So the biggest thing with this band is its about 50 bucks on sale, every so often around 45 dollars and its coming in with a 1.47 inch amoled touchscreen display it is always on as well. Of course, if you do want to use the always on functionality, it will cut down on your battery life by a little bit if youre going to be using all of its fitness, metrics youre, probably going to be looking at around 10 to 12 days. If youre. Looking to use it as a basic smart watch its going to be about 18 days, and if you want to use like battery saving youll get up to 24 days also it does come with a magnetic charger. So when you do put it on, you can hang there. It takes about two to three hours to get a full charge, it does have a replaceable band and, to be perfectly honest, i would recommend getting a better band for this as im. Not a big fan of the way it clasps when it does clasp, it can come off relatively easily, and i did have it come off with me every so often in my day to day usage. Sadly, right now, im not seeing any good replacement bands currently especially on the market, but if any of them do come out, comment down below ill make sure to update the video. When i can alright its sensors, it does have a maze, fits new 3.

0 bio tracker, heart rate sensor, thats also going to track your spo2 levels as well. It has a 3 axis accelerometer and a gyro magnetic sensor as well to help with compassing and which direction youre following it does come in with bluetooth 5.2 and its going to be using a connected gps to be connected with your smartphone. So if you do want to get the most accurate data in your run, cycling and all that you will have to have your phone on you for that with its fitness tracking, it does come in with over 120 sports modes that it can track and some of Them are a little bit weird, but it also does smart recognize four of those activities and it uses its peak beats system algorithm to help out with its caloric expenditure on each one of these, and it does also have the five atmospheres of water resistance. So if it does get dipped into water, or even if you want to go swimming with this, this can track swimming. If you would like the heart rate tracking did fairly well, heart rate is right up here. My whoop is right over here, and i didnt see too many issues even with a lot of good wrist flexion. So for 50 dollars you really cant get much better tracking than this talking about tracking. It also does sleep tracking as well. It does all the different modes rem deep and light sleep. The only problem i did see with the sleep tracking is, if youre sitting in bed for longer periods of time, before or after your sleep.

You might see that as light sleep, because it still thinks you are asleep. But if you fall right to sleep youre going to get very accurate sleep tracking on this band, it does 24 hour heart rate, monitoring and spo2 monitoring, as well with great sleep tracking. If you want to turn everything on so its always tracking again, it will cut down on battery life by a little bit, and it will also let you know if you have abnormally high or low heart rate, that you can customize to your own needs and also Let you know if you have low blood oxygen or high stress and if it does track that you do have high stretch, it also prompt you with some breathing exercises as well. So thats, pretty neat built right into the band. Also, with its sleep dragging, does come with a sleep score. So if you want to gamify your sleep a little bit and give you a little sleep score and a couple little notes here and there to get your sleep a little bit better, this doesnt have any buttons on it, so its all touch screen display. But it does have alexa built in. So if you like to ask alexa to start an alarm or if you have any alexa stuff built into your actual home itself, youll be able to integrate it with that. Of course, it does not have a speaker. So will not be able to talk back youll, be able to read what it sends back with its fitness tracking.

It does have a p. I a a health assessment system. It kind of gives you an idea of how hard you worked each day and it is individualized into everybody and also with women. There is menstrual cycle tracking as well, so if you need that thats built right into the band, if you are going on a run, there is a virtual pacer, so it will pace you to a previous run. So if you are looking to continue to beat your previous run in a one mile, a 5k race or anything like that, itll give you an idea where your current pace is and where you need to be to keep that pace. To beat your previous time. It does come in five different colors other than the black. It comes with green, blue, pink and orange. So again, its all gon na come with the same relatively disappointing clasping mechanism, but different colors youd, like talking about that 1.47 inch amoled display it does have a 282 pixels per inch. So it is a very good screen, even in bright daylight again, it is coming in at about 112 bigger than the amaze fit band 5, which is awesome and it is customizable with 50 plus watch faces, and some of those watch faces are editable as well, and You would be able to upload a photo if you would like for one of those faces. It does run on the zep app, which you are going to need: android, 7 or higher or ios 12 or higher.

The zep app is pretty good. Ive used it quite thoroughly through a lot of different reviews and has a lot of great information on it. I really have no qualms with the app if youre getting a lot of great information from this video. It would do a great service to me to hit that like button its going to help push it out more to the youtube algorithm to help me grow my channel and a quick little overview on the operating system itself. When you swipe down theres, going to be a lot of different settings right here that are quick and theres, even a second window for that as well. There is no physical button, so you will have to swipe back up to go back. The widgets, the widgets, are to your left and to your right, and these are all customizable within the app itself. And if you want to go back to the home screen, you will have to swipe all the way back to the home screen. When you swipe up, this is going to have all your widgets and stuff like that, built in where your workouts activity levels and all of that settings are built in here as well. You can change out wasp pages here. If you dont want to go all the way to the app change out your display, this is where youre going to put your always on. If you would like that or youre on brightness levels, and all of that, if you want to make it a little bit brighter when you swipe to your right, this is going to go back onto any one of these check out your theme style.

All that and notifications vibrations levels stuff like that and when you go into more uh cycle tracking, breathing exercises, stop watches. And you can add that in as well and with a little camera remote and on the back are all the sensors and its charger as well. And again, like i said, this is replaceable if you would like to get a better band, so one of my overall thoughts and recommendations for this band, so this is a great band, especially for its price point of about 50. Only real issue i do have with it is its clasping mechanism. Again, you can get caught on doors or anything like that. That comes off relatively easily. It came off a couple different times when i was actually training some clients uh, which is disappointing. I mean its easy to put back on and all of that, but i cant wait for there actually to be a better ecosystem for replaceable bands, but thats, really the only thing that i could say negative about this band. The battery life is awesome. The screen is great, especially if youre looking to check your pace for, runs and stuff, like that, its fitness and its sleep tracking is great. For this price point i mean its not premier like youre gon na get with maybe 200 to 300 devices, but for 50 youre, probably getting very similar to around the charge 5 in fitbit. As far as accuracy is concerned, of course no gps built in, but you can use your phone for that if you are looking for a smaller band, the amaze fit band 5 will be a little bit smaller and thinner if youre thinking about getting to something a Little bit more petite for the wrist, but its not going to be as accurate as it does have.

The previous version of the heart rate monitor, but even the me band 7, which just came out that would be a great option as well. That does have a pretty big screen, but its going to be very thin. Those are really the only other recommendations i would have in this price range. Well, hopefully, this video was helpful for you guys if it was. Please smash that, like button, it was really helpful.