it. I did not have those i use it on ios and it’s been pretty sturdy for me, so i did not have those issues, but overall the point of the video today is: it was on sale for even cheaper, but 35 amazon link will be in the description For this and for what you get for 35 dollars, i think you’re going to be pretty impressed. The first thing, i’m gon na go over negative first, because this is the third time i’ve had this happen with the mazefit products and a lot of people comment on amazon and our reviews and stuff like that, because in the title, in the description of the device Itself they say 15 day battery life, and i can tell you i’ve been using it for three weeks almost a month now, that’s not the case once again, they’re falling short, i think, with the amaze, the neo retro smartwatch, they were talking 28 days.

It was more like 18., they say 15 for this one it’s more like seven in any condition, you’d want to use it, whereas the heart rate, sleep, monitoring stuff, like that you’re gon na get seven days. A lot of that is brightness, dependent, i’m sure. If you turn down the brightness, if you use a different watch face, which they have here, multiple different ones, we’ll zoom in, if we could get that to focus, they have a bunch of different ones you could choose from, and some of those i’m sure chew. Up more power than others, but seven days, and i really wish they’d just stop overstating the battery life because it annoys a bunch of customers and it just isn’t needed number one. The actual everyday average battery life that you get is more than enough to go. On i’m telling you my fitbit charge, four gets five days: they advertise seven, so they come. In short, it gets five, but it doesn’t have a color screen, certainly not one. This high resolution and you’re saving a hundred plus dollars between the two devices so don’t overstate. It stop it it’s. Annoying seven days is what you’re gon na get with this, but let’s talk about what you are getting for your 35 dollars and the positives. The screen is number one incredibly high res. When i saw the price, i honestly thought we were getting something very low, res transflective, but no it’s a high resolution display it gets very bright.

You can see here it’s hard to tell on camera, but it gets really bright, easy to see in daylight, it’s a nice quality build the band that you get we’ll talk about in a few moments, but the actual device itself. The button is super, responsive and nice. The charge the charge four, sometimes you have a problem, you know getting to the button to squeeze in the sides. Nothing like that. This is a dual home and back button. It works perfectly every single time, just bright. You got your weather, some certain things like that and stuff. You could choose through different watch faces and see which things you want monitored. We’Ll go over the menus, real quick on here, get that to zoom. So you got your regular standard. You got status which basically gives you what you’ve done for the day: calories distance, walk steps and all the rest of it. If you’ve got that pie number that we’ve talked about before that’s, basically their metric, their algorithm of your overall fitness, which is kept track of in the app look how responsive this is on the touch display by the way heart rate which works, fine we’ll get the Blood oxygen in a moment i want to go back to that notifications, so you are getting smart watch functionality and it works really. Well, you get color notifications. They include the icon of the app. I was able to get youtube message. Notifications, imessage, stuff emails works really.

Well, snappy, fine! You get a nice vibration, we lost our track there, but we’ll get back to it in a second stress level is basically a stress, monitor. It takes a bit and it’s a little finicky. Breathing works. Fine it’s, like those breathing exercises that you get on your apple watch events. If you put any notifications or events in there works, fine weather just pulls. It basically connects to the weather app on your phone. Pulls it right from the app workout acquires quickly and works. Just fine, you know it does a great job of acquiring you, the gp, using the gps in your phone, but acquiring where you are and having no issue it does a great job, nice and quick. Some of the other ones take a while to get you going, but it’s different apps pre programmed in there we’ll go through some of them. Outdoor running treadmill, cycling, indoor, cycling, walking, elliptical, rowing machine, yoga, jump rope. I think there’s 11 pre programmed in there, but they work quite well, that is nice and then more, which you click into, that it basically gets. You do not disturb alarm camera control, so it’s, obviously not a camera here, it’s, something that you uh you’re. Basically, controlling the camera as it goes through, music is controlled in an app as well. So you can control your music. You hook it up with your different uh, spotify and stuff like that in the app, and it should work just fine stopwatch timer, which does include a nice countdown.

People want to know how much you’re doing with the countdown so that works. Fine device world clock band display, which is basically your watch, faces we’ll, go into that you can choose from different ones that i have here. Basically, that was the one i was using this purple one i selected, which i think was killing battery a little quickly, but we’ll go ahead through that and then different settings, which is your brightness and lock screen how long you have it on for and all the Rest of it, but so pretty full featured for your 35 dollars, not bad at all. Blood oxygen works. Fine. It takes a minute it’s, not like the charge 4, where it’s constantly doing it in your sleeper it’s, constantly getting a value. Nothing like that! This is actually you have to go in there, so you go into the section of that. Okay and then it will tell you if you go ahead and do it but place your watch band securely, lay flat on the on the table. Whatever lay your wrist back, have the the screen facing up and it’ll go ahead and take the blood oxygen and comp doing it. It was about a percentage off from my charge four. So if you’re talking 35 dollars as opposed to over a hundred, i think that’s pretty good and i don’t think you’re going to be going crazy over the blood oxygen levels on these things anyway, you know if this one is reading that i’m getting 91 as opposed To 92, does that mean i’m making sure my life insurance is up to date or are my wheels filled out? No but it’s a nice thing to have where, if you do it over time and you notice – hey there’s a big dip here, you might want to make an appointment with somebody use these things as a guide to heart monitor all the rest of itself.

But this is fairly accurate with the other amaze fit products which do compare well to my apple watch. They compare well to the garmin and they compare well to the fitbit and everybody. The steps are comparable. Everybody has different steps, they’re just a little bit off, not a lot, and everybody has a different way of calculating the distance because they all use a different algorithm for how much one step actually is on fitbit. What is nice is, you could go in and count and reduce that if you need to, you could go in and say: hey. My stride is actually x amount. Long and it’ll adjust the steps accordingly, this you’re not really getting into that, but it works. Just fine. It’S accurate, reasonably accurate for your 35 dollars great screen overall excellent stuff. The bluetooth connectability is great on it. It’S you don’t have a problem. If you leave the room, if you get out of range, you don’t have to go back into the app every five seconds. It reacquires nicely we’re gon na go into the app here in case you haven’t seen it before, because i know a lot of people have it let’s go ahead in here now. It’S gon na show it’s gon na show different things, but i have it on a you can see. The app here keeps the heart rate. The pi sleep score, which is nice and accurate, keeps all of your activity keeps all of your devices at once.

If you want to go ahead and reactivate one device, as opposed to, if you’re wearing the let’s say you’re wearing the neo smart watch one day, you could go in here redo that and if you want to wear the band 5, the next day, you could go Ahead and put it in here, overall, a quality fitness tracker, 35 smart walks functionality as well, i think for what you’re getting and the money and the app support. I love that it connects to the apple health fitness as well. So if you want to make sure you’re not losing steps, if you’re using say an apple watch and one day you want to wear like a regular casio or something like that. But you put this on your wrist you’re not going to be losing your steps. They’Re going to be put into the apple health app because it does connect up and unlike fitbit, where you got to do nine different things to get it to synchronize it’s nice, that this just by default, allows you to include those steps. Now the band that it comes with it comes in this is very soft soft quality, nice to wear you get in black, you could choose olive drab and also that distressed grapefruit that we’ve talked about before, with the maze fit products that was on the neo. However, four 12.99, as we just moved the camera all over the place, you can pick up every color that you possibly imagine replacement, bands and it’s one of those things.

So this was one of these was six dollars. I’M gon na include the link in the description, but one of these was six dollars all of them, including these other colors over here were 12.99, and it gets to the point where it’s like remember when burke, i think it was burger king. They were selling those 10 nuggets for a dollar and you almost wish they were a bit more expensive because you’d feel better about it, but these are cheap devices. These are cheap things, little rubber things as it is, but they’re not bad they’re, not the same quality as the regular one that you get. But if you want to change it up, literally 13 bucks i’ll send put the link in the description you can get any color. You want huge range there’s about 20 of them slap them on the band. It works nicely just like that and you’re good to go. You’Re set to go overall, i listen it’s very tough to beat for 35 great screen, accurate, good, app support and also we’ll get to this hold on almost forgetting something important here. But if you scroll over all the way you can get amazon alexa. So you can also use that i did use that and it does work just fine. So you get alexa support all it’s not going to listen all the time, so you’re going to have it where you have to go over there and then the mic activates, but it does have a little mic there and it works great if you’ve made it.