They got some confusing product names, but i like the amaze fit neo so much that i figured i’d go ahead and give this one a try and see if it could build off of what the neo already did. Amazefit make some nice stuff. They have a nice app, so we’ll take a look at that today before we get to all that. Thank you so much to all the new subscribers well up over 3 800. As of the taping of this video, if you’ve been here a little bit enjoying the tech, both new and old, go ahead and give that subscribe button, a tussle, it certainly means a lot to me. So let’s talk about this 50 bucks, the price so it’s, 10. More than the amaze fit neo but you’re getting a little bit more and there’s two ways to view this particular smartwatch. If you think you’re getting a cheaper apple watch or samsung galaxy gear, or something like that, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you sit there – and you say if you think, you’re getting a better amaze fit neo with a transflective color display more menus on there, a few more functions, more complications on the watch face itself for ten dollars. More then you’re gon na be pleased with the device. So if you have the right mindset going in, you could be happy with this. Absolutely so. But if you go in expecting too much of it, like it’s, going to be like your apple watch or a full fledged smart watch, you’re going to wind up disappointed, but 50 bucks link will be in the description.

Amazon let’s talk about build quality, quite nice. They say it’s the bit best light and they mean it. They mean light. It is a lightweight construction which the same as the amaze fit neo, the great part about that is when you’re wearing it for sleep tracking at night in bed. You don’t even feel it’s on and that’s one problem i have when you’re wearing these apple watches and samsung galaxy gears and all the rest of it. When you can club somebody in the head with the thing on your wrist and it’s annoying to wear at night. These are great, you don’t even know they’re there and they do the job. Just fine lightweight plastic construction, water resistant to 50 meters, i believe so good for showering, kiddie pool swimming okay, the shallow end, don’t go scuba, diving or snorkeling, or anything like this and you’ll. Be fine, the band is actually quite different from the neo because it first off the band that it comes with buttery, smooth, very nice to wear along with the lightweight construction. Even during the day you forget, it’s, there it’s phenomenal, really great band. It was surprising, but if for some reason you don’t like it, you want to switch it up a little bit. Perhaps you want to dress up the watch. Some. It does have quick release, so you can remove them. 20. Millimeters. You can put on whatever band that you want that has the quick release system on there and you can swap it out for something that you like, perhaps a little bit better.

This it comes in three colors it’s got black this light cherry blossom, pink, they’re, calling it and this one i could we’re gon na call this grilled turquoise, because it’s quite a bit darker than regular turquoise, so it’s got that kind of char broiled. Look to it! So we’ll go with that: let’s go through the menus and the watch itself because that’s, why you’d be getting this over the neo? You get a transflective display on all the time, but it does have a illuminated light. So you could see it see how it gets dark there. So it’s just sunlight basically at that point. But if you go ahead tap it it does light up. It gets reasonably bright. You could see it. Obviously, when it’s off, when the backlighting is off, you can see a grate in sunlight, you don’t need it and the dark. You can see it. It works fine battery life let’s go over that real quick before we do the menus, because it has to do with the watch face here. Battery life they claim 30 days, you’re, not getting 30 days. Perhaps if you turn the back lighting all the way down, if you turn the constant monitoring and stuff in the sip all the way down, if you barely use the thing you might get 30 days, regular use from the battery wear you’re gon na get roughly two Weeks before i, i would throw it on the charger and much like the samsung devices it’s entirely dependent on which watch face you’re using if you’re, using the default one that it comes with that it’s out of the box.

This one here you’re going to get the most battery life i found if you switch to some of the other ones, let’s tap it swap it out. If you switch to this watch face this blue one with had a lot of complications, it was cool. It looked like a casio kind of g shock feel your battery will be dead within a day. I had this watch face on for maybe an hour and i lost 14 to 15 of battery life. It was nuts, but i put this one back on the default. One – and it was just fine, so be careful which one you’re choosing, because that is entirely going to affect your battery life, so let’s go through the menus. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way you hit the button a couple different ways to do it, you get the button on the side there’s status, which is basically just going to show you what you’re doing for the day your steps, the calories distance, walked. You can have how long you’ve been sitting and stuff like that, which is always nice it’s depressing to see you got heart rate, which is nice other than the neo you’re gon na get this little range here when you’re in the different fat burning zones and cardio Zones and stuff like that, you could see it color coded at a glance that’s. Quite nice, workout. Okay, so you start the workout just like when you would any other kind of fitness watch.

Let’S say: we’re going to walk it’s going to connect to the gps on your phone, no gps in this, but that’s fine, because you can see a countdown it’s going to start it here and we’ll go through that in a second, you get the heart rate, which Is quite nice with the color coded you get miles distance all the rest of it steps the cadence to your step, that’s nice and then, when you want to end it, you go ahead and long press the crown, and you can do that, it’s. Just a push in crown that’s it no rotation or anything to the crown itself. I don’t think so anyway, yeah no rotation to it, but it works quite nicely. Just the same. Let’S talk about the gps thing because you’re not getting gps but you’re, also not spending 100 on this device. It uses the gps from your phone and that’s what you want to be doing anyway, even the ones that have gps when they’re, relying solely on the gps. On the device, it absolutely destroys the battery life on those devices so you’re keeping it in dynamic anyway for most of those fitness trackers, which is just using the device on your gps on your smartphone, so you’re getting the same functionality here and you’re paying half the Price so that’s fine, i don’t, think that’s a detriment at all. It’S going to be just as accurate as other devices and the gps on your phone is going to be better anyway.

So let’s go back into the menu system. Here weather you get more weather stuff than you do with the neo you get the location, humidity wind. Then you get a couple days worth of future weather, which is quite nice, alarm music. You could hook up to spotify or music. Have it control that settings that pi functionality, which is basically their overall fitness metric that they put in how well you’re doing world clock? You can have different countries, cities whatever it happens, to be timer, which i want to show because, unlike the neo somebody asked me specifically, is there a countdown feature and there is so there’s a stopwatch and countdown which is important to some people. So you do get a counter on that, which is quite nice. Overall, the menu is good. This is where i say if you think you’re getting a full fledged smart watch, you’re going to be disappointed because look let’s just go to notifications here. Real quick, i don’t, know we’ll zoom in there or we’ll make that show up if it focuses and look at that that’s a text with an emoji you’re. Getting the mario question mark box. Okay, this is basically going to look like it’s running dos. When you start getting notifications, so it’s not quite the same as your smart watches, but if you imagine this as a more complicated neo or fitness tracker you’re going to be quite pleased. If you look at it as a smart watch, i do think you’re going to be disappointed slightly, but for what it does it’s really nice.

The sleep performance is good. Let’S go into the app you’ve seen the app before with the amaze fit neo same app. I like the fact that it merges with apple health, so it’s it you, the steps and stuff like that, if you’re not wearing your apple watch, that day or you’re wearing different watches, perhaps you’re wearing your apple watch and then you switch over to the amaze fit For workouts, or whatever it happens, to be it’s, going to be the same tracking in the apple app, which is nice and the amaze fit app, i think, is quite good it’s on par with all the other ones. It did just as well as the the accuracy with the fitbit and all the rest of it. A fitbit app, which is, is good. You get sleep, you get different, you get your deep sleep, your light sleep, your awake time, like i said, are you diagnosing yourself off of this with the heart rate or the sleep or anything like that? No, are you getting a general idea of trends if things are going wrong? If you notice something with your sleep, can you look over here and draw a comparison to what a daisy it says? I didn’t sleep that well. Do i feel what stuff like that it’s general guidance stuff is everything for the most part going well running well in my body that’s? What you could find with this and the app for that is great.

You get sleep. Calories steps that metric that uh fitness metric that they have sleep store score. You can have gold tracker stuff like that and it it can sync with multiple devices, which is quite nice. So if you have your maze fit neo, you want to wear one day. You could just go in here, switch it over to that. If you want to go back to your bip s light, you can switch it in go over to that. So i like the functionality and the flexibility of the app, and i really liked, if you don’t – hey for some reason you don’t like this app. It sends the fitness information over to apple health, so you can use it there as well. I did notice this disconnects a heck of a lot more than the amaze fit neo. If you do go out of range and you come back in range, the bluetooth isn’t going to pick up like the neo. Does the neo. You can literally go three states away. Come back and you’re going to be okay, you’ll, reconnect itself and it’ll sync up. It will store the information you’re not going to lose whatever you do when you’re not connected to your bluetooth to your phone, but it doesn’t like the weather, you’ll, see kind of blacks out it. Doesn’T quite have the same ability to get back in sync with it. You have to go into the app a couple times a day so for some people that might be annoying some of the advanced features: hey you’re, just missing the blood oxygen you’re going to have to test lung function, the old fashioned way you suck in some air And if a couple minutes later, you’re not passed out chances, are your blood’s being oxygenated just fine, so you know but listen.

50 bucks, like i said, for a fitness tracker for a workout tracker for an activity. Sleep monitor 50 bucks light build quality, water resistant, exchangeable bands. You could do a heck of a lot worse if you’ve made it this far like comment subscribe.